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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 18 Recap

Lin Yuhong rebroadcast the video in the data disk to the parents of the Yang family and Yuan family. Yuan Xiaodong in the video was in despair, explaining that he was not involved in the kidnapping incident. Yao Jun and He Wenjun came back from the field to find Yuan Xiaodong. The sudden appearance of Yang Yang made Yao Jun and He Wenjun think about kidnapping. Yuan Xiaodong, who didn’t care at the time, realized that the big thing was not good until he received the information that Yang Yang was missing.

Yuan Xiaodong, who loves Yang Yang hurriedly rushed to He Wenjun’s house, and he found Yang Yang. Yuan Xiaodong asked He Wenjun to let Yang Yang go, but the cruel He Wenjun took out a gun to threaten Yuan Xiaodong. Yuan Xiaodong watched Yang Yang being forced to feed too much sleeping pills and eagerly wanted to take Yang Yang to the hospital, but he was praised.

Wenjun stopped. Yuan Xiaodong pretended to seek refuge in He Wenjun, but secretly wanted to take Yang Yang home, and deliberately broke the van and distracted Yao Jun. Yuan Xiaodong wanted to take Yang Yang away while He Wenjun was away, but He Wenjun suddenly returned to the house and bumped into Yuan Xiaodong’s hug.

Looking at Yang Yang’s appearance, the two immediately scrambled, and Yuan Xiaodong shot He Wenjun to death. Later, Yuan Xiaodong handed Yang Yang to Liang Jingqiu, but he was too late to rescue him. Seeing that He Wenjun was killed, Yao Jun chose to escape. In order to destroy the evidence, Yuan Xiaodong burned He Wenjun and his car. Liang Jingqiu’s words are consistent with Yuan Xiaodong, and Yang Yang has lost his breath of life while Liang Jingqiu is driving. Later Liang Jingqiu and Yuan Xiaodong had to choose to cremate Yang Yang’s body.

Lin Yuhong and others continued to search for the whereabouts of Yao Jun and Yuan Xiaodong. Yao Jun, who had no father and no mother, grew up in an orphanage and kept in touch with the deputy dean. Lin Yuhong came to the orphanage and met the deputy dean. The gray-haired deputy dean slowly said that Yao Jun had lived in his home for two years. Later, Yao Jun offered to leave. It wasn’t until five years ago that Yao Jun found the deputy dean again to help get rid of drug addiction.

Hearing the words of the deputy dean, Lin Yuhong and the two asked the dean to help solve the case. Seeing Yao Jun’s astray path, the deputy dean couldn’t bear to watch the innocent children go astray, so they nodded in agreement.

The police and the vice president jointly staged a widow and lone old man who burned charcoal and committed suicide in hospital, and used major media to publicize the incident in order to elicit Yao Jun. Sure enough, at night, a strange phone called. Lin Yuhong and others found Yao Jun who was going to the hospital based on the phone location. The police quickly blocked the elevator, only waiting for Yao Jun to appear. But Yao Jun, who was very vigilant, quickly perceived the actions of the police. Facing the heavy encirclement of the police, Yao Jun took a nurse as a hostage.

The emotional Yao Jun ignored Zhao Wei’s words and even faced the fact that he had been facing him. En’s vice-president persuaded Yao Jun to gritted his teeth and resisted. When Yao Jun turned his head and saw Lin Yuhong’s face, the bloody face in the dark, the corpse lying on the ground, the car theft a few years ago The accident rushed back into the memory again, Yao Jun stayed in the same place, looking at Lin Yuhong, lost his soul.

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