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The Burning River 迷雾追踪 Episode 16 Recap

After investigating all the information of Yao Jun, Lin Yuhong and others were surprised to find that Yao Jun’s home address was very close to Yang Yang’s. The police quickly arranged an arrest and found the monitoring tool. Although Yao Jun was not seen, a large blood stain on the floor of the monitoring room attracted the attention of the police.

The staff quickly collected evidence and checked that the blood belonged to He Wenjun, and the anti-fever medicine placed next to him was probably prepared for Yang Yang. When Ren Jing received the news, she rushed to the scene and went to the woods and river with Lin Yuhong to claim the coat found by the search team. The blue coat in front of her was obviously what Yang Yang wore on the day he was arrested, but Ren Jing, who was already facing a complete collapse of spirit, was babbling, resisting the facts, and fled to the scene…

The police found pictures of other children in Yao Jun’s drawer, including Cao Kexin, who disappeared five years ago, and was later sold to Shanxi. Lin Yuhong and others guessed that Yao Jun might not have committed the crime for the first time. In this case of Yang Yang’s disappearance, He Wenjun and Yao Jun had a dispute. Yao Jun shot and killed He Wenjun, burned the car and destroyed his body in an attempt to push all suspicions on He Wenjun.

The identification department checked the DNA left by Yao Jun and found that Yao Jun’s DNA was highly consistent with the DNA left at the scene where Lin Yuhong’s father was killed and learned that Yao Jun was one of the car thieves who killed his father.

Recalling the past, Lin Yuhong sat silently in the position, appearing extremely calm. Zhao Wei was worried, but Lin Yuhong seemed to talk about the dark memory on his own. Lin Yuhong, who was immature and impulsive back then, was completely rampant. After dinner, Lin Yuhong ran into Yao Jun and others’ car theft. Lin Yuhong’s shout made the car thief act cruel and drove straight into the car.

Two people, this led to the tragedy. Later, Lin Yuhong and Father Lin were taken into the dark cave by Yao Jun and others. Both hands and feet were tied up. Lin Yuhong couldn’t find his father when he woke up, so he had to rush to the light, and then left the cave. Found a village. After getting out of danger, Lin Yuhong led people to find the dark cave again, but did not find his father…

After listening to Lin Yuhong’s self-report, Zhao Wei’s heart was very complicated, and he was anxious to help search for more information. Zhao Wei returned to search the vocational high school where Yao Jun and He Wenjun attended as classmates. Only then discovered that both He Wenjun and Yao Jun had another mutual friend: Yuan Xiaodong.

After Zhao Wei passed the information to Lin Yuhong, he drove to Yuan Xiaodong’s home and did not find Yuan Xiaodong’s figure, but Zhao Wei learned that the three of them did meet each other during the time He Wenjun disappeared, and even ate and drank together. Lin Yuhong and others quickly found the restaurant where Yuan Xiaodong worked. When Yuan Xiaodong and others saw Lin Yuhong and others, they began to run away like a guilty conscience.

Lin Yuhong and others followed closely and saw Yuan Xiaodong disappear into the intricate alley. Lin Yuhong, Zhao Wei, Xiao Ma and others were hunted separately. Zhao Wei saw Yuan Xiaodong climb up the high building of the factory building and was about to catch up, but found that Yuan Xiaodong was holding a gun in his hand.

The able-bodied Yuan Xiaodong managed to escape, leaving Lin Yuhong and Zhao Wei frustrated and leaning on the iron railings. Xiao Min from the police team also arrived. When Lin Yuhong was puzzled, Xiao Min said with difficulty: During the period when Lin Yuhong and others had an accident in Guizhou, Yao Jun and He Wenjun happened to be located in Guizhou and lived in the same room. There was a person accompanying them, and it was Yuan Xiaodong who had escaped at this time.

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