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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 20 Recap

It turned out that Papa Panma had been threatened by this “collapsed shoulder” because of the events of the year. In order to allow his son and grandson to escape from the clutches of this man, he decided to tell Wu Xie and the three of them the truth, hoping to save his family.

Speaking of what happened back then, Panma’s expression was complicated. At that time, Yanai Village was too poor. The food brought by the expedition team was self-evident. At night, Panma brought the young man to the inspection team’s warehouse. He wanted to steal a bit to fill his stomach, but he was arrested. During the entanglement, several villagers accidentally killed the man. While processing the body of this person, he was seen by another team member and had to kill him.

This is already the case. Several other young people simply encouraged Panma to kill everyone in the expedition team. In the end, these people got red eyes and killed almost everyone like wild beasts. The corpses were thrown into the lake, but Panma had a nightmare for more than 30 years.

When he went to the expedition camp the next day, he found that everyone was still alive, talking and laughing with him. Panma was so scared that he almost fainted. He just stammered and said he came hunting. Strangely, he smelled these people. There was a strange smell on her body,

In the next few years, the few people who went together also died of unfaithfulness. What’s palpitating is that they all committed suicide. Panma was terrified. After hiding in the mountains for three years, they were picked up by the lake. A piece of clothing with “iron pieces” wrapped in it, and this “iron piece” also has that strange smell.

As for why they were led to the Buffalo Tougou, it was “Sagging Shoulder” that threatened him with what happened in the past, and Panma couldn’t figure out why “Sagging Shoulder” was so clear about what happened back then.

After coming out of Panma’s father’s house, Wu Xie speculated that the expedition team who entered and came out of the mountain must not be a group of people, and no one can come back to life. This is a long-planned conspiracy. They only fooled Panma. The second group of people was supposed to replace the previous expedition team. Now the only way to prove this conjecture is to go to the bottom of the lake to find the bones of the expedition team members.

During the meal, Wu Xie asked about the lake, and borrowed tents and other things from Uncle Agui. This time the guide was Uncle Agui and his daughter Yunyun. There was no danger on the way, and he successfully reached the lake side.

It just happened to catch up with the siphon effect of the lake water, indicating that this lake must be connected to a larger lake. I am afraid that what I was looking for was sucked away, so I had to ask Agui to help them prepare some diving equipment and rafts.

Based on the clues, Xie Yuchen found the Sanshu’s next destination, Guzhangyicheng Waterway in Xiangxi, and found an open coffin in the waterway. This was a whistle coffin, which could only be opened by the Zhang family who possessed a different technique.

Wu Xie knew that the identity of “shoulder shoulders” was very important, so he called Xie Yuchen to urge the matter. Xie Yuchen didn’t want the elders in the family to know that he was investigating the events of the year, so he found a person who was not a member of the nine sects but was concerned The person who knows everything well-Zhang Rishan. But this person dismissed the two without knowing a word. Although Xie Yuchen Huo Xiuxiu was very disappointed, but Zhang Rishan was not the only one who knew what happened back then, so he learned from He Laokou that the Buddha was really from the waterway back then. What is brought out in it may be in a secret room.

When he saw the tattoo on “Slumped Shoulder”, He Lao recognized at a glance that it was the tattoo of Master Zhang. Master Zhang Dafo is a member of the Zhang family, and the pattern on his body is Qiongqi. Could it be that the “shoulder shoulder” is also the Zhang family?

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