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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 20 Recap

Father Xia looked at Jiang Zhenghan with a serious face, and asked him many personal questions, Jiang Zhenghan could answer readily. Jiang Zhenghan saw that Dad Xia liked chess, and the two began to challenge. During the chess process, Jiang Zhenghan was very good, and he caught Xia’s father by surprise every time. Xia Linxi reminded Jiang Zhenghan to let Dad Xia, Jiang Zhenghan said that he could not be hypocritical, and expressed admiration for Dad Xia’s chess game.

Being humble is just a narrow win. Father Xia was very satisfied with Jiang Zhenghan, and the two also added WeChat, but after learning about Jiang Zhenghan’s family, they worried that Xia’s mother might be a little difficult to handle. After Jiang Zhenghan left, Xia Linxi and Dad Xia reached a consensus and asked Dad to help conceal their love affairs. At this time, Xia’s mother called suddenly because she was very angry when she knew about Xia Linxiguike.

After Xia’s mother rushed back, she immediately accused Xia Linxi of changing from Jiang Ming’s first to a student who failed to take the exam. She told about the investigation of Jiang Zhenghan’s family situation and asked the two to break up immediately. Xia Linxi has always defended Jiang Zhenghan and expressed her attitude, hoping that Xia’s mother would not interfere in her personal life. Mother Xia was very angry, thinking that she was trying her best to help Xia Linxi and Qin Yue match up.

Everything was for Xia Linxi’s good, because Qin Yue’s family background and character made Xia mother very satisfied, and she wanted Xia Linxi to go abroad. Xia Linxi was determined and said that he would not break up with Jiang Zhenghan. Mother Xia wanted to beat Xia Linxi on an impulse, but was stopped by Xia’s father, who told Xia Linxi not to go out during the Chinese New Year.

Jiang Zhenghan received a call from Professor Shi, and Eckvis Company asked him to do an internship on the seventh grade. Jiang Zhenghan promised to return to Beining immediately, although he was reluctant to bear Xia Linxi. During the video call between the two, Xia Linxi thought it was good for Jiang Zhenghan to go back to work, because he had been forbidden by Xia’s mother and could not go out. The two encouraged each other. Xia Linxi knew that it was difficult for Jiang Zhenghan to attack Xia’s mother, so he gave Jiang Dad considerately. Jiang’s mother bought many gifts and sent them to her home.

When Jiang Zhenghan came to Eckvis, the company secretary took him to Mr. Cao. President Cao disliked Jiang Zhenghan and thought that Jiang Zhenghan was just an intern and had little skill. He asked him to attend the company’s internal project meeting with himself, but he did not show him the project materials in advance. At the meeting, Jiang Zhenghan accidentally discovered that Xu Zhili was also in this company, which surprised him.

After that, Mr. Xie asked everyone to put forward their opinions on the new security software project. The employees who spoke were either uncomfortable or exaggerated. Mr. Cao has a strange yin and yang, and said a lot of flattering things. Mr. Xie saw Jiang Zhenghan sitting in the corner and asked him to express his opinion. Jiang Zhenghan was outspoken and explained the vulnerabilities of the security software, which made Mr. Xie very satisfied.

Mr. Cao arranged Jiang Zhenghan to work next to Mr. Xie. Mr. Xie asked about Jiang Zhenghan’s views on security software. Jiang Zhenghan said that he had made similar software. He had guessed that the software was not finished and he was there within half an hour. In front of Mr. Xie, he hacked into the software. Mr. Xie appreciates Jiang Zhenghan. He didn’t expect Jiang Zhenghan to find out the loopholes in this software in a short time. What he didn’t expect was that the software was an external order from the internal employees of Eckvis.

Because of questions from the superior, Xu Zhili asked Jiang Zhenghan to continue completing the security software project, and the two communicated as strangers on the Internet. Jiang Zhenghan guessed that the other party was from Eckvis, and said that he could not continue to complete the project, and the agreement was signed and said that there would be no refund, which made Xu Zhili have no choice but to take him.

Jiang Zhenghan quickly completed the programming that Mr. Xie told him to do, and Mr. Xie was very surprised at his speed. Jiang Zhenghan helped Mr. Xie solve some of the problems, Mr. Xie asked Jiang Zhenghan to bring his computer, and the two discussed together, talking and laughing. Jiang Zhenghan’s proficient programming skills made Mr. Xie suspect that he was a spy arranged by another company, and he was nothing like a freshman.

Jiang Zhenghan said that Mr. Xie looked up to himself and told him about his family affairs. He also started programming in high school because programming comes quickly. Mr. Xie also told Jiang Zhenghan of his past that he used to wash dishes in a restaurant when people were never met. The two ridiculed each other and mentioned their feelings. Jiang Zhenghan asked Mr. Xie to eat a wave of dog food because Mr. Xie did not fall in love.

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