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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 19 Recap

In the evening, Wang Yueyue, who was in a bad mood, had a drink with his father, the prince, and her colleagues from the company spit out the two sisters. The prince hoped that she would stand beside Ye Xiaobai and support her. Wang Yueyue remembered that there was a promotion place in the movie, which was originally intended for Ye Xiaobai. Now that Ye Xiaobai is pregnant, it is impossible to give her the place. Wang Yueyue decided to work hard and strive for success in his career.

Ye Xiaobai went home and saw that Guan Yihe had prepared a large table of dishes. Because Guan Yihe had socializing, Ye Xiaobai had to face the Guan Yihe alone. Guan’s mother hopes that she will go to the city women and children to establish a card with herself tomorrow, and talk about going to work with her temperament, and having children must follow her own arrangements.

At night, when Ye Xiaobai saw that Guan Yihe hadn’t got off work, he hid in the toilet and called to inform him of the transfer. Seeing that Ye Xiaobai had been staying in the toilet, Guan Mu pushed the door and walked in. She saw Ye Xiaobai go stupidly.

Guan Yihe followed Zhou Shengli to entertain the Internet celebrity Yaya, but Zhou Shengli suggested that whoever answers the phone first will pay the bill. Guan Yihe was worried that Ye Xiaobai, who was pregnant, answered the phone, but on the other side of the phone came news of a dispute between his mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Guan Yihe felt physically and mentally exhausted.

Zhao Jinjin will not return to Hunan because of Liu Xia’s opening and settlement, but he still quit his job as an agency company. Liu Xia was angry that Zhao Jinjin looked down on intermediary work and worried that Zhao Jinjin looked down on himself. Zhao Jinjin vowed in public that he would re-plan his life.

Guan Yihe went home drunk, Ye Xiaobai brought tea and water for him with a big belly. After Guan Yihe drunk, he said that his work was not easy. Ye Xiaobai felt very sorry for what he had done for himself. He wanted not to disturb the housekeeper. He helped him back to the room, but he was worried about the fetal gas, so he had to wake up the pipe mother to help Guan Yihe back to the bed. Of course, the pipe mother would inevitably have a complaint.

Ye Xiaobai felt sorry for Guan Yihe’s sacrifice and decided to do something within his power to change the situation. So he went into Mary’s room and explained that Mary was angry that she was unmarried and pregnant from start to finish, and Guan Yihe Leaving Fengsheng also caused great losses to Fengsheng.

Guan Yihe tried to persuade local tyrants to go public, who knows that local tyrant boss Li boss is only interested in spot trading. Zhou Shengli took Guan Yihe aside to chat privately, and ordered him to get Boss Li to be sure, reminding him that since he has left Fengsheng, he should not be too face-minded. Guan Yihe had no choice but to bite the bullet and return to the office to talk to Boss Li, and even accompany him to drink with him again. After waking up, he found himself on the way to Zhuhai with Boss Li.

Zhao Jinjin went to Shengli Jinfu for an interview. Zhou Shengli mistakenly thought she was Guan Yihe’s little girlfriend and decided to meet. Zhao Jinjin publicly asked to be a manager or vice president in Shengli Jinfu. Zhou Shengli talked with Yan Yue at first. Hearing Zhao Jinzi’s excessive request to ask the security guard to let him out, Zhao Jinzi immediately said that he was the daughter of Shengguoye Zhao Fucheng. Recently, Shengguoye had a lot of financing, but he didn’t think about how to invest in the project. Zhou Shengli was immediately tempted to arrange front desk work for Zhao Jinzi.

The prince took Wang Yueyue from get off work and happened to see Ye Xiaobai. Wang Yueyue got off the bus and asked the prince to send Ye Xiaobai home. It happened that Gaoshan passed by and let Wang Yueyue get on the bus, but Wang Yueyue stubbornly refused him, Gaoshan Get out of the car and explain his kind intentions. Wang Yueyue said that if Gao Shan couldn’t accept it, it might as well start if everything went wrong.

After Guan Yihe returned from a business trip in Zhuhai, he was stunned when he saw Zhao Jinjin appear as soon as he reported to the company.

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