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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 15 Recap

Yang Xun went to Guorong to find Xiao Ran. Xiao Ran asked him what was his relationship with Song Yunhui. Hearing that he was just a friend, he didn’t bother to pay attention to it, and asked Yang Xun to be straightforward. Yang Xun simply proposed to buy the land of the machine tool factory and open a wholesale market in the East China Sea. Xiao Ran heard that the wholesale market felt that he didn’t need to buy this piece of land, but took out another piece of land.

Yang Xun guessed that Xiao Ran had spent the wronged money on this land and was eager to make a move. The location of this land is not very good. Xiao Ran said that this land has great potential in the future. It will be the future transportation hub of the East China Sea, and it will become the commercial center of the East China Sea within five years. Xiao Ran said that most people don’t know the future planning of Donghai, but he does.

Yang Xun immediately decided to ask for this piece of land. Xiao Ran offered a price of 1.5 million, and Yang Xun could save at least one million in civil construction costs. Yang Xun immediately calmed down. Even if what Xiao Ran said could be implemented, it would have been five years from now, but what Xiao Ran said was right. No matter how messy it is, it will only be two or three years. Currently there is no wholesale market in the East China Sea, and Yang Xun is filling the gap. Xiao Ran gave Yang Xun a low price and said that he could find him if he had something to do. Yang Xun was very grateful.

Yang Xunle happily returned home. Xun Jianxiang heard that he took a piece of wasteland with 1.2 million yuan and thought he was crazy, but Yang Xun felt that he had made a lot of money by getting this piece of land. Those who get the news are no ordinary people, and get this piece of land just to climb this big tree. Xun Jianxiang was worried that the land that Director Gao had granted them to return would cause trouble Song Yunhui, and Yang Xun really had no choice. After all, he was a small self-employed person, so he could only do this. As for Song Yunhui, he had no choice but to admit his mistake.

In a blink of an eye, Yang Xun came to the Song family with the electronic organ for Song Yin, but Song Yunhui took out a sum of money and said that he had bought a lot of things for the family, and told him not to take these things in the future, and their salary was not high. Song Yunhui saw that Yang Xun had something to tell him, so he went to the study. Xun Jianxiang had already told him about this. Song Yunhui said that Xun Yang would just go through the procedures for returning the land, but Xun Yang was worried that Director Gao would be unhappy because of this.

He wanted to persuade Song Yunhui to have a meal with Director Gao. Everyone Let’s talk together. Song Yunhui sighed, he also knew Yang Xun’s difficulties, but he couldn’t come forward. Yang Xun knew that Xun Jianxiang would take care of himself and said he would give him 10% of the shares, and Song Yunhui introduced Xun Jianxiang. In other words, Song Yunhui’s share is still part of this share. Song Yunhui said that he helped him out of sentiment, and he would help all the people he should be in the East China Sea, but if it is a violation of organizational discipline, he cannot help.

When Cheng Kaiyan heard Song Yunhui’s words, he couldn’t help thinking more. Yang Xun told Song Yunhui that the Jinzhou market is not that easy to do. Many markets are based on his Yangzi Street, so he wanted to come to the East China Sea to take advantage of scale. Although the family’s life is not as poor as before, Yang’s mother’s health is getting worse and worse.

He still has three younger siblings to support them in college, so he can’t stop. Yang Xun hoped that Song Yunhui would persuade Yang’s mother to pay more attention to his health. Song Yunhui quickly wrote down that he didn’t have time to enter the university unless Yang’s mother took care of him. Yang Xun played a family card, Song Yunhui still promised Yang Xun to say hello to the land bureau, Cheng Kaiyan was immediately unhappy when he heard that.

Song Yunhui sent Yang Xun out. Mother Song seemed to want to ask about Lei Dongbao’s situation. Yang Xun told Song Yunhui that she had actually visited Xiaolei’s house. Lei Dongbao was quite good, but his temper was getting bigger and bigger. I didn’t listen. I took a few loans from the bank and spent all the money in the factory. The villagers all had opinions. Yang Xun asked Song Yunhui if he wanted to persuade him, saying that Lei Dongbao had always been thinking of him, but Song Yunhui insisted that he didn’t care about him, and Lei Dongbao didn’t need him.

Yang Xun said that Xiaolei’s business still had problems, and Dengfeng’s electric wires had not been tested for national quality. He wanted to say several times, but Lei Dongbao scolded him back. Yang Xun wants to invite Lei Dongbao to Donghai for a meal. He is also a little selfish. After all, Lei Dongbao can’t move forward without nodding his head. Song Yunhui can only manage Lei Dongbao, and Song Yunhui can only do so. Yes, but let Xun Yang arrange in Jinzhou.

Song Yunhui asked Yang Xun to take the keyboard back, but Cheng Kaiyan became unhappy when he came back. Cheng Kaiyan complained that he was better to outsiders than to family members. Song Yunhui patiently explained that Yang Xun’s help was in compliance with the regulations. Cheng Kaiyan couldn’t listen. The new village of Xiaolei’s family was almost completed. Lei Dongbao transferred some of the new village construction funds approved by the county to the copper factory.

Everyone complained, and Lei Shigen quickly spoke for him. On the way back, everyone met the old Hohen, saying that Xiao Lei’s family is getting more and more prosperous, but Lei Dongbao has not made more money than the black village chief next door, Lei Dongbao ignored it, but he drove it back. In a meeting, I asked everyone if they felt that they were getting less money.

In the past, everyone looked down on self-employed businesses, but now self-employed businesses are making a lot of money, and it is normal for everyone to feel unbalanced. Lei Zhengming said Yang Xun is an example. Lei Dongbao said that he only saw Yang Xun’s style, why didn’t he see how tired he was when he opened the market. Secretary Chen has been transferred to the city, and the newly appointed Secretary Lei Dongbao is not familiar with it, so Lei Dongbao wants the leaders of the provinces and cities to see Xiao Lei’s house, so that they will have a better life with real money.

The county magistrate called Lei Dongbao and said that the copper factory owed a lot of money to a copper mine and a plastics factory and was not paying it.

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