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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 20 Recap

Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie found Gan Xiaonuan, and the three found a family with two siblings. Yang Xiaolei was going to let Gan Xiao Nuan go back and follow Gan Tianlei first, and then handed Gan Xiao Nuan to Ma Lie. Gan Tianlei was worried about Gan Xiaonuan all the way, but Che Lizi relaxed a lot. It’s far from Gan, so just be careful.

The two men’s car was suddenly chased by two motorcycles. Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei shot while dragging the car, and the horse team quickly notified Yang Xiaolei when they heard the fierce gunfire. Che Lizi remembered that the person with the car was Lao Bai. Gan Tianlei and the other party desperately dragged the car. In the end, there were no bullets. Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei could only rush out of the car and jump directly into the water. Immediately after Yang Xiaolei and the police arrived, Lao Bai and others hurriedly retreated when they heard the sound of police sirens.

Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan met. Dao Yuhan knew Xiong Guoliang. He met once during the training on behalf of the school. He was disappointed to hear that Xiong Guoliang did not come this time. Seeing that two children were preparing surprises for Gan Xiaonuan, Ma Lie helped them get a Cupid. Che Lizi dragged his injured leg and yelled for excessive blood loss, and Gan Tianlei had to carry him on his back. Che Lizi said that the reason why Uncle Six chose Gan Tianlei as the heir was because his appearance made him see a smile that Su Ling hadn’t shown for many years. Halfway through, Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi drove off a San Bengzi on the side of the road.

The equipment was broken, and the horse team lost contact with Gan Tianlei and could not be located. Tai Yongfeng gave her a notebook with the place where he and Gan Tianlei met back then. Gan Tianlei will not lose contact and will definitely find a way to contact them. Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi came to Xi Le Villa to look for Dr. Niu, who was the son of Master Niu, a Caesar poison maker, who was always cruel. As soon as Cherie came in, she fainted due to excessive blood loss, and Dr. Niu quickly called for a doctor. Shang Tianzi was rescued, because he just woke up and couldn’t interrogate him, Xiong Guoliang had to let people stare at him.

Laibai didn’t kill Gan Tianlei and was intercepted by the police. Chen Sidong called him rubbish. Back then, he wanted to kill Gan Tianlei alone. Tan Laosan felt that they were designed, and the children didn’t have any peace of mind. Tan Xiaosi ran over and whispered and made an idea to open a tire factory and use tires to transport drugs. Tan Xiaosi kept saying that he was true. Yes, I want to get this done. Tan Xiaosi heard that Shang Balezi had not died and fell into the hands of the police.

Chen Sidong decided to find Zhang Meilan to pass a message to Shang Balezi and shut his mouth tightly. Dr. Niu ate with Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei. Dr. Niu said that Shang Balezi was his lifesaver. He had blocked him three years ago, but Che Lizi stabbed Shang Balezi with a knife. Dr. Niu was very angry and sent it on the spot. After that, Tony and the others entered with guns. Gan Tianlei couldn’t deal with a gun alone, so he could only be taken away obediently.

Zhang Meilan came to the hospital to visit Shang Bale. The police did not allow the visit, but Shang Bale said that she was her godmother and would not cooperate if she was not allowed to visit him. Zhang Meilan cried and scolded Shang Bald, saying that he should not do anything illegal, but he just couldn’t remember. Zhang Meilan said that Xiao Chen came to see him in the afternoon. Shang Bale immediately realized that that person was Chen Sidong. He was reminding himself not to say things that shouldn’t be said, so she told Zhang Meilan to take care of herself.

In the basement of Xi Le Villa, Che Li Zi and Gan Tian Lei were locked in, but Che Li Zi was in a good mood and planned to spend the night here. Gan Tianlei asked Che Lizi to immediately resolve the grievances with Dr. Niu, and promised him that things could not be delayed. Che Lizi reassured him that they were brothers and he was the Bole of Gan Tianlei who had rescued him. Gan Tianlei retorted, they are not brothers! But Gan Tianlei still remembers being introduced to the underground casino to fight. The casino owner Mustache asked him to give him medicine, but Gan Tianlei didn’t fall, and Mustache gave him a large dose of medicine once he drank it. Gan Tianlei died.

Gan Tianlei was still struggling to support the ring. After drinking the medicine from the mustache, his limbs became weak and his body became weak. He was beaten to the ground but still refused to give up. Che Lizi broke through on the spot that they had drugged Gan Tianlei.

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