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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 21 Recap

On the grounds of providing diving equipment, Xie Yuchen invited Wu Xie to the restaurant of Mop in Changsha and informed Wu Xie that the person with the tattoo might be a descendant of Lord Zhang Dafo. This Great Buddha was the soul of the nine sects in the Republic of China. Is it “falling shoulders” to guard the secret of Buddha?

But Xiaohua traveled far and wide to get herself to Changsha, is it just to send these sets of equipment? Under his questioning, Xie Yuchen finally told about the ancient waterway in Xiangxi. After Foye took the things out of Xiangxi back then, they should have been hidden in a secret room in Changsha…

Although the person who guarded the secret room was no longer there, the grandson of that person was still there, and the mop was a local. It was clear to me that the young man was quickly found. However, as things changed, the young man didn’t know the truth, but his father and grandfather asked him to go to a place every three months to take a photo, and someone would give him 100,000 yuan every year.

These photos were taken in the 1960s, and the architectural scenes in the photos are constantly changing. It should be to record the changes around the secret room, and the person who paid the money was the Crescent Hotel, which is on Zhang Rishan. According to data, in the 1970s, Master Zhang dug up a baby screen when he was in charge of building a factory in the local area, and then donated it to the museum. The strange thing is that there are some very regular holes on the screen, and Xie Yuchen once saw a picture of this screen in the Crescent Hotel.

Although there is no diving equipment for the time being, the younger brother deserves to be the younger brother, swimming to the bottom in a dull voice, but collecting a lot of supplies and bones from the archaeological team. It’s just that the weather in the mountains is overcast and sunny, and the sky is full of thunder. Uncle Agui tried to persuade the fat man to leave, but the two were unmoved, so they could only go back with the clouds and bring them back when the rain stopped.

The fat brother pieced together the scattered bones, and found that Wu Xie’s guess was correct. The first batch of expedition teams were replaced after they were killed.

Fatty was sitting on a bamboo raft and fishing. He didn’t know that a turbulent undercurrent had hit him under the water. This undercurrent was so powerful that Fatty couldn’t struggle at all, so he was carried into the lake. The cry for help disturbed the little brother on the shore. Without a word, Zhang Qiling jumped down.

After Xie Yuchen sent someone to the Crescent Hotel to take the photo and passed it over, he found that the globe in the photo might be the one in the third uncle’s room. He felt that there must be a connection. After Huo Xiuxiu and Wu Xiejie Yuchen came to Sanshu’s house, they found that there were also several holes in the globe. After shining light on the globe with a re-engraved screen, it turned out that these points were the same as those of Zhang Dafoye’s investigation in Luhuangbo To the place.

One of them actually had Banocun. It seemed that this was really a misunderstanding, and it didn’t take much effort. Xie Yuchen immediately decided to go back to Guangxi with Wu Xie. Wu Xie was about to call Fatty and let them know, but the phone couldn’t be connected, and he felt bad. There might be something wrong with the little brother and Fatty, and they have to rush back tonight.

Xie Yuchen wanted to go with Wu Xie, but at this moment he received a call from black glasses, claiming that there were important things to be told in person, and that he would go to Changsha tomorrow, asking him to wait for himself anyway.

A seemingly capable woman came to Jude Kao’s office. She was not sure whether Fatty and Zhang Qiling were still alive. She could not find them in the water. As for the diving equipment, she had already arrived in Yano Village and could start operations soon.

In fact, there is nothing important about finding Xie Yuchen with black glasses. He was entrusted by the second master of the Wu family to drag the little master and Huo Xiuxiu to prevent them from going to Guangxi. Moreover, Wu Erye had already discovered that Wu Sansheng’s reconciliation chain had already been reconciled, and he helped conceal many things. However, I don’t know how much Wu Erye knows about black glasses, but it seems that Xiaoye is still a wealthy owner. Once the money is stuffed, the black glasses are all out.

After a few days of rain, Wu Xie was in a hurry in the village. Fatty and the others weren’t coming out. He ignored Agui’s advice. He wanted to persuade Panma to lead him into the mountains. Papa Panma refused to say anything, Wu Xie was anxious to be wise, and finally thought of a way…

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