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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 20 Recap

The prince found out that Ye Xiaobai had recently gone out early and returned to get off work late. He was worried that the relationship between her mother-in-law and the housekeeper would not be handled well. He was also worried that Ye Xiaobai’s work and rest life would arouse the housekeeper’s dissatisfaction, so he persuaded Ye Xiaobai to think about it earlier. Put it on managing the relationship between husband and wife. Ye Xiaobai felt uncomfortable when he heard the prince say so, and reluctantly responded to him.

When Guan Yihe came back from Zhuhai and saw Zhao Jinzi’s coming to Shengli Financial’s front stage, he was immediately surprised, but he had no time to take care of her. Then he reported to Zhou Shengli and said that matters involving financial expertise require the other party’s financial and financial expertise. Management has a quality of common sense, and Mr. Li happens to be inappropriate.

Zhou Shengli criticized Guan Yihe’s working methods, thinking that he should come out of his comfort zone. The reason why he was invited to work in the company was simply because of his social relations. Guan Yihe has a headache because the two people have different ideas. He has no way to lose his job and can only promise to attract other customers.

Ye Xiaobai was going to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for a pregnancy checkup. He specifically asked for a two-hour leave in the work group. Mar Wen didn’t understand Ye Xiaobai’s approach, but Wang Yueyue knew that she wanted to put herself in the position of a trial staff , Regain everyone’s awareness. Gao Shan bought a lunch box for his colleagues, Wang Yueyue deliberately avoided it, and resolutely refused his kindness.

The Maternity and Children’s Hospital was crowded with people. The mother-in-law quarreled with others because of the seat problem. Ye Xiaobai found an excuse to go to the toilet and let her seat out, thus ending the quarrel. It happened that the bathroom was repaired and the hospital was full of chaotic scenes. Ye Xiaobai heard the scream of the pregnant woman and was scared to hide in the garden to calm her mind.

Ye Xiaobai had never seen the scene just now, so she still had a lingering fear, so she begged Guan Ma to let herself go back to the private hospital to have a baby. Unexpectedly, the mother didn’t understand Ye Xiaobai’s thoughts and refused directly, which also caused Ye Xiaobai’s patience to reach its limit.

Guan Yihe didn’t adapt to his current job and accidentally called the front desk phone to find the market research department. At the same time, because of the current financial constraints, he had to call an old friend to borrow money. Zhao Jinjin found that Shengli Financial Services was very simple and had no market research department, so she wanted to do market research for Guan Yihe.

Although Ye Xiaobai was still in the company, her treatment was exactly the same as that of an errand trainee, basically taking care of all matters. Ye Xiaobai didn’t care too much, but Wang Yueyue knew that Ye Xiaobai was isolated because of Guan Yihe’s affairs, and it might be difficult to survive in the company in the future.

After Zhao Jinzi’s request to be an assistant was rejected by Guan Yihe, she immediately went to find a boat and transferred herself to Guan Yihe in victory and identified herself. Zhou Shengli learned that Zhao Jinzi was actually the daughter of the fruit industry, so he told Yihe to take him with him. Zhao Jinjin favors one another, and pays full attention to the projects Guan Yihe is currently handling. He found a lot of information about Zhuhai from the Internet, but he did not expect Guan Yihe to look through it and find that they were all travel specials.

Originally, Ye Xiaobai and Guan Yihe had agreed to eat hot pot outside, but Guan Yihe was suddenly taken away by a colleague to accompany the customer and could only eat hot pot alone. Because the mother-in-law was stricter, Ye Xiaobai dared not disclose the hot pot, but because of the big and small things in life, there were more and more problems between the mother-in-law and the wife.

Since Guan Yihe went to work in Shengli Financial, his mental state is far different than before, and the whole person is more haggard. Ye Xiaobai bought Guan Yihe’s favorite game console and gave him a happy time, only to find Guan Yihe’s loan receipt. Ye Xiaobai wanted to ask about the receipts, but Guan Yihe was reluctant to disclose the reason. She found that Guan Yihe had borrowed 80,000 yuan by comparing the mobile phone bills.

Early the next morning, the mother-in-law lost her temper to Ye Xiaobai about eating hot pot. Ye Xiaobai knew that there was a mistake first and did not dare to refute it. She could only say that she was not used to eating meals for pregnant women.

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