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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 17 Recap

The second uncle, the old fox, is more ruthless than the third uncle. If he goes there tomorrow, he must have gone to the building. So Wu Xie is going to leave now. But when he first arrived in Hangzhou, the second uncle’s phone couldn’t get through. Wu Xie was lying. I returned to Wu Shanju in a puff of anger, what kind of elder? None of them are reliable.

Wu Xie continued in the store where he had eaten together and waited for the elderly to retire, holding the notes left by his grandfather and wondering why his ancestors didn’t write some things in Jiumenli. At this time, a guest came to Wu Shanju, the person named Jin Wantang, took out the IOU of his third uncle, and claimed to be returning a large vase. Wu Sansheng said that he came to Wu Xieyou if he didn’t see the big vase within half a month, but the store hasn’t purchased it for a year. How could it be possible?

Suddenly his head flashed. Didn’t Wang Meng say that he was in a box of instant noodles. It turned out to be a vase when he opened it, but it was in a very new condition and was not something from the so-called Daoguang period. Wu Xie simply broke the vase and dropped out a video recorder. Jin Wantang told the truth that it was his third uncle who gave him 20,000 yuan and asked him to come over and ask for the vase.

This was recorded before going to the West Queen’s Palace. The third uncle in the video was eating instant noodles. He concluded that when Wu Xie saw this video, he should have been missing or dead. Wu Xie may already know the truth. . In any case, he gave an explanation. The third uncle has indeed been deceiving Wu Xie all these years, and even his identity is a scam, but he never thought of harming Wu Xie. He has always thought that he is Uncle Wu Xie. Uncle himself almost didn’t know who he was. The accident at Xisha Seabed made him and Wu Sanxing changed their identities.

So far, the things that year have left him puzzled. After Xisha Seabed woke up, he lost contact with the archaeological team. Later investigations revealed that several people in the archaeological team could not find the background at all, indicating that the things behind them were unfathomable. Even if they died, he and Wu Sansheng would have to investigate. This has nothing to do with Wu Xie, but he knew that Wu Xie would not listen to him, and this nephew had never let himself worry about it since he was a child.

At this moment, the fat man brought his little brother to Wu Shanju. He had been taking medicine in the hospital and he didn’t get better, so he took the little brother and slipped out. Now the memory of the younger brother is fragmented, so it takes some stimulation to recover. When asked where he wants to go, the younger brother replied that he wanted to go to the place with his memory.

The fat man sighed, and that’s it. He couldn’t remember anything, he didn’t have any family, and he couldn’t listen to him where he had memories. Sooner or later he would get lost. Wu Xie was afraid that the little brother would go down the old way of looking for memories with amnesia, and suddenly thought of someone. It was Chu’s bald head who wanted to cheat his third uncle in Genting Tiangong.

After being sent in by his third uncle, he was released after serving his sentence. Wu Xie gave him one hundred thousand yuan. This Chu bald head is also a cheerful person. It was the third uncle who was in urgent need of a skilled helper when he went to the Genting Temple. He really lived up to the expectations of the third uncle and found the little brother. This little brother was formerly the fourth grandpa, that is, the person of Chen Pi Asi.

At that time, Chen Pi Asi and the others found their little brother in a village in Guangxi, thinking that he was a fool who couldn’t speak, so they tied it up as bait. They didn’t expect that he was a stranger with great skill and abilities. Later, Chen Pi Asi accepted him as a buddy.

A few years later, he was borrowed by the third uncle. The third uncle was very concerned about the identity of the younger brother and ordered Chu Bald to look around. The hard work paid off. A few months later, I finally found the place where my brother lived before in a village called Banai in Guangxi. I also found a picture in it. The picture shows a man standing with a collapsed shoulder. At the doorway at dusk, the back of it says Golmud Sanatorium.

Wu Xie thought about it a little bit. This village called Banai is closely related to the little brother’s past. It seems that the trip to Guangxi cannot be delayed. So Wang Meng helped him to book three tickets to Guangxi. The three finally arrived after a few days of bumps. That village called Banai. The old village chief, Aguishu, is a hospitable person. When he heard that the fat man wanted to invest, he was so happy from ear to ear. After seeing the photo of the stilt house where the little brother had lived before, he said that he could take them there tomorrow.

And here the fat guy saw Uncle Agui’s daughter Yun, his eyes straightened, and he was a bit drunk after drinking a few glasses of wine, and he started to brag about how he has money and investment is not a problem. Wu Xie didn’t want to listen to his nonsense. He looked at the pictures on the wall and found out that Chen Wenjin had been here. It turned out that Chen Wenjin’s starting point was not Xisha, but Banai. Uncle Agui saw this photo and recalled the fact that an archaeological team came to the village decades ago. It was a sensation that an expedition team came to the village. The archaeological team stayed here for six or seven months, but nothing else. abnormal.

But the woman who led the team was very strange. She told the guide to go to the mountain once every three days to give things away, not early or late. But once the guide went a day earlier when something happened, and found that the mountain was empty, there was no one, and she was dead silent. . But the next day all the people came back, lively, as if nothing happened. He thought it was the mountain god and never said anything. He didn’t tell the villagers until the expedition team left.

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