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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 18 Recap

Xiong Guoliang felt much more at ease when he heard these words, and he hadn’t waited for so many years. Yang Xiaolei remembered that Gan Tianlei had been lying in bed for eight years, and she woke up when Gan Xiaonuan was able to take care of herself. The key point was that she was funny when she didn’t remember her. Xiong Guoliang knew that she was not easy.

Yang Xiaolei wanted Xiong Guoliang to leave the matter of protecting Gan Tianlei to herself. She came to perform this task, but Xiong Guoliang didn’t speak. Che Lizi made a call in the car, and Gan Tianlei remembered something. In 2000, in a small town on the southwest border, Gan Tianlei got a job as a security guard after being expelled from the school. Gan Tianlei did not expect that his job was to be a security guard at an overseas casino, and Che Lizi managed the casino.

Gan Tianlei was arranged to watch some people who owed the money and didn’t pay it back. He saw a gambling loser downstairs getting angry and was arrested by the casino. Gan Tianlei persuaded them to let them go and started fighting. Che Lizi did not pursue it, but admired Gan Tianlei very much and brought him into the Caesars Group. It was also that year that Gan Tianlei met Su Ling, and their relationship gradually warmed up. Su Ling didn’t want Gan Tianlei to be in this place, but wanted him to leave with himself. Yang Xiaolei came to Tai Yongfeng with a review early in the morning, and Xiong Guoliang also came. While apologizing, Yang Xiaolei asked to protect Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiaonuan throughout the entire process, saying that he had an advantage over Xiong Guoliang.

The two sang and said that Yang Xiaolei and Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiaonuan had a better understanding of communication, and that Xiong Guoliang needed to be in the game. Take command. Tai Yongfeng said that Yang Xiaolei was the first person to make the plan, but she liked Gan Tianlei, so she was worried that what happened to her would be chaotic. Yang Xiaolei quickly promised that she wouldn’t care and mess up, Tai Yongfeng also agreed and asked them to come back alive.

Father Ma called Lao Fang under the surveillance of the police and said that he wanted to negotiate with Laosan Tan. The Lao Fang immediately asked them to meet tonight, and asked Father Ma to bring Ma Lie to say that her girl had seen her last time. Ma Lie kept thinking about it, but Ma’s father quickly refused. Lao Fang used to be very conservative, but now he is a broker, he must have something to do with Tan Laosan. Chen Sidong asked Tan Laosan to discuss business tonight, and he responded below.

In the evening, Xiong Guoliang, Xiaoyi, and Li Ke set up the game early to ensure the smooth progress of the meal, and then leave after Ma’s father talks. Xiaoyi pretends to be a waiter, and Li Keshou stays outside the private room to protect Ma’s father. Lao Fang came with Tan Laosan. Tan Laosan came in and ignored them. Instead, he inspected the boxes first, opened the curtains, and told Xiaoyi to go out first. Xiaoyi stood at the door of the box, and Ma’s father was a little nervous in the negotiation with them. Tan Laosan noticed that, Xiong Guoliang quickly called Xiaoyi in to serve food, Tan Laosan immediately took out the gun, Xiaoyi and Li Ke immediately chased him down. . Father Ma was taken aback, Xiaoyi was shot, Tan Laosan kidnapped a hotel attendant into the kitchen, unscrewed the gas tank, and ran away from the tunnel.

Chen Sidong picked up Tan Lao San, and Wu Qingfeng helped Xiaoyi complete the operation. The operation was successful, and Li Ke was relieved. As soon as Wu Qingfeng was about to leave, Chen Sidong was caught and asked him to go with him to save people. Tan Xiaosi and Chen Sidong both wore masks, and Wu Qingfeng calmly performed the operation. Gan Xiao Nuan was bored and asked Gan Tianlei for a mobile phone to play games.

Chen Sidong was at a loss when he learned that Che Lizi had entered the South China Sea. Tan Laosan heard the news when he woke up. Chen Sidong said that they might have been caught. Chen Sidong has a personal choice, and Lao Bai can temporarily block him, but they blasted him away back then. Chen Sidong knew that Lao Bai had lost to Gan Tianlei that year and was still unconvinced.

South China Sea Flower City. Chen Sidong called Lao Bai and said that there was a deal about Gan Tianlei, and Lao Bai suddenly became interested.

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