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The Message 风声 Episode 3 Recap

After Jin Shengxian’s calculation was completed, he announced that the calculation had failed, saying that Li Ningyu could not complete the modification of the second-generation Enigma machine. Morita Gang ordered Li Ningyu to be taken to the interrogation room immediately. The soldiers reported that Li Ningyu’s calculation was found in Jin Shengxian’s cabin. The manuscript paper has the words “modification” of the second-generation machine.

Morita glanced at the excitement and said that the translation of the Soviet Union meant that it had not completely failed. He ordered to seek medical treatment for Li Ningyu’s asthma immediately, and then confirmed to Jin Shenghuo that Li Ningyu did have the root cause of asthma. Morita praised Li Song that Ningyu was indeed a decipher. As long as they are loyal enough, they will not waste their talents.

Li Ningyu slept for seven hours. When he woke up, he saw Wu Zhiguo guarding the bed. He told Li Ningyu: Morita ordered that the time she slept was not counted as part of the mission time. To prevent Li Ningyu from deciphering, Wu Zhiguo scratched her right hand. Li Ningyu said that he would not stop deciphering as long as he was alive. Wu Zhiguo graciously helped Li Ningyu bandage the wound on his hand, saying that he could hold Morita and grab the ship.

The rescuer took her away, but Jin Shenghuo only wanted to cling to Gu Minzhang, not really wanting to help her. Li Ningyu firmly said that she would not leave, her life was in the code, and Wu Zhiguo’s life was on the tip of a knife. If you can’t escape, don’t say who takes who away. The two were in a stalemate, Gu Xiaomeng broke in, and Wu Zhiguo left in grief. Li Ningyu asked Gu Xiaomeng about the purpose of coming to the intelligence office.

Gu Xiaomeng said that he was because of her deciphering genius and wanted to become a person like her. She could not forget the day when she brought the fake secret telegram with Jin Shenghuo to let Li Ningyu use it to escape, but Li Ningyu was angry that this action was insulting herself, accusing Gu Xiaomeng of being more shameful than Jin Shenghuo, Gu Xiaomeng was angry with Li Ningyu for herself Li Ningyu’s genius wants to drag everyone to the funeral.

Li Ningyu scolded Gu Xiaomeng as a fool. She didn’t decipher it for the purpose of adding an official to the rank. In her eyes, the professional life of a spy is destruction, destroying all justice and evil, faith and betrayal, if there is If you can’t decipher the code, throw yourself into the fire and let it burn hotter and harder, until it burns into a heavenly book.

Gu Xiaomeng told Li Ningyu that she had hidden the fake secret electricity. After a short while, Jin Shenghuo and Wu Zhiguo would not come to force her again. After Gu Xiaomeng took out the cough relieving agreement he bought from the military doctor and asked Li Ningyu to take it, Li Ningyu immediately left the cabin. Continue to decipher.

Gu Xiaomeng recalled after returning to the cabin that Jin Shenghuo once told him that Morita had no intention of investigating the fake secret telegrams. He wanted to burn all the jade and stones and catch them all at once. The only way at the moment was to blame Li Ningyu for the military spy, so she arranged for her immediately. Go to Gu Xiaomeng’s cabin to gain her trust. Gu Xiaomeng’s thoughts were flying wildly, Mitsui Shouyi came over and said that Li Ningyu was seriously injured and could not continue to decipher, so Gu Xiaomeng was called to assist.

The weak Li Ningyu told Gu Xiaomeng that there were less than ten hours left, she came to give instructions, Li Ningyu operated, and selected her because she wanted to be like herself. At the moment, Jin Shenghuo was chatting with Wu Zhiguo in the cabin. Wu Zhiguo told him that there was no Jin Shenghuo in the message he sent, but Commander Zhang would definitely rush over when he received it.

Morita received the message intercepted by the Japanese headquarters and sent it to the general headquarters of the suppression by an unknown transmitter. As soon as Mitsui Suspected that the spies were among the group of Jinshenghuo, Morita believed that they could not be stupid enough to send the report desperately. , And the second-generation aircraft did not decipher. They did not need to report. Mitsui Kotobuki reminded that such matters should be reported to the secret service immediately. Morita has already lost the patience to wait. He doesn’t care whether Li Ningyu’s deciphering is successful, he only hopes China The fewer geniuses, the better.

Li Ningyu worked hard and always reminded Gu Xiaomeng that a single command error would wipe out all previous efforts. Jin Shenghuo on the other side told Wu Zhiguo that if Li Ningyu didn’t want to use his fake secret telegrams, he would have to wait for Commander Zhang’s Shangfang sword.

Morita received a telegram from the general headquarters of the suppression command, Commander Zhang was going to board the ship to personally supervise him, and he ordered the ship to stop immediately and wait for Commander Zhang. At this time, there are still seven minutes before the agreed deciphering time. At the last moment, Li Ningyu completed the modification.

She asked Morita to call all the experts to verify together, because the Enigma cipher machine is the highest peak of human ciphers so far. It can crack the second-generation cipher machine, which shows that human wisdom can defeat machinery, and they have the value of existence.

She hopes that espionage experts will witness this moment together. If she fails, she will search from top to bottom and die without regrets. Encourage them to continue to decipher the Enigma cipher. Gu Xiaomeng applied for Morita not to notify Director Jin Shenghuo, because he was just a bureaucrat, and he didn’t deserve to be called a spy.

After all the experts arrived, Li Ningyu asked Gu Xiaomeng to check the calculations, and Morita publicly announced the verification results: Li Ningyu successfully cracked the second-generation Enigma cipher machine, her brain defeated the machine, and the tired Li Ningyu coughed and fell asleep quickly. . Jin Shenghuo, Gu Xiaomeng, and Wu Zhiguo toasted to celebrate.

After the ship arrived in Hong Kong, Bai Xiaonian, the confidential secretary of Commander Zhang of the General Headquarters, was gone. Jin Shenghuo told him that he did everything possible to invite him because the brothers needed him to rescue him.

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