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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 14 Recap

Feng Gong in the ministry has been in place. Song Yunhui proposed to promote him to the factory director. Han Zegang worried that his being promoted to the factory director not long after he came would cause dissatisfaction with other colleagues. Song Yunhui proposed a show of hands, and the result was huge. The majority voted in favor. Han Zegang didn’t say anything. After the meeting, he went to Ma Baoping and said that he had never seen such a young man who could manage the wharf better.

He was still more optimistic about Lao Zhao, who could not manage the wharf with ease. Han Zegang complained that he had no right to speak. Ma Baoping became angry. Han Zegang quickly showed his weakness. Ma Baoping hoped that he could take care of some things. The equipment budget for the second phase was too large to approve. Song Yunhui always liked to challenge high. Difficulty, so Ma Baoping and Han Zegang said that in order for the construction of the second phase to proceed on time, they should come up with a pragmatic plan.

Song Yunhui returned home after working overtime, Song’s father and Song mother helped him take care of Song Yin, and when they saw him back, they quickly served him hot meals. Cheng Kaiyan said that the unit had a party at night, so he has not returned yet. Song’s mother asked Song Yunhui if he was having trouble with Cheng Kaiyan. Although Song Yunhui didn’t say anything, but they came to Cheng Kaiyan this time as if they had changed themselves, and there was no smile on their faces all day long absent-minded. Song Yunhui didn’t want them to worry. Mother Song said that she and Father Song were both old, and her only thought was to hope they had a good life. Song Yunhui nodded and said that he was going to pick up Cheng Kaiyan.

Song Yunhui received Cheng Kaiyan. Cheng Kaiyan said that he was afraid that it would rain later and asked to send his colleagues back. Song Yunhui readily agreed. In the car, Sister Pei talked and laughed and talked about Section Chief Sui by the way. After Sister Pei got off the car, Song Yunhui said that he would go to Song Yin to study piano in the Children’s Palace with Cheng Kaiyan. He didn’t want to mention that because he was afraid that Cheng Kaiyan would think too much. He also said that he would apologize to Cheng Kaiyan for things he couldn’t take care of before. Cheng Kaiyan accepted it happily.

The next day, Song Yunhui hugged Song Yin through the puddle and into the car, and princess Cheng Kaiyan into the car. The family of three went to the Children’s Palace with Hemei, and met Dr. Tao and Tao Lingtian’s mother and son. Tao Lingtian accidentally revealed After riding in Song Yunhui’s car, Cheng Kaiyan’s face suddenly became ugly. Doctor Tao and the two of them chatted a few words and then went back to work overtime.

Song Yunhui and Cheng Kaiyan explained that Tao Lingtian had a crippled ankle a few days ago and sent him off. Cheng Kaiyan realized that Tao Lingtian and Doctor Tao had the last names, and did not mention her father. Song Yunhui told her to leave other people’s affairs alone. Cheng Kaiyan felt very happy, so she acted like a baby and said that she would send Song Yin with Song Yunhui in the future.

Yang Xun and Xun Jianxiang made an appointment with Director Gao for dinner, but the agreed time has passed for a long time and the other party hasn’t come yet. Xun Jianxiang gradually loses patience, but Yang Xun is very calm. Isn’t that the way to ask for help? People are willing to come to save face. Director Gao came, and Yang Xun hurriedly greeted him with a smiling face, and by the way mentioned his relationship with Song Yunhui. Director Gao did not talk nonsense, saying that Donghai has always welcomed companies to settle in, and they plan to divide a piece of land for him, and let him talk to Director Sun specifically.

Director Gao is gone, Xun Yang and Director Sun drank a lot of alcohol, and went home drunk, and had to find Jianxiang to take care of him. Director Sun explained that the procedure could be done in the next day. The next day, Yang Xun and Xun Jianxiang took the materials and prepared to go through the procedures. In order to make the leader feel more comfortable, Yang Xun put tape on their hands, pretending to have just finished the infusion.

Xun Jianxiang helped Yang Xun who was “sick” to go to the office of the High Bureau to complete the procedures. The High Bureau said that they would have to run several related units next. Yang Xun accidentally discovered that the land granted to him by the High Administration Bureau was very remote, while Guorong Company took the location in the city center. The High Bureau said that he didn’t understand the situation.

Guorong Company is a tertiary industry under the provincial government, and the provincial government is in charge of it. Yang Xun can’t match it. And 104 this piece of land was specially granted to Yang Xun by Director Gao. He would not be willing to give it if Donghai needed a large wholesale market. Yang Xun had no choice but to give up when he heard it, and thanked him again and again.

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