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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 13 Recap

I thought that Gu Yanxi had been moved, but unexpectedly Gu Yanxi pushed Su Xiaowan away, expressing his feelings with a sorry sentence. Su Xiaowan felt a sharp pain in her heart, but on the surface she pretended to be innocent. She lied that what she had done was just to make Gu Yanxi not really like it, so Su Xiaowan turned around and left. On the other hand, Ru Ying and Cheng Qianyu witnessed the falling of the meteor shower, and Cheng Qianyu made a wish to the meteor shower.

Xin Ziqian knew from Qiuxiang that Su Xiaowan hadn’t come back and was anxious to look for it, and found that Su Xiaowan was sitting alone in the woods in a daze, crying, Xin Ziqian promised to accompany Su Xiaowan to make a new wish, knowing that she had missed the meteor shower just now. Xin Ziqian comforted Su Xiaowan by saying that he once liked a girl, but didn’t want to get a response from her. As long as the girl liked him, he liked it, but Xin Ziqian did not say that the person he liked was Su Xiaowan.

Xin Ziqian caught a lot of fireflies, put a starry sky around Su Xiaowan, made a meteor shower for her, made Su Xiaowan wish again, Su Xiaowan smiled happily, Xin Ziqian grabbed a firefly to make a wish Su Xiaowan realized soon Su Xiaowan also caught a firefly like Xin Ziqian in her own dream of wealth, hoping that Xin Ziqian would be safe and happy.

Xin Ziqian once again wished that Su Xiaowan was happy and free from trouble, and Gu Xiaowan made a wish for Xin Ziqian that he could be with the person he liked. Gu Yanxi, who was hiding in the shadows not far away, left Yuan He alone for protection, and he left. Yuan He didn’t understand Gu Yanxi more and more. He was obviously not at ease. He just had to follow, but now he has left again, so Su Xiaowan is not allowed to know.

Su Xiaowan and Xin Ziqian were caught by grandma and Mrs. Ru as soon as they stepped over the wall. Xin Ziqian assumed all the responsibilities and claimed that he wanted to take Su Xiaowan to watch the meteor shower. Mrs. Ru was afraid that the old lady would blame Xin Ziqian. , Deliberately accused Xin Ziqian of not taking Su Xiaowan out in advance, and punished Xin Ziqian for thinking behind closed doors, so the old lady had no choice but to think about the punishment of Su Xiaowan behind closed doors.

Although the old woman felt that Su Xiaowan was a bit stubborn, she was grateful that the brothers and sisters had a good relationship. If the wife deliberately offered to send Su Xiaowan to school so that she could receive a good education and become a real lady, the old lady naturally agreed. And this is actually like the wife deliberately arranged to kill Su Xiaowan when she went to the school to avoid the exposure of the things that year.

Su Xiaowan thought of Gu Yanxi’s indifferent refusal, and even though he was sad, he agreed. When he set off, only Xin Ziqian ran out to send her off, and Gu Yanxi was not seen.

On the way, the horseman who drove the horse-drawn carriage stopped to rest. The mother lied to go to fetch the water. Only Su Xiaowan was left. The coachman drew his knife to chase Su Xiaowan and was so scared that Su Xiaowan hid in the woods and ran all the way. Fortunately, Gu Yanxi arrived in time to embrace Su Xiaowan, Yuan He chased the murderer.

Gu Yanxi placed Su Xiaowan in the hotel, feeling distressed that Su Xiaowan wiped away the scratches he escaped. Su Xiaowan looked at Gu Yanxi warmly, but he didn’t expect Gu Yanxi to appear suddenly. Su Xiaowan pulled Gu Yanxi’s sleeves and begged Gu Yanxi to wait until she fell asleep before leaving. Gu Yanxi agreed. Su Xiaowan kept staring at Gu Yanxi and asked Gu Yanxi to give her Changyige’s sleeping music. When she was scared when she was a child, her mother always sang sleeping music. Although she never sang it before, Gu Yanxi just couldn’t bear to refuse Su Xiao At night, Su Xiaowan fell asleep amidst Gu Yanxi’s singing.

In the evening, Su Xiaowan was awakened by a nightmare. After waking up, she went to find Gu Yanxi, but overheard the dialogue between Gu Yanxi and Yuan He. Yuan He persuaded Gu Yanxi not to be unbearable, because Su Xiaowan’s plan for many years was because of Su. Xiaowan is ruined, and they must use Su Xiaowan’s identity to go fishing. Su Xiaowan rushed in angrily to question Gu Yanxi, and got a definite answer. Su Xiaowan was sad that he was just a pawn of Gu Yanxi.

Yuan He found the blood stains on the table, and then knew that Gu Yanxi was injured and quickly picked up Ru Ying. When Gu Yanxi embraced Su Xiaowan in his arms, he was injured by the coachman’s arm, but he had been taking care of Su Xiaowan. She didn’t care about herself at all, Ru Ying blamed Gu Yanxi for losing her life to Su Xiaowan sooner or later if she went on like this.

Ru Ying accompanies Gu Yanxi to drink and talk. Gu Yanxi believes that everything she does is for Su Xiaowan’s good, but Ru Ying thinks that Gu Yanxi doesn’t know what Su Xiaowan likes and wants. He The most important thing is to like Su Xiaowan.

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