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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 16 Recap

Ye Xiaobai and Guan Yihe are discussing the wedding dress. Ye Xiaobai realizes that Guan Yihe has created four new groups of people, worrying that Guan Mu and Ye Huifen may have differences of opinion. Guan Yihe thought that after leaving the wedding to the housekeeper, the housekeeper would not have so much energy to control Ye Xiaobai. While talking, Ye Huifen called and asked about the wedding to the housekeeper, asking Ye Xiaobai to keep the bottom line of marriage.

Ye Xiaobai gave her cosmetics to Wang Yueyue. When Wang Yueyue saw that she was under the care of her parents, she couldn’t do many things and called her wronged. Ye Xiaobai believed that Guan’s mother and her belonged to the family, and it didn’t matter if she made a compromise. What’s more, compared with Guan Yihe’s sacrifice, her sacrifice was a little insignificant. Wang Yueyue also felt that Guan Yihe’s sacrifice was great. Ye Xiaobai worried that Guan Yihe’s re-employment would be difficult, because Guan Yihe has always been smooth and smooth, and his resignation may have been the bumps he encountered.

Gao Shan couldn’t help but took the initiative to find Wang Yueyue. In order to avoid suspicion, Wang Yueyue took her to the men’s room to talk, Wang Yueyue admitted that he liked him, and marrying him was also a choice. Although Gao Shan was a little moved, he heard Jason talk about Ye Xiaobai’s marriage and immediately said that he was unwilling to have a relationship with a colleague in the company. Wang Yueyue was not to be outdone when he heard this, saying that he was just giving him a room card. That’s it, and then swaggered out of the men’s room.

Guan Yihe chose a high-end wedding company in order to give Ye Xiaobai a romantic wedding. The company’s shopping guide believed that the wedding was not only for newcomers, but also to invite oligarchs in the financial industry to victory. Guan’s mother did not understand their consumption vision. To cancel. At this time, Guan Yihe received a call from Huiyou’s President Wang. President Wang was unwilling to send office to Guan Yihe due to the financial crisis. It was a bit embarrassing for Guan Yihe for a while, but in order to make her feel at ease, he pretended to be hired by Huiyou. Look like.

At night, Ye Xiaobai woke up from his sleep and found that Guan Yihe was still on the phone, and Guan Yihe admitted that he had encountered problems in reemployment. Ye Xiaobai thought about the wedding and indemnity and worried that the family would run out of money. Guan Yihe was a little hesitant to test Ye Xiaobai’s attitude toward the fruit industry. Ye Xiaobai worried that the fluctuation of the stock market would affect the acquisition of Xinhe Heavy Industry, so he called Wang Yueyue to replace the information.

At the meeting, Gaoshan and others discussed the Xinhe Heavy Industry Project. Because Mary did not know that the overseas part was replaced, she echoed the proposal of the Gaoshan Group that the overseas part was no problem. When Ye Xiaobai rushed to the meeting site and handed over the overseas information he had collected to President Qin, President Qin found that there were indeed problems in the overseas market and questioned the information of the two teams.

Ye Xiaobai immediately rounded it off and mentioned the problem of Marie’s gap in overseas markets last night, so he asked himself to re-collect information. Qin immediately expressed his appreciation to Marie.

On the way back, Jason wondered why Gaoshan had his own group’s information, and asked her to pray that Mary would not suspect her. Ye Xiaobai told him not to worry about irrelevant things. Jason saw Ye Xiaobai touch her belly and joke that she was like a pregnant woman. Wang Yueyue immediately lied about Ye Xiaobai’s period.

Guan Yihe called to look for work, but accidentally received a call from Yimenzhi Zhou Shengli. Zhou Shengli invited him to join the company. Although Guan Yihe felt that his company was too small, he couldn’t refuse it in the face of the current situation.

Ye Xiaobai felt distressed that Guan Yihe reminded Guan Yihe to let him rest more when he was leaving, and took away the wedding company agreement. Calling to cancel the order during work, who knew Mary came over to thank her, Ye Xiaobai immediately explained that she helped her friend find a wedding company and wanted to take a day off to attend the wedding. Mary did not notice anything unusual and agreed to him.

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