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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 11 Recap

After Lu Ke quarreled with Cheng Nan in KTV last night, Lu Ke wanted to break up with him, but she knew it was angry. She came to the magazine very early the next day, and she was in a daze thinking about her thoughts. Shen Siyi asked her if she still wanted to break up with Cheng Nan. She shook her head and didn’t know what to do. Siyi asked her to participate in the new media reform sharing session organized by Nanshan Bookstore, which just happened to adjust her mood.

Cheng Nan met Lao Huang in the company elevator. He asked Cheng Nan why he went there last night. He didn’t answer the phone or answer WeChat and didn’t go to his bed. Cheng Nan said that he had gone drinking alone, and Lao Huang said that he was too much last night, and everyone quarreled behind closed doors, but he wanted the whole world to know. Cheng Nan asked Lao Huang to accompany him to the furniture store at noon.

He and Lu Ke quarreled and broke her lamp. He wanted to buy one to compensate her. At noon, Cheng Nan and Lao Huang went to buy a lamp. Lao Huang felt that Cheng Nan was wrong and there was nothing else to tell him. Cheng Nan said that he and Li Dongdong slept. Lao Huang was surprised when he heard that, he let Cheng Nan go home. You should admit your mistakes, and don’t let Lu Ke know if you are rotten in your stomach.

At night, Lu Ke returned home and saw Cheng Nan repairing the table lamp. He wanted to buy a new one, but he went to many stores and failed to buy it. Lu Ke told him not to fix the film and it was finished. Cheng Nan apologized to her and begged her not to break up. After seeing Lu Ke forgive him, he hugged her tightly and said that next week was Qixi and they would get the marriage certificate.

Yao Yuan came to the hotel that day and saw Siyi was talking with friends, so he pretended to be a waiter and brought them tea and cakes. Siyi couldn’t help but smile sweetly when he saw Siyi. Then Si Yi walked into the unmanned elevator and Yao Yuan followed in. He kissed her as soon as the elevator door closed. Then the elevator stopped on the 6th floor. The elevator door opened and the two separated quickly, with sweet smiles on their faces.

Guan Yue was helping to decorate a newly opened cafe. Ye Zhou came to her after get off work. She asked him how the moon lantern was hanging. Ye Zhou felt like a jar. The two were chatting. The owner of the cafe Hu called her to the house and said that the renovation was about to stop. The landlord is three brothers. The boss suddenly regretted that opening the cafe had broken his Feng Shui, so Boss Hu had to withdraw the rent. Yes, he settled the current account for her and left.

Guan Yue was very frustrated, so she pointed to the job to pay the rent, but she didn’t expect that the landlord should drive her away if she lost her money and lost her money. Ye Zhou asked her to sell the valuable things in the studio to make up the rent. Guan Yue laughed and asked whether she was the valuable thing. Ye Zhou smiled and asked her to sell him to ask her how much money, Guan Yue was amused by him.

Siyi went to see Yao Yuan’s mother and brought her favorite snacks. Yao Yuan’s mother was very happy, and the three of them ate the meal happily. Yao Yuan was going to drive Siyi home. When the two went to the garage to pick up the car, Yao Yuan excitedly praised her performance today. After getting in the car, he found that Siyi’s expression was a bit wrong and asked what was wrong. Siyi said she was fine. Then she saw that she was pulled into the family by his mother. Yao Yuan said that his mother liked her too much and wanted to scream in front of her relatives. But Siyi said that she was here to act today. She asked Yao Yuan if he wanted to marry her.

Yao Yuan said he wanted to let the flow go. Siyi got out of the car and left by herself. Yao Yuan caught up with her and asked her why she was suddenly upset. Siyi said that they were just happy together and were not responsible for each other, and now he fouled. Yao Yuan couldn’t figure out why she was so angry. Isn’t it good for the family to be in harmony? Siyi told him not to ask her to act in such things in the future, because he would take it seriously if he was acting.

After Siyi returned to the magazine, Lu Ke saw that she was unhappy and thought Yao Yuan’s mother didn’t like her. Siyi said his mother liked her too much and wanted them to get married right away. Lu Ke asked if she didn’t want to have a future with Yao Yuan. Siyi started talking about her childhood. Every time her parents quarreled, she hid in the corridor. The light above her head always flashed. She felt like home. It’s like this lamp has never been complete.

She still remembers that her mother deliberately let her eat kiwi fruit and was hospitalized for allergies in order to save her father. When her father went to the hospital to see her, she had a big fight with her mother. Siyi didn’t understand why they didn’t love her at all, and Lu Ke touched her head to make her feel sad. Siyi said that she would never get married in her life, and she would not expect her family to have children.

Cheng Nan met Li Dongdong in the elevator of the company. He apologized to her for what happened that night. Li Dongdong smiled and said that she did not hold him responsible. Ye Zhou helped Guan Yue rent a studio, and he also hung the moon light made by her in the room to encourage her not to give up. Guan Yue wrote him an IOU and thanked him very much.

On this day, Lu could go to Nanshan Bookstore to participate in the event, and Cheng Nan sat in the audience. He didn’t answer the call from Li Dongdong. Then he received a message from her saying that what happened that night shouldn’t have happened. Suddenly he realized something and looked at Lu Ke quickly. She also received this message on the pad in her hand. Lu Ke’s face changed after seeing this. She hurriedly walked to the door, Cheng Nan caught up with her and apologized to her that she was wrong.

Lu Ke could wipe the tears that kept pouring from her eyes, sadly saying that she never thought they would separate because they had a bottom line , But she didn’t expect that he would break this bottom line. She said they would stop here, and then turned and walked into the bookstore. Cheng Nan stood there crying and regretting.

Siyi wanted to send Lu Ke back. Lu Ke decided to leave after speaking on stage. Siyi asked Lu Ke to remember that she was the editor-in-chief of Life Home, and no one could hurt her. Lu Ke walked to the stage and suddenly one of the heels broke, she simply took off the shoes and walked onto the stage with her hands. She said that Life Home is committed to recommending the most beautiful things to everyone. She shook the shoes in her hand and said that the shoes of this brand could be removed from the shopping cart. The audience couldn’t help but laugh at her humorous words. Then her wonderful sharing won everyone’s warm applause.

In the evening Siyi was playing building blocks in the bar, and Yao Yuan came over. He was surprised to hear about Lu Ke. Siyi said that feelings are like this building block. She was very happy at first, but slowly she worried about when it would fall down. She said that when she pulled out a piece from the bottom, the whole built-up block suddenly fell. She asked Yao Yuan to break up. She couldn’t give what he wanted, so she got up and gave him one last kiss and left the bar.

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