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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 14 Recap

Ma Lie greeted Lao Fang and Tan Lao San and left. Xiaoyi and Li Kelai ate their hands with red oil. Speaking of Ma Lie’s life experience, he was the eldest son of the landlord. Li Ke hadn’t finished eating Xiaoyi had finished a bowl, and asked him to order another bowl for himself, Li Ke was shocked. Ma Lie returned to the police station and recalled that the person he met in the hospital took a bamboo knife. He was very suspicious, and Xiong Guoliang asked Shang Dong to go to the hospital to guard immediately. Xiaoyi found out that Li Ke was carving things early in the morning. Li Ke said his father was a carpenter, and later he liked to carve things. Xiaoyi brought him breakfast and milk, and Li Ke promised to engrave another one after the series.

Xiong Guoliang and Ma Lie squatted in the hospital. Li Ke and Xiaoyi came to investigate Wang Sihai and were told that he hadn’t come to work for several days. It was a sick woman who found his house and opened the door. She said Wang Sihai had not returned in two days. Gan Xiao Nuan felt that the police were indiscriminate. Gan Tianlei called Che Lizi to complain at the beginning to save her. Che Lizi comforted him. Gan Xiao Nuan didn’t know what the poison was, so they refused to tell themselves. Even more worried that Gan Tianlei would be bullied, Che Lizi agreed to see Gan Xiao Nuan after finishing his work.

Ma Lie and Xiong Guoliang found Wang Sihai and took him back to the police station after they were caught. Yao Suo called and said that someone wanted to attack Gan Tianlei, and Xiong Guoliang quickly wrote it down. Facing the interrogation, Wang Sihai lied again and again, and kept saying that he should get medicine for his wife.

After smoking a few puffs of cigarettes, Wang Sihai sighed, and he knew that this matter could not be covered. Xiong Guoliang asked about the news on the dark web, and asked Shang Dong to check if the news of killing Gan Tianlei on the dark web was true. Wang Sihai said that he needed money, and his wife’s money would develop into uremia without dialysis, so he took the risk and made the deal under the introduction of the fellow.

Wang Sihai confessed to his fellow villagers that he had an appointment with Brother Chen, and Brother Chen gave him a sum of money and asked him to slash Gan Xiao’s warm arm, and he could get half a million after the incident. Ma Lie was very angry. Wang Sihai’s wife’s life is life, isn’t Gan Xiao Nuan’s life anymore? You pay a price for doing something wrong, no matter what you do, a crime is a crime! The golden chain is like the world’s evaporation, the police turned all over in Gan and didn’t find it. Shang Dong was investigating the dark web.

After Li Ke discovered it, he keenly noticed something. The note he found in the eastern suburbs was a website on the dark web. On the surface, it sold wood, but how could drug dealers buy wood? Ma Lie saw Tan Laosan in a photo on the website. Xiong Guoliang felt that there must be something tricky in it, and asked Xiaoyi and Li Ke to go to Ma’s house. Ma Lie also became nervous, but also believed that Ma’s father was a serious businessman.

Yang Xiaolei came to the hospital to see Gan Xiao Nuan. Gan Xiao Nuan’s body is very weak, and she sleeps in addition to eating these days. Gan Xiaonuan wanted Gan Tianlei very much. Yang Xiaolei said that he would come out soon, and Xiong Guoliang also found the murderer who hurt her. Gan Xiao Nuan knew that everything that happened recently was directed at Gan Tianlei, but he didn’t know what secret he was hiding.

Uncle Li sat next to Gan Tianlei and said that he seemed to have seen him somewhere and that he was a policeman before. The prisoner suddenly couldn’t sit still thinking that he was here to fish, and immediately acted on him. Uncle Li pinched Gan Tianlei’s neck, and Hong Wu quickly called the prison guard upon seeing this. Gan Tianlei was sent to the infirmary, Yao Suo handcuffed Uncle Li to lock up the confinement room. Che Lizi came to the hospital to pretend to be sick and asked to be hospitalized, and finally was admitted to the hospital as he wished. Yang Xiaolei hurried to receive the news, Gan Tianlei knew that Uncle Li was clearly directed at him.

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