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The Message 风声 Episode 1 Recap

Time can make everything pass away, just like a short sound of wind is lost in an instant. If time can go back, Gu Xiao dreams that no one would want to step into that ship.

At that time, 24-year-old Gu Xiaomeng had just graduated from the Department of Digital Science at Princeton University. After completing the training of the special training course of the General Headquarters, he went to the headquarters to receive an assessment. The test questions were to find out who the people on the left and right were stealing intelligence within 10 minutes. Spy, after careful calculation, Gu Xiaomeng quickly found the correct answer.

At this time, Jin Shenghuo, director of the Confidential Department of the General Headquarters, walked in and arranged a translation test for Gu Xiaomeng. If the test was successful, the files would be transferred directly into the confidential room.

The subordinate reminded him that after passing the test in accordance with the regulations, the Personnel Department must re-examine the background before he can formally enter the post. Jin Shenghuo believes that Gu Xiaomeng is the daughter of Suhang Ship King Gu Minzhang, and Gu Minzhang is the vice chairman of the Nanjing National Government Economic Committee and Chairman Wang He is a guest, so his daughter’s political background does not need to be investigated. In the end, Gu Xiaomeng decoded the code in 4 minutes and 23 seconds, and Jin Shenghuo told her that she was the second person to achieve such a good result.

The subordinate asked Jin Shenghuo to instruct who to send to the business seminar organized by the Intelligence Division of the Japanese Command, and Jin Shenghuo asked him to find someone to deal with it. He was very upset when he learned that Gu Xiaomeng had been assigned to the commander’s secretariat. His subordinates told him that this was a new rule set by Commander Zhang.

In addition to his signature, the personnel transfer must also be approved by Captain Wu. Jin Shenghuo immediately gave it to him. Director Zhao called and said that Captain Wu was busy fighting bandits and clearing the village and could not take care of the assignment of the newcomers. If Gu Xiaomeng was assigned to the secretariat, how would the current secretary Bai Xiaonian be placed?

The relationship between Secretary Bai and Commander Zhang is very well known. Director Zhao thought a little and agreed to let Gu Xiaomeng go to the confidential room. Jin Shenghuo immediately arranged for his subordinates to find Director Zhao to complete the handover procedures and send them to Jiming Temple in person, and to find Director Sun of Jiming Temple to find out who is the deputy commander.

The subordinates reminded Captain Wu to also take charge of security and vigilance for this seminar. Jin Shenghuo immediately changed his mind and asked him to notify Commander Zhang that he and the new staff member Gu Xiaomeng should go, and the confidential office must be in front of the Japanese military intelligence office to replace Zhang. The commander fought his face back.

The business seminar organized by the Intelligence Division of the Japanese Military Command was held on a ship. The personnel attending the General Headquarters were Intelligence Division Chief Jin Shenghuo, Section Chief Li Ningyu, Section Member Gu Xiaomeng, and Operation Captain Wu Zhiguo, Section 5 of the Manchurian State Security Bureau Expert Jin Shengxian also participated. After the meeting personnel arrived, the Chief of the Second Division of the Japanese Army’s Intelligence Department Touichi Mitsui announced that they had just intercepted a secret telegram, and whoever deciphered the secret telegram first broke the rank. At the moment, outside the cabin on the other side, Gu Xiaomeng was shooting the seascape with a miniature camera.

When all the deciphering experts were immersed in deciphering, Li Ningyu said disdainfully that this was a German Enigma cipher, and it was encrypted by a second-generation cipher machine. It would not be counted for two years to decipher it by hand alone. When everyone was stunned, The Deputy Chief of the Japanese Army Intelligence Department, Morita, walked down from the second floor with applause and praised that he waited for 13 minutes and finally heard a satisfactory answer.

Outside the cabin, Wu Zhiguo questioned Gu Xiaomeng that there were only two such miniature cameras in the headquarters. Gu Xiaomeng had to take pictures. Gu Xiaomeng explained that it was to collect the study materials for the seminar. Wu Zhiguo wanted to take Gu Xiaomeng and the camera to Morita. When Gu Xiaomeng left, he said that he heard that Captain Wu was rising fast because of his military merits and killing more people, not because he would favor the Japanese. Wu Zhiguo immediately killed a seagull with lightning speed.

In the cabin, Morita praised Li Ningyu for being Chairman Wang’s trump card cracker. Li Ningyu was sure that Morita would let them launch the second-generation German Enigma machine from the intercepted secret telegrams. There was no cryptographic machine and relying solely on manual violence. Cracking is absolutely impossible. If Morita wants to decipher it in a short period of time, he must take out the first generation cipher machine, including the purple code, to complete the copy machine.

As soon as this statement came out, Morita immediately determined that Li Ningyu was an enemy spy. This statement was intended to spy on the secrets of the Japanese cryptographic machine. She only gave Li Ningyu three seconds to confess. At this moment, Wu Zhiguo took Gu Xiaomeng over. Morita determined that both Gu Xiaomeng and Li Ningyu were Jin Shenghuo’s subordinates. One took the camera to shoot illegally, and the other tried to get a cryptographic machine.

These were all hostile operations carefully planned by Jin Shenghuo. Jin Shenghuo calmly asked Gu Xiaomeng to tell Li Ningyu’s The name, after explaining that the two do not know each other, let alone a tacit cooperation. If he wants to take information, he can install the most advanced camera in secret objects such as cigar boxes and ashtrays. There is no need for Gu Xiaomeng to blatantly carry it. . Li Ningyu told the number of steps Morita walked, saying that he has a very good memory, and if you want to remember, you don’t need a camera. Morita claimed that this was Gu Xiaomeng’s personal behavior, and asked her to be detained.

As she walked, Gu Xiaomeng said that she randomly selected three numbers as decryption contacts. When she heard that Morita kept her, Gu Xiaomeng called herself Professor von Neumann. Before meeting his father, Schlumberg, the producer of the German-generation cryptographic machine, was a poor student.

He knew him very well. If she wanted to steal the password, she should be in the Schlumberg office instead of here. Li Ningyu proved that what Gu Xiaomeng said was true, and because the first generation of cryptographic machines had been leaked, Schlumberger was in favor of it, which was reasonable and reasonable. Although she has no evidence, she believes that Morita must have it. Otherwise, why the Japanese army has been defeated in recent battles. This is a strong evidence of the leak of the first generation of cryptographic machines.

Morita was furious and said that if the deciphering cost this time was their lives, would it be necessary? Taking risks, Li Ningyu firmly stated that if she could not decipher the second-generation cipher machine, she was fully responsible, and Jin Shenghuo was willing to bet on this round with her own life. Morita gave them 96 hours. If the time is up, they will all be executed.

After Morita left, Jin Shenghuo reminded everyone here that if they succeed in deciphering, everyone will be happy, otherwise the people involved in deciphering today will be the scapegoats of the Intelligence Department. As soon as he said this, the deciphering experts withdrew, only Gu Xiaomeng was willing to stay and assist Li Ningyu , And Jin Shenghuo went out to smoke as if nothing was wrong.

Jin Shenghuo went out of the cabin to chat with Wu Zhiguo, thanking him for bringing Gu Xiaomeng to Morita, so that he had a chance to argue, otherwise he would die unclearly when he left the meeting room. Wu Zhiguo said he should not be thankful for himself. He said to the coming Gu Xiaomeng that he would do it for himself.

Jin Shenghuo asked Gu Xiaomeng why he wanted to bring a camera and insisted that it was his own initiative. Gu Xiaomeng only said that he was afraid and used him to sell Morita’s face. Jin Shenghuo corrected her that Morita’s face today was not his own face but Li Ningyu. Even if Gu Xiaomeng entered the Japanese interrogation room, his father gave Chairman Wang a call and he came out, and he had a life of nine deaths with his back on the iceberg, and the ship was heading to hell.

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