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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 47 Recap

In order to forget Zhang Liqian, Shao Zi decided to accept Yushu’s pursuit. Xia Qin opposed it, and Zhang Liqian was even more opposed to it. Facing Shao Zi’s incomprehension, Zhao Zimo encouraged Zhang Liqian to think about what Aniu would do when he encountered difficulties. One day Shao Zi will see your changes. Zhang Liqian decided to give it a go. He returned the consent to the villagers and withdrew the complaint.

The villagers were uncomfortable and scolded Zhang Liqian. Shao Zi was distressed but could only pretend to be okay. Xu Tianai decided to support Liqian and oppa to the end and lobby his mother Lin Minzhu. The good sister Shao Ziqing meets obstacles, and Tian Qin also has her own problems.

Tian Qin gave Zimo the “Seeing Parents” teaching and war manual, and asked Zimo to cooperate in the performance, hoping to stop her parents from remembering the idea of ​​matching her with Zhang Zhenyu’s senior. Xia Zhiming and Fang Yongjie were very happy to see the future son-in-law visiting, but Zhang Zhenyu would visit afterwards. Zhang Zhenyu kept making moves, not only giving gifts, but also deliberately mentioning that Zimo’s unknown origin was not from Wall Street, destroying Xia’s father and Xia’s perception of Zhao Zimo.

When God of Wealth saw the parents’ drama ending, Tian Qin breathed a sigh of relief, thanking Zimo for her assistance so that she can no longer be concerned about feelings for the time being, but Zhao Zimo unexpectedly showed her true feelings. At this moment, the meteor passed by and Tian Qin put on a sweet kiss on her toe.

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