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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 17 Recap

Lin Yuhong and others forcibly opened the door of Yuan Xiaodong’s room to search for clues. After searching, they quickly found the suspicious blood suit and the black suit worn by the temple fair that day. Lin Yuhong seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly searched through Yuan Xiaodong’s closet. Sure enough, the familiar smell in the closet still reminded Lin Yuhong of that memory. Among the several car thieves back then, it was Yuan Xiaodong who sat next to Lin Yuhong.

Yang Yang’s family members couldn’t believe that Yuan Xiaodong was the one who kidnapped Yang Yang, but the evidence was so strong that Ren Jing and others could only be silent. Ma Jin found the medicine bottle for depression in Yuan Xiaodong’s room, and suspected Yuan Xiaodong had a psychological problem. Zhao Wei found Wu Xiaojun in the same restaurant as Yuan Xiaodong. Wu Xiaojun said that on the day of He Wenjun’s accident, a girl once found Yuan Xiaodong.

From the surveillance video, the girl is wearing a nurse’s uniform. Lin Yuhong and others found the major hospitals in the city, but the colleagues on the side said that the girls looked familiar. After being reminded, Lin Yuhong finally remembered that in the previous case, Lin Yuhong had seen the girl in this picture on the day the draft girl Li Siqi gave birth.

Back at Changshou Hospital, Lin Yuhong finally found the girl: Liang Jingqiu. When asked about Yuan Xiaodong, Liang Jingqiu explained the relationship between the two childhood sweethearts. It turned out that at the beginning of the month, Yuan Xiaodong approached Liang Jingqiu to ask for medicine to treat his cousin Yang Yang’s fever. Hearing what Lin Yuhong and others said, Liang Jingqiu retorted in disbelief, saying that Yuan Xiaodong treated his cousin better than his parents, and it was impossible to do such a damaging thing, but the fact is like this, but now that he heard Liang Jingqiu’s words, Yuan Xiaodong’s kidnapping behavior It seems very complicated.

Ren Jing proposed to Lin Yuhong and the others a way to go on TV and go to the news to convey information to Yuan Xiaodong, but they couldn’t find Yuan Xiaodong’s whereabouts, and Lin Yuhong and others had to nod their heads and agree. Lin Yuhong reminded everyone not to have stimulating words because of Yuan Xiaodong’s depression.

But relatives and even Yuan Xiaodong’s parents looked at Lin Yuhong with a bewildered expression, not knowing Yuan Xiaodong’s condition at all. The camera is facing Yuan and Yang’s parents, and the four people on the camera are talking heartily, as if Yuan Xiaodong is in front of the TV, trying to make them change their minds. Lin Yuhong felt distressed watching the tears of several elderly people over half a century old in front of the camera. Back in the dark house, looking at the nothingness in the room, Lin Yuhong received a call from his son.

Looking at the screen on the phone, Lin Yuhong’s tone eased a lot. The son’s face made Lin Yuhong think of Yang Yang, who was also a child. , So he is more determined to solve the case. Zhao Wei called Lin Yuhong and reported that in Yao Jun’s mobile phone conversation, he found the record of his call with Xiao Longbin, who had a criminal record of trafficking in children, and it was likely to be related to the kidnapping of Yang Yang. Lin Yuhong and others found Xiao Longbin.

Sure enough, Xiao Longbin said frankly that he had met Yang Yang, Yao Jun and others. Xiao Longbin, who had already washed his hands, refused Yao Jun and others’ request to sell Yang Yang. Xiao Longbin also mentioned Yang Yang on the van. With a high fever, coupled with sleeping pills fed by Yao Jun and others, the situation is not optimistic. Xiao Longbin saw a girl in the car taking care of Yang Yang. When Zhao Wei took out the photo, Xiao Longbin recognized the other girl sitting in the car, it was Liang Jingqiu.

Lin Yuhong and others followed Liang Jingqiu to the door of a secret bungalow. When Lin Yuhong broke in, Liang Jingqiu hurriedly packed his luggage. Faced with Lin Yuhong and others forcing Yang Yang’s whereabouts, Liang Jingqiu said frankly that because Yao Jun and others fed the child too much sleeping pills, Yang Yang had died on the way to the hospital. As for the whereabouts of Yao Jun and the three, Liang Jingqiu didn’t know everything, but received the data disk that Yuan Xiaodong gave him and said that he would transfer it to Yang Yang’s family. Lin Yuhong received the data disk that Liang Jingqiu received, with a heavy heart.

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