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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 23 Recap

The forbidden woman is not easy to deal with. Wu Xie and the three of them hid in a room in a panic and pressed against the door. The fat man was so tired that he was panting. While panting, he swore that the forbidden woman looked like Chen Wenjin. Before he had time to analyze the fat man, Wu Xie was surprised to find that the room where the three people were located was exactly the same as the basement of the Golmud Sanatorium. How could this be possible? How could it be the Golmud Sanatorium in Zhangjia Ancient Building? Or is it that the Golmud Sanatorium was built according to the Zhangjia Ancient Building?

So where did you take the video tape you received? Before he could think clearly, the forbidden woman outside the door had already smashed into the door and broke in. The younger brother grabbed the forbidden woman by the neck and knocked her out. It was Chen Wenjin as expected.

The Xie Yuchen on the bank was so anxious that he was about to turn his face with Jude Kao, but Jude Kao easily said that Wu Xie should have gone in the right place, and was determined not to let Xie Yuchen and the others enter the water. The black glasses also persuade Xie Yuchen in an unusually calm manner.

Wu Xie and the three of them continued to walk forward. Not surprisingly, the black coffin was also there, and a forbidden woman with a disheveled hair was crawling on the ground. Wu Xie recognized that it was his face at a glance. This monster said word by word: There is no Wu Xie in the world, Wu Xie does not exist, and is already dead. In his dazed effort, the forbidden woman disappeared in a swish. The notes of Chen Wenjin that I found next made Wu Xie’s heart greatly shocked. Why is the handwriting on the notes exactly the same?

At this moment, the two black glasses of Xie Yuchen found Wu Xie and the others based on the mark left by the younger brother. According to the black glasses, what Jude Kao had searched for decades was in the black coffin. This old thing Jude Kao has been thinking about the treasure for half a lifetime. It must not be a vulgar thing. A few people opened the coffin and found that it was indeed the same. It was exactly the same bronze fox mask worn in the Seven Star Lu Palace. This mask can disturb people’s mind and make It has hallucinations.

Wu Xie suddenly discovered something was wrong. As expected, the two black glasses and Xiaohua had never been here. Wu Xie and the others were already in the illusion, but how did the black glasses know the mark of the little brother? Is it? Is the fat brother also an illusion? When did you start to have hallucinations?

Wu Xie is a student of architecture, and gravity cannot exist, and there can be no double gravity in the same space. It is impossible for a person to walk on the water. He has been in the illusion since the little brother Fatty appeared. The West Queen Mother Palace can’t appear in the Zhangjia Ancient Building, and the water can’t exist vertically. He heard it when he came in. The sound of bells, by the way, hexagonal bells!

Xie Yuchen was tied up by black glasses. It turned out that Jude Kao bought the black glasses to watch Xie Yuchen. The black glasses knew that Wu Xie was the only one of them who could enter the ancient building of Zhang Family. Even if he went down with Xie Yuchen. To add to the chaos, he simply took the money from Jude Kao and guaranteed the safety of understanding Xiaoye.

At this moment, the instrument on the shore finally detected Wu Xie’s vital signs. The oxygen was no longer enough, and the black glasses urged him to go up immediately. But Wu Xie happened to find the siphon, and desperately to find the fat brother, after he entered the siphon, the location information disappeared.

Seeing this result, the black glasses couldn’t sit still, and didn’t want to lose the money Jude Kao promised, so I had to let Xie Yuchen tie himself up to help him get out.

When Wu Xie woke up, the fat brother was beside him, and the two were in a beard and embarrassed. Wu Xie suddenly realized that this was the real entrance to the ancient building of the Zhang family, but the fat man thought Wu Xie was stupid by the blisters. How could there be any ancient building? I was just caught in the lake while fishing, and then I woke up here.

There is no entrance at all, there is only a very narrow running water outlet, surrounded by hard granite. There is also a large piece of emerald, but the fat man guessed wrong, it is not emerald, but stone jade figurines, and all of them are so skilled that they almost can’t stand it.

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