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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 46 Recap

In the familiar snack bar, Shao Zi and Zhang Liqian met unexpectedly. Shao Zi saw Zhang Liqian turning his head and ran away. Zhang Liqian chased him out. Both of them were suppressed because of Zhang Xu’s marriage. The burden of the successor on Zhang Liqian almost overwhelmed him. He drank his sullen wine and told Zhao Zi silently about his innermost feelings. They all wanted to say but couldn’t say things to each other. Two men who used to oppose each other were there.

At this moment, he became a good buddy who sympathized with each other. Sophia couldn’t let go of her feelings for Zimo, and decided to submit her resignation to Xia Qin. Tian Qin didn’t want to let Sophia leave the Lingxiao Hotel just like that, and quickly discussed with Zimo.

Zimo didn’t know what Sophia wanted to do or what she was thinking, so she decided to cast a spell into Sophia’s dreamland, so she learned about Fang Qiong’s situation after jumping off the cliff. The God of Plague kept hovering around Sophia, and even followed Tianqin, which made Zhao Zimo highly alert. Faced with the pressure of a possible change of ownership, Zhang Qihong constantly forced Zhang Liqian to please Xu Tianai, and even ordered him to propose to Tianai immediately. Zhang Liqian did not want himself and Tianai to become pawns to strengthen the two groups, and actively strived to convince the shareholders that he could persuade the shareholders.

Zhang Qihong directly rejected the proposal. The folks in Laojie couldn’t forgive Zhang Liqian even more. Shao’s father took the lead in reprimanding. Some villagers were so excited that Liqian was thrown into the water. Even so, Zhang Liqian was still reluctant to give up and tried to persuade Shao Zi, but Shao Zi asked Liqian to leave Lingxiao Village.

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