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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 17 Recap

Guan Yihe changed into dancing clothes and prepared to go downstairs to dance. Guan Yihe saw her mother immediately hid the labor contract. Guan Yi was curious about the price of the wedding dress and worried that the price was too expensive. Guan Yihe immediately comforted his mother to do it by himself. When his mother left, he picked up the pen and signed the contract without hesitation.

Ye Xiaobai canceled Guan Yihe’s scheduled wedding company, and then looked for people who regretted the marriage on his Weibo and took over the transferred wedding company. Sure enough, I found a rich second-generation repentant wedding on the Internet and saved a lot of money. In order to thank Wang Yueyue for his help, she gritted her teeth and bought an expensive bridesmaid dress and prepared new shoes for the prince. Wang Yueyue was worried about taking over other people’s weddings, invitations and other items had someone else’s name, and suggested that the prince help to modify and inspect the items.

Guan Yihe told Ye Xiaobai about his work in Shengli Financial. Ye Xiaobai knew that Shengli Financial was a joke in the investment bank, and worried that Guan Yihe would have a gap in his heart. Guan Yihe believes that although Zhou Shengli’s evaluation on the Internet is not good, he still wants to put the victory of the golden clothes into formal.

The prince carefully helped Ye Xiaobai prepare for the wedding, and was very happy after receiving the gift from Ye Xiaobai. Wang Yueyue wore a bridesmaid dress to show off in front of the prince. The prince was happy that Ye Xiaobai finally accepted himself.

Guan Yihe invited his cousin Liu Xia to the wedding and reminded Zhao Jinzi to keep it secret. Liu Xia understood that he was worried that Zhao Jinzi would leak the matter to Feng Sheng’s leadership, and had to keep his mouth shut.

Guan Yihe went to work in Shengli Jinfu. As soon as he opened the door and saw the office in a mess, Zhou Shengli explained that the office had not been cleaned up, and handed the newlyweds red envelopes to let him prepare for the wedding at ease.

Guan Yihe and his wife took the two mothers to check the arrangement of the wedding company. Ye Huifen found that the water brand was somebody else’s name. Ye Xiaobai immediately explained that the water brand was a template for the wedding company. Guan Yi was very happy to see such a grand wedding with only 40,000, and Guan Yihe also praised Ye Xiaobai for his ability.

When Liu Xia attended the wedding, he posted photos on Weibo. Zhao Jinjin used Weibo in his free time and saw the video of Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai’s newly-married couple. He immediately called Gaoshan to verify. When Gao Shan watched the video, Mr. Feng Sheng saw that Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai got married and they were exposed to everyone.

In the last part of the wedding ceremony, the prince saw his daughter getting ready to go forward, and Wang Yueyue saw that there were only two places on the stage, pulling his father to be the best man. Upon seeing this, Ye Xiaobai pulled his father to introduce him to the crowd. Guan Yihe stepped forward to embrace the prince and changed his name to his dad. When the prince heard it, tears filled his eyes.

Ye Xiaobai received a call from Mary and rushed to President Cui’s office. President Cui asked why she wanted to deceive herself. Ye Xiaobai mentioned the horseshoe effect and lost a nail. The war that the horse blunders was lost. The root of the nail is not real. s reason. President Cui was angry at their deceit, thinking that the loss of Guan Yihe by the company was a very important loss. Ten Ye Xiaobai would not be able to make it back.

Guan Yihe’s departure from Fengsheng was also Guan Yihe’s loss. If he did not leave Fengsheng, Many years later, his position may be Guan Yihe. Decided to give them another chance, the industry’s winter is approaching, and Guan Yihe returns to work in Fengsheng. Ye Xiaobai immediately told Guan Yihe the news and asked him to see Mr. Cui. Guan Yihe thought that he had no regrets.

After the wedding, Guan Yihe was drunk, and Ye Xiaobai drove everyone home. When she stopped the car, Guan Yi ordered her to reverse the car. Ye Huifen thought she would not drive and still command blindly. Ye Xiaobai in the car recalled Mr. Cui’s words, attached to the steering wheel and cried loudly.

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