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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 45 Recap

After Xia Xianqin learned of Zhao Zimo’s true identity, her curiosity increased, and she often asked questions. Zimo prescribed a bunch of items that could not be asked. Tianqin was very upset that she could not ask. And Zimo learned that Sophia was out of control and scolded his assistant, and went to care. Sophia recruited herself because she was upset and jealous about the promotional video. Zimo rejected Sophia face to face, and there was no room for development.

Lin Minzhu met with Zhang Qizheng, and decided to postpone the plan for the happiness of his daughter. He hoped that the Zhang family shareholder meeting would be postponed. Zhang Qizheng quickly blocked it and hoped that Lin Minzhu would think twice. Zhang Zhenyu learned that Zhang Xu was married and asked his father Zhang Qizheng not to worry and let the bullets fly for a while.

Zhang Liqian was ordered by Zhang Qihong to please Xu Tianai and asked where Tianai would like to play? Tian Ai said back to Lingxiao Village. Tian Ai brought gifts to the Shao’s family to apologize. Dad Shao deliberately told about Zhang Liqian and Shao Zi’s kiss, reminding Tian Ai that Zhang Liqian was not a good thing. After Tian Ai heard it, although he was jealous, he was still generous.

Upon seeing this, Shao Zi quickly told Tian Ai that she and Zhang Liqian had passed their tense, so don’t worry about Tian Ai. In order to divert his daughter’s attention, Dad Shao brought Yushu back to Shao’s house for a reason, hoping to link Shao Zi with Yushu, but he didn’t expect that Shao Zi seemed completely insensible.

After the negotiation between the two women, Tian Ai told Zhang Liqian that he had gone to Shao’s house and proactively stated that he hoped that you would marry me willingly, rather than being forced. Zhang Liqian felt guilty and complicated. Zhang Liqian went to the snack bar he loved most with Shao Zi, but he didn’t expect Shao Zi to be there. Zhang Liqian couldn’t hold back his missing heart and rushed forward to save her.

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