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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 22 Recap

In the quiet night, Papa Panma picked up the bowl for dinner as usual, but he heard a faint voice behind him: Comrade Panma, Comrade Panma, show him to me… At the same time, he smelled the familiar smell. Surprised, is it… Chen Wenjin wants to see Wu Xie?

The next day, Papa Panma packed up a lot of equipment and pulled Wu Xie into the mountain early in the morning. He looked at the sky and felt that the rain stopped too early and it was a pity that the mudslides did not occur. Then he looked at Wu Xie coldly. He knew that it was Wu Xie who was pretending to be a ghost last night. After the “shoulder collapse” incident, Papa Panma hated others for threatening himself with the things of the year and took a hand from his arms.

Sharp blade, simply wanted to kill Wu Xie in the mountains. While chasing for their lives, the two found the skeletons of the expedition team members that Fatty had put together. Papa Panma was greatly frustrated, and he tried desperately to kill Wu Xie.

Fortunately, the black glasses arrived in time, and Pan Ma saw the power gap between the two sides, turned his head and fled. Wu Xie was pleasantly surprised to find that Xie Yuchen had also followed. Fortunately, he had left a mark along the way, or he could explain it here today.

The three of them rushed all the way to the lake and found that Jude Kao had also been stationed here with a team of troops. The other party provided a video of the fat boy being swept into the water. It seems that Jude Kao has been monitoring them. Before Wu Xie had concluded that there was a siphon at the bottom of the lake, it seems that now the younger brother and the others should have been pushed elsewhere by the current through the channel at the bottom of the lake.

Jude Kao told them that under the lake was the ancient building of Zhang’s family, and the law of immortality he was looking for was also in the ancient building of Zhang’s family. Unfortunately, his own people could only see the ancient building, but could not enter, and he Knowing more secrets and being able to provide sophisticated diving equipment, they immediately offered to cooperate. The three of them pondered over and over again. Now there is no better way, that’s all.

Wu Xie left Jie Yuchen and the other two on the shore in case of accidents, and went into the water alone to look for the younger brother and the others. When the depth of the dive reached 60 meters, Wu Xie finally saw Zhang’s ancient building among the population. It was a piece of Yaozhai, and a Han-style building in the middle attracted his attention. Wu Xie swam through, pushed open the wooden door, and found that the room was empty, and he actually entered a wall of water.

In the space behind the water wall, he took off his mask and saw the marks left by the little brother and them. He was very excited. He told Xiaohua through the earphones what he had seen and heard, but he didn’t know. Since entering the water wall, he and The people on the shore were disconnected.

There was also a statue of a bird with a face. According to the prompt on the stone gate, Wu Xie opened the door, and the people on the shore also completely lost his location information.

Here, he finally saw the little brother and the fat man, and finally had the opportunity to look up and observe this magnificent ancient building carefully. It turned out that after the little brother and them were sucked in, they went to the world behind the water wall. They carefully studied everything here. It turned out that the Yaozhai was built to protect the ancient buildings of Zhangjia. Later, there was a big flood, and the ancient buildings and Yaozhai were flooded, and this formed a lake.

The strange thing is that there is no gravity at the bottom of the lake, so a wall of water is formed, and people can walk on the water. The Zhang family has worked so hard to protect something. Sure enough, after the three of them entered the ancient building, the forbidden woman who appeared first shocked them.

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