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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 18 Recap

Huo Xiuxiu watched the large number of tapes over and over several times, and found clues to her aunt Huo Ling. Xie Yuchen reminded her that it was very likely that the old lady Huo, who was Huo Xiuxiu’s grandma, instigated others to give these tapes to her, but among them The contents of the video tape were erased by Mrs. Huo. In order to find the next clue, the two decided to go to Changsha together.

The next day, the little brother Wu Xie and Fatty came to the stilted building where the little brother lived. After entering, they found that the room was full of dust. Obviously no one had been here for a long time. Many pieces were also found under the glass plate on the table. photo. Sure enough, Chu’s bald head wasn’t deceiving, but the little brother kept staring at the bed in the corner, saying something in his mouth: No… he closed his eyes and was silent for a while, and suddenly he uttered two words: room!

As soon as the voice fell, he lifted the bed and removed the wooden board under the bed with a punch. Sure enough, there was an iron box inside. When everyone was still surprised, a man dressed in black covering his face snatched the box from it and grabbed the door.

The three of them chased after him and chased them all the way to the mountains. When the little brother was fighting with him, he tore off the man’s coat, and was surprised to find that the black man had the exact same tattoo on his body. But his legs and feet were so fast that even the little brother didn’t catch up.

Fortunately, the mysterious man lost the iron box in a panic and was picked up by Wu Xie again, which was not without gain. The fat man was so tired and panting, he pulled the other two to sit on the ground to rest, chatting about the mysterious person just now, and seeing that the figure looked like the shoulders on the photo, but the photo was seven or eight years old. So neat? Is he also mutated like Chen Wenjin?

Unable to think of a reason, the fat man simply began to study the iron box. When he was about to open the box to find out, the little brother suddenly blurted out: danger! The fat man was so scared that he quickly threw it on the ground, but it was too late. The box fell to the ground and opened. Inside was a ball of straw and a palm-like piece of iron. While the two were studying this “iron block”, one person came to the Diaojiaolou and set a fire, and burned all the old objects of the year, including photos.

The little brother overturned and found that only the skin was iron, and he hid it so tightly that the “iron block” was very dangerous or important. The collapsed shoulder was used to lead them out with the “iron block”. , The three finally discovered that the stilt floor was on fire, and the little brother wanted to take out the photos and rushed into the fire, but it was too late, the fire had been burning for a long time, I was afraid there was nothing left.

As night fell, the tranquility of the small mountain village was not like a noisy city, and the fat man’s spring heart was also rippling. He saw the cloud carrying a thermos and hurriedly flattered him to meet him, saying that the little girl could not carry such heavy things. Fortunately, Wu Xie was serious, and knew about asking about the Diaojiaolou, but I didn’t get any useful clues from the cloud. Diaojiaolou had been uninhabited for a long time, and there was no one in the village who had collapsed shoulders.

The little brother took out half of the photo he snatched from the fire scene from his arms. It was Chen Wenjin and a man about 30 years old. From the village chief, he learned that this man was called Papa Panma. When he was young, he was the most in the village. A powerful hunter, but Panma Dad has entered the mountain, and only his son is at home. At this moment, a woman also came here, dressed and acting like Aning. When this woman mentioned words such as “money” and “things”, when she saw that the person she was looking for was not at home, she told a few words. left. Wu Xie thought of Aning when she saw her. His instinct was right. This woman, like Aning, was also from Jude Kao.

After the woman was gone, the fat man uttered something from the young man. It turned out that the so-called “things” were the “iron nuggets” his father picked up in the mountains, because the children in the family were eagerly waiting for money to go to school, and someone else was willing I bought it at a high price, so I was moved to sell it. But the father didn’t want to, and hid it secretly. The woman couldn’t get things several times, so she seemed impatient.

Could it be that Papa Panma hid the “iron nugget” in the mountain, and then entered the mountain after only a short distance? But this is not the most important thing, they happen to have an “iron block” in their hands. But things were not that simple. The fat man broke the saw in the whole village and did not open the “iron block”. Anxiously, he rushed to the county town overnight and claimed to buy sulfuric acid.

After returning to the village chief’s house, the little brother used his memory to draw a tattoo on his shoulder. Wu Xie found that it was similar to the tattoo on Zhang Qiling after comparing it. Is there any connection between the two? That collapsed shoulder is also the Zhang family?

Xie Yuchen Huo Xiuxiu came to his third uncle’s home in Changsha. Without the key, he opened the door and found everything was empty. But the flowers in the room have been watered in the past few days. Did the third uncle come back? ? Did this old fox leave them an empty shell? But then the discovery of the restoration of a certain book on the shelf made the two rekindle hope…

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