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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 21 Recap

Mr. Xie didn’t want to eat dog food, so he took Jiang Zhenghan out for dinner and asked him what he thought of coming to work in the company. Jiang Zhenghan said that he likes to work, but he feels very boring about the company’s intrigue battles. Mr. Xie sighed that when he saw Jiang Zhenghan, he remembered himself back then. He was also ambitious and talented and felt that he was omnipotent, but because of this, he was jealous. He reminded Jiang Zhenghan to be careful. The road ahead is very long.

The new semester came, Xia Linxi and Gu Xiaoman returned to school together and met Chu Qiuyan. Chu Qiuyan did not see Duan Ning, guessing that Gu Xiaoman was not with Duan Ning at all. Gu Xiaoman also said frankly that he did not reply to Duan Ning’s WeChat during a holiday. Chu Qiuyan hoped that Gu Xiaoman could afford to put it down, and shouldn’t worry about a man who didn’t like her.

Xia Linxi gave up her rent and helped Jiang Zhenghan rent a new house. Chen Yichuan Tucao helped Xia Linxi do coolies every time he moved things. Xia Linxi scared Chen Yichuan, thinking that Chen Yichuan had missed the matter of the offense. Zhang Huaiwu mentioned that there was a dinner in the evening, and Xia Linxi wanted to surprise Jiang Zhenghan and asked Zhang Huaiwu not to tell him.

At the dinner table, Chen Yichuan talked about Jiang Zhenghan’s performance art in Xia’s father’s circle of friends. Everyone was very curious. After grabbing the phone, Jiang Zhenghan commented on the poems in Xia’s circle of friends every time, so Chen Yichuan did not dare to look directly at it. Zhang Huaiwu admired Jiang Zhenghan and made fun of him for successfully breaking into the future father-in-law.

Gu Xiaoman asked Jiang Zhenghan to hold an awkward poem meeting in the Chinese Department, and it must be full of popularity. At this time, Xia Linxi quietly entered through the back door, and Chu Qiuyan asked Jiang Zhenghan to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Xia Linxi. Jiang Zhenghan gave everyone another wave of dog food, which made the people present be sweet and crooked.

I heard that Jiang Zhenghan didn’t have to work overtime, Xia Linxi wanted to take him to a mysterious place and blindfolded Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan opened his eyes and saw that this was the house Xia Linxi had specially selected for him. It was only five minutes away from the company, and the layout of the site was restored to Jiangming’s secret base, and there was also a huge and delicious breakfast shop. Jiang Zhenghan was very moved, and held Xia Linxi in his arms, expressing how lucky he is to know Xia Linxi.

The relationship between the two warmed up, Jiang Zhenghan approached step by step, Xia Linxi’s heartbeat accelerated, and Jiang Zhenghan was overwhelmed on the sofa. Jiang Zhenghan wanted to kiss Xia Linxi, but he felt that Xia Linxi was not ready yet, so Jiang just had to take a cold shower to cool himself down, and he gave Xia Linxi his salary card. Xia Linxi encouraged Jiang Zhenghan to do more internship projects. After all, he also likes programming.

Xia Linxi and Chu Qiuyan were in project classes, and they heard that Shi Ying was going to train in Lion’s company, which is Qin Yue’s company, and they were all happy for her. The teacher in class requires a group of four to discuss the project, preferably in the dormitory. Chu Qiuyan was not satisfied with Zhuang Fei, and Xia Linxi told her to ignore her, and she would live in the dormitory in the future, so the relationship should not become stale. The two were chatting in the bathroom. Xia Linxi told Chu Qiuyan about her blind date with Qin Yue on vacation, but Zhuang Fei secretly heard it.

Qin Yue waited for Xia Linxi downstairs in the classroom. Shi Ying saw that she was very upset. Zhuang Fei deliberately told Shi Ying that Qin Yue and Xia Linxi had a blind date, so as to provoke the relationship between the two. Xia Linxi wanted to refuse Qin Yue’s meal, but Qin Yue wanted to follow her face, and Xia Linxi said that this meal was just a meal between friends.

Gu Xiaoman came to the cafeteria late and almost missed the meal. Duan Ning personally went to Dongmen to buy Gu Xiaoman’s favorite Dongpo meat, and deliberately ordered the canteen aunt to turn off the lights and lit Gu Xiaoman with her favorite peach blossom candle. Gu Xiaoman was very moved, but he didn’t like Duan Ning and proposed to break up. Duan Ning pretended to be calm. In order not to burden Gu Xiaoman, he said that he pursued Gu Xiaoman because of cooperating with her acting in front of Chen Yichuan. Gu Xiaoman actually knew that Duan Ning had always treated herself very well, but she still couldn’t let go of Chen Yichuan.

Xia Linxi saw that there was a problem with the report data given by Shi Ying, and said that he could not complete a large amount of data in one day. Shi Ying deliberately targeted Xia Linxi, hoping that she could consider the team and not always shirk responsibility. When Xia Linxi finished sorting the data, it was too late, and it was raining heavily. She didn’t get the taxi. Qin Yue kept watching in her car, and finally couldn’t help pulling Xia Linxi after getting out of the car.

Qin Yue said that although he had accepted being Xia Linxi’s brother, he believed that Jiang Zhenghan was unable to protect Xia Linxi, otherwise he would not wait for Jiang Zhenghan in the rain. Xia Linxi pushed away Qin Yue’s hand, indicating that this matter had nothing to do with Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan took the umbrella and walked in front of the two of them. Xia Linxi hurriedly walked over and leaned against Jiang Zhenghan. Jiang Zhenghan hoped that Qin Yue would not pester his girlfriend, but Qin Yue accused Jiang Zhenghan of being incapable. Xia Linxi watched the two arguing and stood up to defend Jiang Zhenghan, hoping that Qin Yue would respect her because she only liked Jiang Zhenghan.

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