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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 13 Recap

Song Yunhui came to Ma Baoping and said that the contract had not been officially launched, and what should be done was up to him. Ma Baoping said that Lao Jin could not use it, and held a meeting for discussion according to the regulations, but this matter also involved Song Yunhui, and there were too many people in the meeting. Heart, since Song Yunhui came to talk to him, he didn’t care about it.

As for the person in charge of the wharf, Song Yunhui still insisted on his previous point of view to ask people from the ministry, Ma Baoping agreed, and now he can only take this step. Cheng Qianli and Yuan Xiang came to find Father Cheng, and Father Cheng knew about the Kingfa Company. Cheng Qianli had to ask Song Yunhui to approve the order, otherwise he would just wait for the debtor to come and collect the debt. Father Cheng was so angry that he almost fell ill.

Yuan Xiang and Cheng Qianli were still complaining that Song Yunhui didn’t know how to be grateful and was a white-eyed wolf. Father Cheng scolded Cheng Qianli to hung his parents’ eyes to satisfy his hunger, and he had no choice but to let Cheng’s mother take out all the valuable things at home to them. The money was borrowed by the company, but the legal person was Cheng’s mother. Who would pay them back? Cheng Mu took the passbook and the valuables. Cheng Qianli and Yuan Xiang’s eyes were bright, but there was still a difference of 20,000 yuan. Father Cheng sighed, got up and went to borrow money.

Cheng’s father returned home with the money. Cheng Qianli and Yuan Xiang had already left. He went to the Secretary Shui to borrow the money. Secretary Shui Nianqing immediately took him to the bank. Secretary Shui called Song Yunhui and said that after seeing Father Cheng, he was not in good health. It was not easy for him to persuade Song Yunhui to be considerate and considerate of him. Song Yunhui went home early to cook, and Cheng Kaiyan said that he thought he was going to work overtime so he went shopping with his colleagues. Song Yunhui asked Cheng Kaiyan how much money he had left in his family, and sent the money back to his family as a respect for his parents.

Cheng Kaiyan called the family. Cheng’s father was unwilling to ask for Song Yunhui’s money, otherwise he would look at the Bian Cheng family even more. Cheng’s father asked Cheng Kaiyan and Song Yunhui to live their lives, and let Song Yin take over after a while. Cheng’s father knew that Song Yunhui had opinions about the family, and it was a disservice to leave the child behind. Yang Xun sent Xun Jianxiang and Song Yin to Donghai, and also found Song Yunhui a house with a yard near the kindergarten.

The room was well decorated, including the rooms of Song Yunhui and Cheng Kaiyan, and the rooms of Song’s father and Song’s mother. Yang Xun also prepared a bed and study room for Song Yin. Xun Yang paid the rent for a year, and the utility bills were paid. Song Yunhui said that he had taken the money to him in the evening. Xun Yang said that he didn’t need to worry so much. Yang Xun wanted to move the market to the East China Sea, so Xun Jianxiang naturally followed him, but he was worried that Song Yunhui would be troubled. Yang Xun said that he didn’t want to be a wholesaler of electrical appliances. He felt that the wholesale of daily necessities and food could be bigger. Song Yunhui asked them to have dinner together in the evening, by the way.

Xun Jianxiang also just learned that Yang Xun was going to move the market over. This matter was a bit troublesome for Song Yunhui, but what Yang Xun said just now was that he would not ask Song Yunhui to take care of his business with Donghai resources, so Song Yunhui was fine. In trouble. Song Yunhui said he would come to pick them up at night, but he didn’t show up at night.

Yang Xun stopped Xun Jianxiang from calling him. Xun Jianxiang complained that Yang Xun and Song Yunhui grew up playing with so many intestines. Yang Xun didn’t want to do this, but they had become accustomed to doing business for so many years. Song Yunhui called and said that he was going to have a temporary meeting, and Yang Xun had to take Xun Jianxiang to dinner. In the next few days, Yang Xun and Xun Jianxiang visited and investigated.

Yang visited the house and took a bag of money. Mother Yang was very happy. By paying the money back, they were really debt-free and light. Yang Xun said that he wanted to sell the Jinzhou market, and the market business was getting worse and worse. He wanted to open a daily necessities wholesale market in the East China Sea, which would definitely be better than electrical appliances. Mother Yang was still very worried.

It’s better to be familiar with being a student. Yang Xun moved out of Song Yunhui. If he went to the East China Sea, he would definitely not care about him. Mother Yang was really embarrassed. After thinking about it, she should give Yang Xun the money and let him open the market. Yang Xun refused, the money must be paid back first, otherwise Yang’s mother would not look good, so it would be a big deal tomorrow morning to pay back the money from house to house and then borrow some.

Yang Xun had just returned to the room and Yang Li came, complaining that Yang Xun had been dragging and not paying back the money borrowed from the house, and Yang’s mother could not sleep all day long! Mother Yang hurried Yang Li home to sleep, and Yang Xun felt very upset when she heard these words.

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