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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 19 Recap

In Banai Village, Fatty and Wu Xie had waited for Daddy Panma to come back. Uncle Agui laughed and said that it was normal for people in the mountains to spend a few days deep in the mountains, and advised them not to worry. It happened that the fat man bought sulfuric acid from the county seat, and was about to dissolve the “iron nuggets” while waiting for someone, but this strong acid encountered “iron nuggets” and was helpless. The little brother picked up the “iron block” with two fingers and looked at it. What is it inside?

Fatty’s lazy habits before he changed in Yano Village, especially in front of the cloud, he was very diligent, and in order to please the girl, he even cooked by himself.

At this moment, Papa Panma’s son rushed in anxiously with a blood suit, claiming that he was going to the mountain to find his father, but Agui’s uncle had helped him. Leading Wu Xie and the three of them to search around, but when they arrived at a place called “Shui Niu Tougou”, Uncle Agui said that he refused to go forward. It was a restricted area in Banai Village. No entry was allowed, but he did not go. I couldn’t help Wu Xie and the others, Uncle Agui was worried and helpless.

Fatty Wu Xie entered the mountain under the leadership of his little brother. Before he had gone far, he saw a blood coat hanging from a tree in front of him. This should be a trace left by Papa Panma deliberately.

The three of them continued to move forward, probably because there was no one in the woods for a long time, and the woods were full of sticky cobwebs, but things were strange. Not only were the cobwebs strange, but the spiders who made the web were also unusually tall. The three secretly scolded Papa Panma as not a good thing, and at this moment, a large number of spiders crawled over the web. They lost their way in a panic escape and had to make a desperate fight against these spiders, but these poisonous spiders were not easy to deal with. The fat man was accidentally bitten and poisoned and fell down.

At night, an old man in local clothes approached them cautiously with an oil lamp. He originally wanted to scare Wu Xie and the others, but he didn’t expect these young people to be so stubborn. He had no choice but to agree to Wu Xie to tell the truth back then, but Panma seemed to have some thoughts about the little brother. Not only did he not let him listen, but also watched Wu Xie coldly and said that one of them would kill the other one day. . After speaking, he turned and left. It seems that Panma’s father might know the little brother. Wu Xie hurriedly followed Panma’s house. Panma leaned on the bed and smoked dry smoke to warn Wu Xie. There was a deadly smell on the little brother. Be careful, but Wu Xie didn’t believe it at all, and asked about the expedition team back then.

It was in the 1980s. At that time, Pan Ma was still young. He was recommended to Chen Wenjin as a guide by the village because he was familiar with the situation in the mountains. What the expedition team was looking for was a lake. After walking in the mountains for two days, they finally found their destination and stayed there. They stayed by the lake for more than two months, and no one knew what they were doing. Then one day Papa Panma went to deliver food and saw that there were a lot of black boxes. He thought he found the baby and wanted to open his eyes, but Chen Wenjin refused. The other party said the contents were dangerous, so he had better not be curious. .

Until a few decades later, Papa Panma still remembered the smell, which was very unpleasant, but not a bad smell. Just when he wanted to continue speaking, a figure flashed in the night outside the window, and Papa Panma’s expression instantly changed. He repeatedly claimed that he knew only this, and even pushed and shoved Wu Xie away. Wu Xie was full of suspicion that he saw the fat brother as soon as he left the house. The two said that they had just seen the “shoulder shoulder” outside. It seemed that this person was instructing Papa Panma behind.

When they talked about the relationship between the two, Panma hurried out the door. He went to see “Shattered Shoulder”. The other party was dissatisfied that he told Wu Xie the truth about the year and wanted to do something about it. Fortunately, the three brothers arrived in time and saved him.

Xie Yuchen and Huo Xiuxiu found the third uncle’s contact person through a mop. They didn’t expect that the other party wanted to run when they saw the two of them. After being knocked down by Xie Yuchen, they were tied to a chair, trying to pry out the contact location with the third uncle from his mouth. . But this person was controlled by Liuli Sun, and what he revealed was a fake location. In that Spring Teng Pavilion, a group of well-trained thugs were waiting for them. Xie Yuchen returned in disappointment, Mop felt guilty, and at the same time expressed his unwillingness to believe that San Ye was dead. San Ye said he would take him to a mysterious ancient waterway in Xiangxi…

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