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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 19 Recap

Chen Sidong told Lao Bai that Gan Tianlei had to die and Che Li had to stay alive. This was also what Tan Po meant. After the matter was over, he would give him 5 million, and Lao Bai agreed. Xiong Guoliang came to Dean Zhang and asked Gan Tianlei what would happen if he had no medication for two months and would encounter many people and events in the past. Dean Zhang does not recommend interrupting the medication.

If his memory is lost Leading in the wrong direction has serious consequences. Gan Tianlei drove the car, and Gan Xiao Nuan played a game with Che Lizi, only to fight. Che Lizi wanted Gan Xiao Nuan to go back. Don’t follow them all the time. Gan Xiao Nuan refused to say that Gan Tianlei would not hurt her. The monitor ridiculed that cherries wear shoes and are not afraid of being barefoot, and they meet Gan Xiaonuan, the demon king of the world.

Gan Xiao Nuan could only use his ID card to open a room. Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei murmured that Gan Xiao Nuan would leave tomorrow. Gan Xiao Nuan simply slept at the door and had to stay here. Ma Lie and Yang Xiaolei followed all the way, but they couldn’t worry about Gan Xiao Nuan and wanted to save her first. Yang Xiaolei was also worried about Gan Xiao Nuan, but they could only trust Gan Tianlei first. Yang Xiaolei asked Ma Lie to adjust his condition and think clearly about himself. What are you here for?

Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi slept in the same bed and neither closed their eyes, and remembered something in 2004. The elders and teachers of the Caesars Group go to Che Lizi and Six Uncles for important people, who want to understand chemistry and are willing to join them. Che Lizi mentioned Su Ling, who is studying in the United States and has a PhD in chemistry. Uncle Liu scolded her, but still asked Che Lizi to tell Su Ling to come back and have a look.

After Su Ling went home, she persuaded Uncle Liu to change careers. She met many drug addicts while researching drugs. Everyone was behind a painful family. Uncle Liu could obviously help them. The sixth uncle refused. Su Ling was very angry. She didn’t want her father to sell drugs anymore, so she decided to cooperate with Interpol. Su Ling ran to the Caesars drug trafficking factory and said that he would like to help here, but he had a miniature camera on him.

The factory was taken over, and the sixth uncle talked to Ronnief, a core member of the international criminal organization. Ronnief was very angry and asked him to find the culprit within seven days, or he would die. Che Lizi quickly found out that the ghost was Su Ling. Su Ling confessed that they were not the same. Her mother’s only request before her death was to hope that he would stop drug trafficking, but he still refused to listen. Che Lizi didn’t kill Su Ling in the end. She prepared her passport and air ticket to the United States so that she would never come back. If in any trouble, call him.

The next day, Gan Tianlei, Che Lizi, and Gan Xiao Nuan hurried again. Gan Xiao Nuan slept in the back seat and Che Lizi lamented that they would never go back. They also walked this path many years ago, and they had a battle with the Tan family here, but now it seems that everything is wrong. Gan Tianlei was in love with the scene and remembered that that year and Che Lizi came here to find Lao She. Lao She was troubled by the Tan family and did not say anything because the child could not do anything at the door. The bald came again with a group of people, and the two sides fought on the spot.

The past is vivid, Che Lizi said that they did a great job here, and since then, the people of the Tan family have not dared to step into it, because of Gan Tianlei’s blood and methods. Now Lao She’s grocery store has become a breakfast shop. During dinner, they met Wang Daping, the backbone of the former Tan criminal group, and heard Che Lizi and his wife talk about fighting here many years ago.

After Wang Taiping left, Che Lizi followed, Gan Tianlei told Gan Xiao Nuan to sit down for dinner and go to him. Gan Tianlei thought of Lao She and Lao Bai. The road behind would become more and more dangerous. Gan Tianlei said Gan Xiao Nuan must stay, otherwise he would not follow Che Lizi. Several people bought a second-hand car. In the outskirts of Huacheng City, Nanhai Province, Cherizi made it easy to get off the bus. Gan Xiaonuan was attracted by the lambs on the side of the road. Cherizi and Gan Tianlei took the opportunity to drive away, Gan Xiaonuan It was too late when he reacted.

After chasing behind the car for a long time, he didn’t catch up. Gan Tianlei was also very distressed, but he had to leave Gan Xiao Nuan behind. After that, Gan Tianlei sent a signal to the horse team and asked Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie to pick her up. Dao Yuhan, the captain of the Huacheng Anti-drug Detachment, was determined to regain the Tan family, and the director asked her to join forces with the Gandu Detachment.

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