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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 21 Recap

Ye Xiaobai felt aggrieved. He looked at the crumpled silk shirts on the hangers and threw them on the ground to vent. Unexpectedly, Guan Mu turned back and saw this scene. Ye Xiaobai was speechless. Guan Mu was angry that he was well-meaning Suffering, but my daughter-in-law did not understand, Ye Xiaobai stayed in place, not knowing how to explain.

Ye Xiaobai took a taxi to go to work. The prince had waited for a long time. He saw the unhappiness in his daughter Ye Xiaobai’s heart and understood that she must keep a happy mood. Ye Xiaobai didn’t expect his handsome father to become a friend of women, and he began to understand the difficulty of his parents. In order to make his daughter happy, the prince mentioned that a bunch of husbands and wives were angry at the gallery’s expensive graffiti, causing tens of millions of losses.

Ye Xiaobai went to work in the office, but saw that there was no one in the office. He learned from a colleague that Mary and the Gaoshan team were in a meeting, so he brought information to them. He happened to meet Mr. Qin of Xinhe Heavy Industry in the elevator. Ye Xiaobai mentioned the Tahiti Gallery incident and worried that the divorce of the two would have an impact on the Xinhe Heavy Industry acquisition case.

At the meeting, everyone discussed the Tahiti Flower Gallery incident. Mary was very relaxed about the matter. Ye Xiaobai believed that the gallery belonged to the woman and the man was an artist. In addition, the two of them had hot personalities and worried that they would be together. Under the divorce, the property will be divided. Things have become a big mess, which has an impact on Xinhe Heavy Industry’s listing research. Mary asked Ye Xiaobai to leave the meeting room on the grounds that Ye Xiaobai was pregnant. President Qin learned that Ye Xiaobai was married to Guan Yihe and lamented that President Cui had strict requirements on the company’s system.

After the meeting, Mary was angry that Ye Xiaobai had reported the situation to President Qin privately, and Ye Xiaobai explained that she and Qin always met by chance. Although I was pregnant, I still had the same sensitivity to work. This incident was due to lack of communication, so I did not report the situation in advance. Seeing her enthusiasm for work, Mary asked her to be an assistant to Marvin.

Ye Xiaobai had abdominal pain on the way home, and went to the hospital alone for a review, but the doctor told her that there was no problem, just reminding her to pay attention to nutrition.

Guan Yihe returned to the company to take the documents after socializing, but Zhao Jinzi was also in the office. The two took a taxi and left. Zhao Jinzi reminded the driver to turn off the music in order not to disturb Guan Yihe. The driver mistakenly thought Guan Yihe was his boyfriend. , Zhao Jinjin immediately explained that Guan Yihe was his leader, and said that Guan Yihe glowed all over at work and wanted to be that kind of person. Guan Yihe did not expect that he was such a person in Zhao Jinjin’s heart. Can’t help smiling.

After Guan Yihe went home and saw Liu Shufen crying in the living room, Liu Shufen cried out about what she had done. She hoped that Ye Xiaobai would listen to her words and go to the company hospital for an examination. Guan Yihe immediately comforted her mother when he saw the situation and communicated with Ye Xiaobai. Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the bedroom, I heard Ye Xiaobai mention the meal for pregnant women. In addition to the unsatisfactory work, Guan Yihe’s inner emotions suddenly broke out, and he was unwilling to be the microphone of the two, Ye Xiaobai looked at it. Out of his unhappiness, speaking of reassuring words, he thought that he and the housekeeper were just chattering, and agreed to take a leave of absence to a public hospital for examination tomorrow.

The next day, Ye Xiaobai called her to ask about the company while checking her body, worrying that Mary would transfer the work she had to others. Immediately after the inspection, she rushed to Fengsheng to work. It happened that Mary saw her rushing back to work and scolded her for being late after leaving her job two days later. Ye Xiaobai immediately explained that she had just rushed back from the Tahiti Gallery.

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