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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 16 Recap

Dean Zhang said that Gan Tianlei would be thoroughly inspected, and he suggested that he be transferred to the hospital. Xiong Guoliang hurriedly went to Yao to go through the procedures. Shang Bale found Chen Sidong and Tan Xiaosi in the nightclub. Chen Sidong said that he wanted to talk to Cherie, but Shang Bale persuaded him not to go. Cherie is not that simple. Chen Sidong couldn’t understand why they had to protect Gan Tianlei all the time.

Bald didn’t understand this matter. He only knew that Che Lizi was working on a general situation. The key was Gan Tianlei. He felt it had something to do with money. Chen Sidong wanted Shang Tianzi to help him get the money, and his share was indispensable after the incident. This is his hope for a comeback. Shang Tianzi said that he heard Che Lizi say last time that the money is a lot of money. Four billion dollars.

Che Lizi remembered the scene after the explosion, when only he and his master survived. The four billion dollars in the offshore account were in Master’s hands. Che Lizi asked Master to give him the password and take him to the United States for medical treatment. However, there were four sets of passwords, and Master only remembered one set for Uncle Six.

Che Lizi found Chen Sidong and Tan Laosan because they wanted to kill Gan Tianlei. Shang Tuzi decided to cooperate with the Tan family. Chen Sidong asked Shang Tuzi to call Che Lizi in a hurry and turned on the speakerphone. Che Lizi was with Jin Lianzi, and when he received the call, he felt something was wrong. He likes to eat big waists, and he usually decides a place. If something goes wrong, there will be monsters.

Chen Sidong also inevitably suspected Shang Bale, but Shang Bale said that Cherie talked for a long time and said that he liked to eat crayfish. Jin Lianzi decided to see in advance what kind of demon he wanted to be. Abroad, Tan Po was surprised to learn that Caesar still had four billion dollars, so they must pry the money out of Cherie’s mouth. Gan Tianlei was taken to the hospital. Someone in the prison helped him with a knife. The man said that his boss was Shang Tianlei and gave Gan Tianlei his stronghold. Xiong Guoliang interrogated Hong Wu and asked him who sent him in to stare at Gan Tianlei. Hong Wu reluctantly explained that he was Shang Bald.

Gan Tianlei woke up and ran away. Yang Xiaolei and Gan Xiaonuan were immediately anxious. Xiong Guoliang learned that Gan Tianlei had run away again, so Xiaoyi asked Xiaoyi to go to the lawyer who passed the message to Hongwu and bring him back. Back to the police station. In the evening, Chen Sidong followed Shang Tianzi to the agreed place, and Che Lizi made a circle while letting the golden chain stare at them first. Che Lizi made an excuse to let Shang Balezi come to his dirty stall downstairs, but Shang Balezi reluctantly agreed and quickly told Chen Sidong. Jin Lianzi immediately told Che Lizi Shang Bale that there was someone behind him, and Che Lizi did not rush to kill him and planned to fish.

Xiong Guoliang came to find Tai Yongfeng, but Tai Yongfeng had known about this a long time ago. Che Lizi told Shang Balezi to wait. Shang Balezi told Chen Sidong that he had never been punctual, and then left his jacket to get something to eat, and took the opportunity to run through the back door. This time Tai Yongfeng was laying a long line, catching big fish, and the bait was Gantianlei. The lawyer had been killed when Xiaoyi and Li Ke arrived, and they planned to check Shang Tianzi’s address. Che Lizi didn’t expect Shang Balezi to rebel. He knew too much, and it would be bad for them if he fell into the Tan family. Che Lizi guessed that Shang Bale was about to run away and asked Jin Chain to kill him.

Che Lizi got three sets of codes from the master, and one set has not been there for a long time. Chen Sidong and Tan Xiaosi found that Shang Balezi ran away and hurried to chase him. Shang Balezi came home just after he was about to run Gantian Lei. Shang Balezi said that it was the Tan family who wanted to kill him, and they were protecting him. Gan Tianlei asked Shang Tianlei to call his boss, Shang Tianlei hurriedly called Che Lizi and said Gan Tianlei was beside him, and Che Lizi told Gan Tianlei that there was the truth he wanted to know under the Hongyan Cave.

Jin Lianzi went to Shang Balezi’s house and found that he was knocked out by Gan Tianlei. Tan Xiaosi found that someone had arrived earlier than him and did not act rashly. Che Lizi asked the golden chain to wake Shang Balezi. He wanted to know the answer. Shang Tianzi was shocked when he woke up, saying that they were forcing himself, and the golden chain directly threw him downstairs. Chen Sidong and Tan Xiaosi downstairs also saw this, and the police rushed to the scene immediately.

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