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The Secret เกมรัก เกมลับ Episode 4 Recap

After Dome (New-Wongsakorn) and Nick (Saipan-Apinya) reconciled soon. With a quiet flirtation, smooth eating, everyone of the Dome secretly has a secret relationship with both Rin (Janis – Janista Prom’s life), Sai (Nara Thep Nupa) and Mimi (Chalita sugar part Charm), and because of the praise of Dome, the more the 3 girls are fascinated, trying to compete to be a favorite of Dome Wiping out all kinds of mischievous women with no one to give up, which Nick knows, plans to use it to pour out of this messy relationship.

By delegating the responsibility of taking care of the Company’s advertising photography projects to Rin to perform instead But during the shooting of an advertisement suddenly Rin did not want Mimi to get close to the dome, so she tried to bully until Mimi was injured.

Dao’s side (Gibbsi-Wanida) was dissatisfied with Rin Sai, as well as Mimi who was too close to Dome. So hired a detective to keep the information to get rid of this work. What kind of threats will the young women in the dome stock be?

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