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The Message 风声 Episode 5 Recap

Jin Shengxian accused Li Ningyu and the five people of co-planning the murder: Gu Xiaomeng hid the knife on himself before inviting Morita Dazuo to dance. When the dance began, Secretary Bai successfully attracted everyone’s attention, and then Wu Zhiguo went to the bathroom. Power off. Because of his stubbornness to ask for advice, Li Ningyu used Da Zuo’s table knife as an excuse for a conversation. The five of them cooperated perfectly.

At this moment, the soldiers outside the cabin salvaged the mysterious iron box in the sea. Gu Xiaomeng reminded Jin Shengxian that they had no motive to kill. Morita just applied for the award a few hours ago. How could they run away after the award?

Jin Shengxian said that they only came to life after learning about Da Zuo’s plan. Gu Xiaomeng’s plan to refute Da Zuo was announced after Mitsui Shao Zuo arrived. How could they know in advance? Jin Shengxian explained that the plan was that Morita told her when she was dancing with Gu Xiaomeng.

Li Ningyu claimed that since he cracked the code, Jin Shengxian had framed it several times. Now that Da Zuo didn’t believe it, he began to frame several other colleagues. Jin Shenghuo added more fuel to the vinegar, and Li Ningyu became the chief cryptographer in several major systems after cracking the password. This is why she should die. Jin Shengxian said that he was a rigorous calculation, not suspicion or jealousy. Li Ningyu turned to ask Wu Zhiguo whether he had been in the bathroom?

Wu Zhiguo said that he could not get in. A waiter could prove that he did see Wu Zhiguo waiting in front of the bathroom door, but the door remained closed until the soldiers searched. Li Ningyu replied that Jin Shengxian had also been to the bathroom, and he was also suspicious. If their plan requires someone to direct, someone steals a knife, someone cuts off electricity, or someone kills, they must know Da Zuo’s plan in advance to cooperate, but since Gu Xiaomeng is I only learned about this plan when I was dancing with Da Zuo.

It was a temporary motive. In this case, it would be impossible for five people to work together. Jin Shengxian couldn’t sit still, he and Li Ningyu accused each other of being a spy. At this time, the guards came in and gave the iron box salvaged at sea to Mitsui Touichi. The box contained the contents of the secret electricity that was uncovered on the enemy ship. Mitsui understood that maybe it was not someone deliberately assassinating Morita, but only by killing him can it attract everyone.

Attention, secretly pass the information out, the person who passes the information is among them. Jin Shenghuo claimed that Li Ningyu deciphered the sealed telegram yesterday. He and Wu Zhiguo were not on the scene yesterday, and Bai Xiaonian hadn’t boarded the ship yet, so they could not be secret stealing spies, so they can leave first.

Shouichi Mitsui stopped Jin Shenghuo, saying that his absence at the scene would not guarantee that no one would leak the contents of the secret telegram to him. Gu Xiaomeng went on to say that Jin Shenghuo made fake secret telegrams and let himself pass to Li Ningyu. Li Ningyu also Admitting it, Mitsui furious, worried about deciphering The result was false. Gu Xiaomeng explained that Li Ningyu did not receive the fake secret telegram at all, and only when she successfully deciphered herself did she return the false secret telegram to Chief Jin.

At that time, Wu Brigade and Secretary Bai were also on the scene. So even though Jin Shenghuo was not on the scene, he knew the contents of the secret telegram. Wu Zhiguo confirmed this. Jin Shenghuo is angry that he has spared no effort to save Gu Xiaomeng many times, but Gu Xiaomeng has harmed him. Gu Xiaomeng smiled lightly and said that if Chief Jin could rescue him, his father would be responsive to him. Li Ningyu claimed that the secret electric box used to transmit information was the Rendan pill box.

Only Mr. Jin took this supplement on board. Wu Zhiguo confirmed that he checked that Professor Jin had brought 24 boxes of Rendan on board when he boarded the ship. It was unexpected that it had this magical effect. Jin Shengxian was angry that he was not so stupid.

Li Ningyu pointed out that he tried so hard and tried many times to transmit information. In the end, he could only use this almost stupid method. He used to approach and frame himself before, not because of jealousy but using himself. From the very beginning, Jin Shengxian asked to share all the deciphered information, because he understood from that time that he could not decipher, and the only one who could decipher was her.

Later, he found out that after he succeeded in deciphering, he was afraid that he would succeed in subsequent modification It was impossible to get the information, so he went to the Da Zuo to file a complaint again, which made Da Zuo suspicious of herself, and in order to prove her innocence, she would inevitably let everyone come to the scene to testify, so he could take the opportunity to check the calculation. This is not to be hostile to her personally, but to find the intelligence she wants and a scapegoat after intelligence deciphering.

Jin Shengxian was angry that they were all slanders. At that time, he was with Da Zuo and Shao Zuo and had no time to commit the crime. Bai Xiaonian stood up at this time and pointed out that Jin Shengxian’s wife is a Belarusian. He personally met members of the Patriotic Society in the 19th year of the Republic of China, and later entered the fifth class of the Manchuria Security Bureau. He was a poor student with high authority.

It started with the mysterious funder. Since he entered the Security Bureau, there have been seven serious leaks. Although others are suspected, he is the only one who has no children and has long-term sponsored a mixed-race orphan from a church school, Bai Xiao Nian asked Jin Shengxian: Who was the mysterious person who supported him?

He and his daughter of Belarus clearly did not dare to recognize each other in the church school, and this series of things was related to his spy status! Jin Shengxian collapsed, slapped the table and furiously said that it was unreasonable speculation that he had alibi, and Mitsui Shaozuo could testify. Li Ningyu reminded Mitsui Shouichi whether Kim Duo-hyun had been with Da Zuo before the power failure. After Mitsui Shouichi carefully recalled that he had left, he had time to kill.

Kim Sung-hyun had to explain that he was going back to the room to get Li Ningyu’s calculation paper for fear of them Knowing that I hid the manuscript paper. Shouichi Mitsui immediately realized that the telegram with Qiuzhuang was sent by him. Yes, Li Ningyu immediately testified that Jin Shengxian broke into the electromechanical room and sent a telegram. His organization could locate his current location based on this special telegram.

Jin Shengxian slumped on a chair. Li Ningyu went on to say that the advantage of doing this is that the suspicion can be locked on the five of them. Jin Shengxian wielded a knife and was angry with Li Ningyu’s blood. He begged Mitsui Shouichi to execute the command before the death of Dazu: release poison gas, because there must be some of these five.

One is the real murderer of the assassination of Dazuo, he would rather burn the jade and the stone. Mitsui Shouyi ordered Li Ningyu to be detained because she was the only one who found the murderer. Wu Zhiguo tried to hold Mitsui Shouichi, and Mitsui Shouichi told him that he could keep a person alive. Li Ningyu stopped Wu Zhiguo with his eyes. Before leaving, Gu Xiaomeng asked Li Ningyu to tell his father that he tried his best to confess his own affairs.

There was music in the banquet hall, and Gu Xiaomeng danced in despair. Then she knew that she was here not to witness genius, but to experience adventure. Mitsui Shouichi escorted Li Ningyu out and instructed him to release the poisonous gas. Li Ningyu told him that the intelligence department was over and the coup would definitely fail.

The intelligence department would lose the trust of General Doihara and Commander Matsui at the same time. Mitsui was furious and choked Li Ningyu by the neck. Li Ningyu is not afraid. Just as Jin Shenghuo and the four were desperately waiting for death, the door opened and Li Ningyu walked in like a beam of light, and they were saved.

Bai Xiaonian told Gu Xiaomeng that the boat would be ashore in three hours. Gu Xiaomeng said that he wanted to see Sister Yu. Bai Xiaonian felt that they did not expect them to get along so well in just a few days.

Gu Xiaomeng came to Li Ningyu’s cabin and saw that she was falling asleep. Xiaomeng remembered Li Ningyu’s rescue when Mitsui Shouyi checked the table knife, and was grateful. She did not disturb Li Ningyu and left quietly.

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