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The Message 风声 Episode 4 Recap

Bai Xiaonian understood that Jin Shenghuo’s purpose was to move Commander Zhang as a rescuer. He didn’t expect to wait for his own little friend to come. At this time, Morita came to inform: To celebrate the successful deciphering, a celebration banquet will be held on the ship tonight at 7 o’clock. , I invite you all to participate. Gu Xiaomeng reminded Morita that there should be a dance party.

Gu Xiaomeng came to Li Ningyu’s cabin and told her all about what had happened during this period, and advised her to run away with everyone at night, but Li Ningyu refused to go with her, because she became a fugitive when she escaped and could not engage in deciphering work.

Now, Gu Xiaomeng does not understand why the work of deciphering is more important than Li Ningyu’s life? Li Ningyu said that she had nothing to do at the age of 30, and only achieved something in the deciphering world, so deciphering is her life. Gu Xiaomeng reminded Li Ningyu that even if he could not work for the Nanjing government, he could still work for Chongqing or the Communist Party.

Li Ningyu stopped her from speaking, saying that it had nothing to do with trust, but just faith. Gu Xiaomeng reminded Li Ningyu that this was her last chance to escape, but Li Ningyu only asked her to tell Wu Zhiguo that she would not leave, but hoped that he could take Gu Xiaomeng and the others. Gu Xiaomeng lamented that Li Ningyu was the most paranoid lunatic he had ever seen, and Li Ningyu reminded her that Jin Shenghuo is an iceberg, and Gu Xiaomeng can only see one thousandth of his.

Gu Xiaomeng then went to the Jinsheng fire cabin and told him that the sealed lighter was still in the box, indicating that Li Ningyu did not reveal the fake secret code at all. She really cracked the second-generation cipher machine with her own power. Although she is a lunatic, But she was also a genius, so her life was more valuable than the lives of all of them combined.

Gu Xiaomeng asked Chief Jin to save Li Ningyu. Jin Shenghuo took a fake secret telegram and said it was undeniable that his deciphering result was already inseparable. Li Ningyu caught the content that he deciphered only half his life, and guessed it by smoking a cigar and tasting red wine. The same is true for him.

A genius, just like Wu Zhiguo is a murderous genius, Bai Xiaonian is a genius who serves people, he is also a genius who figure out people, and Gu Xiaomeng is a genius who pretends to be a pig and eat a tiger. Those who can mix in this circle are geniuses. It’s a pity that anyone died, but geniuses are like densely-electric paper. They look invaluable and blink into ashes as they burn.

At the celebration banquet, Gu Xiaomeng told Jin Shenghuo that Li Ningyu had agreed to go with him, and Wu Zhiguo immediately arranged a strict escape plan. At the banquet, Morita announced the award to Jin Shenghuo a considerable bonus, giving Li Ningyu the title. At this time, outside the cabin, Hisouichi Mitsui instructed the guards to prepare to pour the gas into the ventilation ducts. The guards reminded him that this order requires permission from Commander Matsui, but Hisouichi Mitsui ignored them.

Gu Xiaomeng took the initiative to invite Morita to dance with him. Li Ningyu was entangled by Jin Shengxian to discuss the password problem. Mitsui Shouyi outside the cabin had to wait for the six-minute dance music to end before releasing the poison gas. Wu Zhiguo quickly walked out of the cabin and soon destroyed the power supply equipment, leaving the ship in darkness.

Mitsui Touichi fired a warning shot. Everyone was quickly surprised to find that Morita had been killed at some point and was lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the banquet hall. Hisaichi Mitsui bitterly announced that someone had destroyed the power supply in the bathroom and assassinated Morita’s. The murder weapon is a knife, so the murderer is among the people at the party.

He ordered that Gu Xiaomeng’s tableware be searched first, because she was the last person to have contact with Da Zuo before the power outage. Gu Xiaomeng refused to search and retorted that Da Zuo pushed him away after the power outage, so the suspect was not alone. Mitsui Shouichi forced a search, and it turned out that not only Gu Xiaomeng’s tableware was not missing, nor did the others, but Morita’s tableware was missing a knife.

The Deputy Chief of Japanese Secret Service Ryukawa Hihara reported to the special adviser to the Army Intelligence Department Tetsuo Washui that Morita did not die in the assassination. He was the fourth person to die in Qiuzhuang. Tetsuo Washui thought of Hihara’s wife. It’s the third one. Tetsuo Eagle Nest said that Morita wanted to secretly kill the people on the ship without his permission, hoping that he would not be so stupid.

Touichi Mitsui put Morita’s body on the dining table and told everyone that as long as someone verifies the murderer, they are fine. If no one says, he will kill one person every five minutes until the murderer shows up. Gu Xiao dreamed of the three interrogation principles mentioned before Jin Shenghuo. The first was the best policy and said nothing, the second was the middle policy, and someone confessed himself, and the third was the worst policy, and be honest.

Someone accused Li Ningyu as the murderer, and Li Ningyu asked Jin Shengxian to testify to him, but Jin Shengxian claimed that he was only discussing issues with her in front of a dark lamp. Li Ningyu said that Da Zuo was assassinated two or three seconds after the black light. She spent four days in the conference room and injured her right hand.

She had to use a newcomer to operate instructions. This is well known, so she did not take it in terms of time. When Da Zuo cutlery time, and her right hand could not accurately assassinate Da Zuo, Jin Shengxian’s lie was self-defeating, so he had to admit that he had framed Li Ningyu, and Mitsui Shou shot him.

Li Ningyu used Morse code to tell Gu Xiaomeng under the dining table, don’t believe Jin Shenghuo, pay attention to Jin Shengxian. At this time, Jin Shengxian stood up and said that he already knew who the murderer was. When the lights were dark, the only person who could accurately grasp the position of Morita was Gu Xiaomeng, so she was the only one who had the possibility of assassination. Gu Xiaomeng explained that Da Zuo was stabbed to death by his own knife.

She had been dancing with Da Zuo before, so there was no time for him to pick up the knife. Jin Shengxian said that the knife in front of Gu Xiaomeng might be Morita’s. She was not alone in committing the crime, but Jin Shenghuo and Li Ning Yu, Wu Zhiguo and Bai Xiaonian are four associates. Bai Xiaonian came up with the crime, and righteously accused Jin Shengxian of targeting the President, Chairman Wang and the National Government!

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