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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 17 Recap

Shang Bale said three words before he died, Hongyandong. Yang Xiaolei was very angry when he heard that they wanted to block the news. After all, Gan Tianlei was their own person. How could they find him after blocking the news. Gan Xiao Nuan was very worried about Gan Tianlei, so Yang Xiaolei sent her back to the hospital and asked her to take care of herself. After Yang Xiaolei left, Gan Xiaonuan quickly called Che Lizi. She guessed it was made by Che Lizi and asked to see Gan Tianlei. Che Lizi asked her to go to the parking lot to find a black off-road vehicle and asked Jin The chain picks her up, Che Lizi is sure, he will agree.

Gan Tianlei quickly found Che Lizi. He asked him what his purpose was. Che Lizi took out a coin and asked if he really did not remember him. Gan Tianlei asked Su Ling how he died, Che Lizi didn’t know, he was knocked out by Gan Tianlei before the explosion, and everything changed when he woke up. Che Lizi tried to persuade Gan Tianlei that someone interfered with his memory. He was not a policeman at all. Only he could help him find the truth of the memory. The condition was to walk with him.

He had no choice for Gan Xiao Nuan’s safety. The dispatch team closely monitored Gan Tianlei’s whereabouts. Gan Xiaonuan was taken away from the car with the golden chain, and Tan Xiaosi kept following behind. Gan Tianlei said that he could go with Che Lizi. They were brothers before, but they will get what they need from today.

Jin Lianzi changed into a van, and Tan Xiaosi still followed. Chen Sidong sent someone to support Tan Xiaosi, and everyone in the car had to live. Gan Xiao Nuan wanted to go to Gan Tianlei when he saw Gan Tianlei in the garage, and Jin Chain sensed the danger and quickly pulled him. Chen Si moved around Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi, and the two fought on the spot, and at the same time Xiong Guoliang also rushed over.

Jin Lianzi was injured in order to protect the Cherries, Gan Xiao Nuan fainted in the back seat, Gan Tianlei who was driving did not notice him at all, a rampage knocked the Tan family over, and then took Chen Luo away. . When the police arrived, Chen Sidong and others ran away quickly, but Xiong Guoliang only caught a few punks and golden chains. Yang Xiaolei hurried to ask them why they didn’t chase Gan Tianlei, Xiong Guoliang said she would know when she went back.

Gan Tianlei drove the car, thinking of the match with Tai Yongfeng, the horse team was his liaison. Gan Xiao Nuan woke up from the back seat, Gan Tian Lei was shocked, and asked Che Lizi why she was here and warned him not to fight Gan Xiao Nuan’s ideas. Gan Tianlei wanted to send Gan Xiao Nuan back, but Gan Xiao Nuan insisted on knowing his secret, and even threatened to call the police if she sent herself back. The investigation team quickly told the horse team that Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiaonuan were in the same car.

Che Lizi borrowed Gan Xiao Nuan to use her mobile phone, but Che Lizi broke, saying that she was afraid she would call the police. Yang Xiaolei ran to ask Tai Yongfeng to change his casual clothes. Tai Yongfeng was wondering when he received a call from Xiong Guoliang saying that Yang Xiaolei might know something. They were brothers and sisters in casual clothes. Yang Xiaolei immediately slapped Tai Yongfeng on the table, saying that he shouldn’t send Gan Tianlei to perform the task. His memory has not been restored, and his health is even worse.

Tai Yongfeng said that Yang Xiaolei was not qualified to know about this action, and Yang Xiaolei assumed the attitude of his family and said that he should not hide it from himself. Tai Yongfeng said that this case has been suspended for eight years, because this case sacrificed eight comrades, and he couldn’t face those family members. Tai Yongfeng invited the expert over, thinking that Gan Tianlei had only lost part of his memory, and the rest was okay. He protected Gan Tianlei’s safety throughout the entire process and sent a response team. Yang Xiaolei gave up.

On that day, Gan Tianlei said that he remembered that I had four billion dollars about Caesars Group. The money launderer was called God of Wealth. The passwords were divided into four groups. One group of passwords was in his hands, but he really couldn’t remember them. . Gan Tianlei proposed to cooperate with Caesars to set the other three sets of passwords. There is no better way now. Gan Xiaonuan disappeared, Yang Xiaolei was so angry that she started drinking again. She couldn’t understand why she got in the car. She felt that Tai Yongfeng’s arrangement was unreliable, and Xiong Guoliang advised her to stop struggling.

The two were drinking wine and chatting, Xiong Guoliang lamented that Tai Yongfeng is the director of both sons and daughters, so it looks like they are still singles in middle age. Yang Xiaolei proudly said that she became a mother and that she had taken care of Gan Tianlei for eight years. If he was a martyr, she would give him another two years of filial piety. Xiong Guoliang asked her if there was any possibility between them. Yang Xiaolei said that she would get the first month near the water. What else would she choose when she was in her thirties.

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