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The Message 风声 Episode 6 Recap

Li Ningyu recalled what he said to Mitsui Shouichi at that time: This deciphering work was not to assist the military operations at all, but to help General Doihara change military decisions, consolidate the anti-communist alliance with Germany, and take full action against the Soviet Union. Now there are only two choices for Japan, to open the Pacific battlefield south or north to capture the Soviet hinterland of Siberia. Regarding the attitude to the Soviet Union and Germany, the top military has split long ago.

Yamamoto’s Fifty-Six faction advocated going south, and Doihara The general and Sakabara’s chief of staff painstakingly created Manchuria. Once the war goes south, the Soviet Union will take advantage of the emptiness to invade the northeast. Therefore, General Doihara wanted to behave first, cooperate with the Germans to provoke the Soviet Union and threaten the army to fight against the Soviet Union. This is equivalent to a coup.

If the plan is successful, Japan will fall into a two-sided battle with Chiang Kai-shek and Stalin. This cannot be won. The Intelligence Department will be held accountable. She believes that Mitsui Shou will not approve of such a crazy plan. Just let the people in the restaurant If they survived, they were scrupulous about leaking secrets. General Doihara would not know that he could not do it. Mitsui Shouichi was saving the lives of countless imperial people and the Ministry of Information. In the end, Mitsui Shouichi was finally convinced by her.

Jin Shenghuo recalled in the room at the moment when he saw Li Ningyu at the dining table reminding Gu Xiaomeng not to believe in himself. He felt that Li Ningyu was too smart and not too smart. Gu Xiaomeng on the other side recalled the scene before Morita was assassinated: when he danced with Gu Xiaomeng, he told her that Qian Huyi, the former commander of the suppression chief, was assassinated in Qiuzhuang three months ago. Jin Shenghuo and Qian Huyi were both cast as Wang. The backbone of Dai Li was listed on the assassination list of Dai Li’s anti-rape plan. Ten years ago, Jin Shenghuo, who was still Dai Li’s ace spy, was ordered by Li to arrest the CCP agent Lu Xunzhang.

At the same time, he killed a man named Qiu Zhengen. The man is the master of Qiuzhuang. Morita guessed that Jin Shenghuo must have been ordered by Dai Li to kill Qiu Zhengen, so Qiu Zhuang thought of Dai Li, and then Jie Li thought of the plan to remove the rapes, and also of Jin Shenghuo and Qian Huyi on the list.

So I understood who the spy on this ship was. Gu Xiaomeng posed a direct threat to Jin Shenghuo as soon as she got on the ship. She only had to tell herself who sent the Qiuzhuang telegram and promised to keep her alive. Gu Xiaomeng said that she had no one to report. Morita laughed and claimed that she had just said that Everything was her own guess. She shouldn’t admit it so quickly that the light suddenly went out, and Gu Xiaomeng quickly took out the knife hidden in her skirt and killed Morita.

Jin Shenghuo asked Bai Xiaonian why Commander Zhang quickly let him board the ship as soon as he received the message from Wu Zhiguo to Qiuzhuang. What did Qiuzhuang mean and why it became a curse of Commander Zhang?

Their previous chief, Commander Qian Huyi, was secretly killed in Qiuzhuang. Bai Xiaonian remembered that Commander Zhang had confessed to himself: If Commander Qian did not survive, he must ensure that Qiuzhuang’s secrets were not told to the second person. Bai Xiaonian thought of standing up here and saying it was nonsense. Jin Shenghuo persuaded him that it is better to have an alliance than to fight alone.

When disembarking from the ship, Li Ningyu coughed more than ever. Wu Zhiguo graciously put a scarf on her, but Li Ningyu immediately threw it into the sea. Jin Shenghuo said why she was doing this. Li Ningyu reminded Gu Xiaomeng: In the headquarters of the suppression, you can only trust yourself. , Rely on yourself, don’t expect any love, so maybe you can live a few more days.

Mitsui Shouyi came here to return Gu Xiaomeng’s camera, and ordered Jin Shengxian to be escorted up to say goodbye to them. Jin Shenghuo said that he was pitiful and ridiculous, and they didn’t understand until they died. What they depend on for survival is not by deciphering the code, but by deciphering it. In the heart of the people, what the wind says is not a password, but the smell of blood and human life.

Jin Shengxian looked up to the sky and laughed, admitting that he had completely lost, that he himself was just a math, and they were killing them. Mitsui reminded them: Each of them owed this ship a death. And Li Ningyu insisted that Gu Xiaomeng take a picture of herself, claiming to let them understand: Leaving this boat, he is still alive, not a walking corpse who deposited his death somewhere.

After getting off the boat, Jin Shenghuo drove the others home in order. Wu Zhiguo and Li Ningyu got out of the car together. After watching Li Ningyu upstairs, he refused to leave until it rained outside. Li Ningyu told her maid Liu Ma to go out to buy vegetables, and Liu Ma told her that since she left, her husband had not given herself money to buy vegetables.

Jin Shenghuo finally sent Gu Xiaomeng home. He insisted on seeing her father Gu Minzhang. After the housekeeper Ms. Zhao reported, Gu Minzhang did not immediately go downstairs. Jin Shenghuo was patient and waited in the living room. It was not until the sky darkened that Gu Xiaomeng changed his clothes and went downstairs. Gu Minzhang came down.

Gu Xiaomeng told his father that Chief Jin had saved his life on the code boat. Gu Minzhang didn’t say a word. Jin Shenghuo got up embarrassed and said goodbye. I was not surprised at his life-saving grace, not because I didn’t appreciate it, but I had expected this day early.

It was getting dark and Wu Zhiguo was still standing in the rain. Li Ningyu looked at him from the window and closed the curtains. His husband is the former senior adviser to the British ambassador to China, Pan Hanqing. At this time, he was reading out anti-Japanese remarks in English. Li Ningyu had to remind him to keep quiet, this is a Japanese-occupied area.

Gu Minzhang asked Jin Shenghuo if he had five thousand dollars. Jin Shenghuo was puzzled. Gu Minzhang explained that the price of iron ore in Sweden has soared by 30% within ten days. German military iron mainly comes from Sweden. There is only one place to snap up so much steel raw materials in the short term. It was worth the German army to make such preparations, Jin Shenghuo guessed it was the Soviet Union.

Gu Minzhang said that once a war begins, a large amount of hot money will flow into China Street within two days, the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar will skyrocket, and Wall Street will start trading in a few hours. Three to five thousand dollars can be earned. This is a floating strategy. To show his feelings, these financial news were not even known to the senior officials of the government. Jin Shenghuo was very grateful. When he was leaving, Gu Minzhang gave him the book signed by Tolstoy.

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