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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 18 Recap

Mr. Cui and Mary questioned Wang Yueyue about managing Yihe, and angrily did not tell the matter directly. However, Wang Yueyue believed that Ye Xiaobai’s love relationship was her privacy, and everyone never asked herself. Mary was not convinced by Wang Yueyue, and learned what she would report to Gaoshan. Wang Yueyue believed that she respected the company and work. Mary was the leader and Gaoshan was still a leader, so she didn’t dare not report it to Gaoshan.

For a while, all employees of Fengsheng knew about Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai. Everyone was unhappy because Guan Yihe left and lost one zero in their year-end bonus. Some employees even thought that Ye Xiaobai was insulting Yihe. go away. Coupled with the fact that Ye Xiaobai publicly filed an application for marriage leave to President Cui, everyone thought that Ye Xiaobai’s future would be difficult.

During the wedding vacation, Ye Xiaobai found that he was bleeding, so she was worried that the child would have a problem. Guanmother and Ye Huifen took Ye Xiaobai to the hospital for an examination. Fortunately, the child in her belly was fine, just because she was too tired recently. Guan Mu and Ye Huifen were worried about the safety of their mother and child, so they let Ye Xiaobai rest in bed and were not allowed to get out of bed even to eat. During the dinner, the three of them talked about the house. Guan Yi promised to use Guan Yihe’s wife to buy Ye Xiaobai a big house. Ye Xiaobai knew that Guan Yihe would pay three million yuan and did not want to change the house.

Guan Yihe felt very uncomfortable when he went to work in Shengli Jinfu. The first project arranged by Zhou Shengli was to contact Sunshine, an online celebrity girl group. Before the formal talks about the project, let everyone take a photo with the girl group member Yaya. This The event also made Guan Yihe, a serious man at work, feel even more uncomfortable.

Zhao Jinjin went to Shengli Jinfu to find Guan Yihe, but Guan Yihe explained that his affairs with Ye Xiaobai were not only kept secret from her, but also unspeakable. Zhao Jinzi was upset in the company. Guan Yihe took her to the park to talk about his affairs with Ye Xiaobai. Zhao Jinzi finally understood that Ye Xiaobai had won right from the start.

In the evening, after Guan Yihe went home, he mentioned to Ye Xiaobai about taking photos with the internet celebrities. Ye Xiaobai was worried about his situation at the company. Guan Yihe mentioned that Zhao Jinzi was looking for himself, thinking that Zhao Jinzi was treating them both The thing is always brooding.

Liu Xia took Zhao Jinjin to play in a speedboat, but Zhao Jinjin suddenly realized that what he thought was important was not that important, and the feelings he insisted on did not need to be insisted. Liu Xia looked at the affectionate Zhao Jinjin suddenly dull, and a different thought appeared in her heart. A few days later, Zhao Jinjin packed up her things and went home. Liu Xia thought she had admitted that she was a loser now when she left Shenzhen, and used games to seduce her. Zhao Jinjin immediately took out her mobile phone and decided to play with him.

Since Ye Xiaobai couldn’t stand the care of her mother, she called Wang Yueyue and decided to cancel her wedding leave and go back to work early. Wang Yueyue told her about the company’s situation and said that Sheng’s female employees also believed that Ye Xiaobai had affected their fertility plans, so Wang Yueyue hoped that she could raise a baby at home with peace of mind and avoid the limelight by the way.

Guan Yihe sent Ye Xiaobai to work. He wanted to send her to the office but was rejected. Ye Xiaobai decided to face everyone’s discussion alone, and generously shared the wedding candy with everyone. Mary also stepped out to remind everyone not to talk, and said that since Ye Xiaobai came back to work, she must work seriously.

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