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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 13 Recap

Caesar’s people didn’t want Gan Tianlei to die, indicating that he had what they wanted. Although Gan Tianlei didn’t know what they wanted, it was good for them and asked him to lead the snake out of the cave. Chen Moon is a key figure, as long as she catches her Tan family’s problems, she will understand. Tai Yongfeng asked Gan Tianlei to return to Yao’s place, always giving him an explanation, Gan Tianlei asked Xiong Guoliang if he had the opportunity to make a contribution last time. So the two took the horse team back to the eastern suburbs, Gan Tianlei said there was something in it.

Li Ke and Xiaoyi were still in the pigpen, and Li Ke stared at the pig, saying that they were a little strange. After Xiong Guoliang and others came in, Gan Tianlei admired Li Ke very much. Under the guidance of Gan Tianlei, they also found a secret room where drugs could be produced, and found a map and some evidence.

Ma Lie was called by Tai Yongfeng to scold him. Tai Yongfeng was his cousin. He told Ma Lie not to go to the hospital anymore. This kind of thing was simply lawless. Dean Zhang called again to complain that Tai Yongfeng had stimulated Gan Tianlei. Gan Tianlei’s current condition is not going well, and the harm will become more and more serious. Tan Laosan, Tan Xiaosi and Chen Sidong ate together. They told Tan Xiaosi to be careful when speaking and not to fold in like Tan Xiaoshuai. Chen Sidong was about to arrange for Chen Moon to leave, and Chen Moon decided to return home to have a look.

Li Ke and others stared outside Chen Moon’s house, and hurriedly followed after they found Chen Moon appeared. Chen’s younger brother, Chen Xiaofeng, was very indifferent to Chen Yue, and Chen’s mother was still sick. Li Ke and Xiaoyi cautiously entered the yard with their guns. After the sound, Chen Yuet was alarmed. Chen Yuet fought with him and was killed by Li Ke on the spot. Chen Sidong posted news on the dark web, and who killed Gan Tianlei offered a reward of five million.

Uncle Li’s mistress, Jasmine, was seriously ill. He asked the lawyer to take care of Jasmine. Money was not a problem. The news of killing Gan Tianlei walked away from the prison. Uncle Li was determined to kill him for money. Hong Wu silently hoped that Gan Tianlei would not come back so that he could take the money and leave.

The horse team brought Gan Tianlei back to Yao Suo to apologize, Yao Suo scolded him to be honest, and Tai Yongfeng couldn’t keep him in the future. The moment Gan Tianlei returned to prison, Uncle Li was eyeing him. On the way to the Feilong Farmers Market, Li Ke, Monk Shang’er and Xiaoyi, Li Ke looked at the small note found in the eastern suburbs, and felt a little strange. Shang Bale was arrested by Che Lizi to read the script. Shang Bale could not understand anything.

Che Lizi was worried that Er Lengzi could not handle it, but Shang Bale was even more worried about Gan Tianlei. Uncle Li is a ruthless character, and Hong Wu is afraid that he can’t keep Gan. Tian Lei. Shang Bale asked Che Lizi what the chess game was, Che Lizi laughed, and reasonable logic could not make a good show.

Jin Lianzi found Jasmine, visited him in the name of the foundation, and got a bank receipt. Jin Lianzi quickly contacted Che Lizi. Xiaoyi and others went to the Feilong Farmers Market to find nothing, and was very angry. Xiong Guoliang was worried that Xiaoyi would not be able to marry in the future, but seeing Li Ke following Xiaoyi every day, he was not worried.

Ma Lie went home to eat and gobbled it up, and the horse mother urged him to find a girlfriend. When Xiong Guoliang was investigating and monitoring, he found a suspicious person called Ma Lie back quickly. Ma Lie took a few bites of food and hurried back home. When he was about to leave, he met Father Ma’s friend Lao Fang, with Tan Laosan beside him.

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