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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 15 Recap

Yang Xiaolei came to see Gan Tianlei, Gan Tianlei knew that Uncle Li was decisively attacking him, and Xiong Guoliang and Tai Yongfeng were coordinating to release Gan Tianlei. Gan Tianlei ran to find Yao Suo to settle the account and asked him to find a way to pry Uncle Li’s mouth to see who asked him to do it, but Uncle Li is an old fried dough stick, afraid of breaking the jar. Xiaoyi and Li Ke came to Ma Lie’s house, and Ma’s father was very open. After all, he did not do anything wrong. Tan Laosan said that he was doing timber business in Mianchuan. This time he asked him to help deliver the goods, but Ma’s father did not agree. After all, I don’t know the roots of Tan Laosan, and this person is also very evil. How can I not find a way to transport wood?

Che Lizi came to visit Gan Xiao Nuan secretly, and Gan Xiao Nuan was very excited. Although Wang Sihai is guilty, his lover Yingzi needs help. Ma Lie initiated a fundraiser. He felt that he could help a little bit. Everyone was ready. Hong Wu refused to stay in the jail anymore, and asked to get him out quickly. Chen Sidong asked Tan Xiaosi to settle down recently, and the two followed the lawyer who had just gone to see Hong Wu. Che Lizi played chess with Gan Xiao Nuan, and Yang Xiaolei’s mother found that Gan Xiao Nuan was not in the ward and hurried to look for it.

Che Lizi taught Gan Xiao Nuan to play chess. Mother Yang ran over to pinch Gan Xiao Nuan’s ears. Che Lizi quickly explained that she had forced her to play chess. Mother Yang turned around and took Gan Xiao Nuan back to the ward. Chen Sidong and Tan Xiaosi beat up the lawyer and asked him who had hired someone to protect Gan Tianlei in the detention center. The lawyer quickly confessed that it was Shangyi. After questioning, the police determined that Lao Fang was from the Tan family. Lao Fang is now in Hong Kong. Xiong Guoliang decided to use him to kill him. Uncle Li couldn’t kill Gan Tianlei, but Master Scar kept staring at Gan Tianlei.

Gan Tianlei’s memory fragments restarted again, and scenes of past events were gradually pieced together. In the middle of the night, Gan Tianlei went to Yao Suo and said he had important information and Tai Yongfeng reported. Shang Bale was about to become a polished commander, and he was anxious to have no staff. Tan Xiaosi and Chen Sidong came to the door and used Da Biaozi’s mother and his godmother Zhang Meilan to threaten them. Gan Tianlei saw Tai Yongfeng and said that he remembered the four billion dollars of Caesars Group. Chen Sidong only wanted to know who the boss of Shang Bale belonged to the Caesars Group. If he didn’t say Zhang Meilan would die, he even took out a list of everyone under him, and if he didn’t say it, he would kill them all. Shang Tianzi was very angry, and finally sold the cherries for his brother.

Chen Sidong was surprised that Che Lizi was not dead. Shang Bale didn’t expect Tan Xiaosi to also record a video. Chen Sidong asked him to follow Tan Jia in the future. Shang Bale was anxious. Tai Yongfeng found the horse team and asked him if he knew about the Caesars case that year. This case was Tai Yongfeng’s greatest honor, and it was also an honor that made him breathless. I don’t know if anyone survived the explosion that year, and there is still a sum of money that has not been found. Tai Yongfeng feels that the case has not been settled until now. Now that he has clues, he decides to investigate the case.

During free time, Master Scar created chaos and rushed towards Gan Tianlei, piercing Gan Tianlei’s chest with a slash, and the memory struck again. The people in the prison attacked Gan Tianlei for five million, and Gan Tianlei fainted. Yang Xiaolei received a call and learned that Gan Tianlei was injured, and Gan Xiaonuan would also go with him. Gan Tianlei was in a coma because he was stimulated, and Dean Zhang was very angry.

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