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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 16 Recap

The three people with black glasses Jie Yuchen mop went out of the underground palace and walked hard in the desert. The mop was very weak and was dragged forward by two people. In order to prevent him from dying of thirst and starvation, the two black glasses are like a cross talk. You and I have to discuss how to eat the mop, which scared him sober.

After a lot of hard work, the black glasses three finally returned to the normal world, living a human life of eating hot pot and drinking beer. Mop misses the black glasses and Jie Yuchen for not throwing himself in the desert. After drinking for three rounds, Jie Yuchen invites the black glasses to go with him to investigate the matter of Luhuangbo, but the other party embarrassed that he has taken other jobs. At the banquet, these two happy friends certainly did not expect to be so reluctant to part with each other.

I don’t know how long it has passed, Wu Xie stayed like this and didn’t mean to leave at all. The fat man was in a hurry but didn’t dare to mention leaving. But the reality is always to be faced, there is only a pack of compressed biscuits left, Wu Xie slowly said: After eating this pack of biscuits, if there is no news from my brother, then leave.

Just when the two of them were hungry and horribly hungry, the fat man opened his eyes, and the little brother actually fainted and lay on the ground, still saying something in his mouth: no time, no time…what the hell is it that changed the courageous little brother Become like this? Wu Xie shined a flashlight at the entrance, trying to see what was inside, only to find that a woman was sneaky and had to probe from Yuyu. That face… turned out to be Queen Mother Xi! Wu Xie was so frightened that he was going to leave here with the fat man and his little brother. But where is the Queen Mother’s Palace of the West?

After the mother snake on the relief was resurrected, she blocked her way, and suddenly felt that there was no way to the sky and no way to enter the earth. At this moment, Wu Xie suddenly remembered something, took out the piece of jade on Queen Mother Xi’s body that the little brother gave him, and bravely held the jade pendant close to the mother snake. The little brother was really reliable, and the mother snake went back and let go. Up them. Then I found out about the marks left by Yuchen and went all the way out. But the rainforest desert outside is not a peaceful place.

Because of his rich experience, he didn’t encounter any danger, and finally found Panzi who was recovering from his injuries. It turned out that Dingzhu Zhuoma saved the dying Pan Zi in the rainforest. The fat man knew that Dingzhu Zhuoma had two children and wanted to beg the other party to save the little brother who lost his memory. But Dingzhu Zhuoma claimed that the little brother was hiding his soul. When I get up, others can’t intervene, and it’s up to Zhang Qiling to get out.

The next day, the grandson of Dingzhu Zhuoma sent the three people to the road. After waiting, finally there was a passing car. The driver was also a refreshing person, so he drove them on. Sitting in the car with the wind blowing, Wu Xie remembered the uncle’s admonishment to him before and along the way, and couldn’t help but make her nose sore and tears fell. The fat man sighed that this trip was too bad. He didn’t catch anything and suffered a wound.

After returning to Beijing, Wu Xie immediately sent her younger brother to the hospital, but it has been half a month, and the younger brother’s high fever has not gone away, and there is no sign of waking up. What should be done. At this moment, Xie Yuchen’s phone call came and the two met at Xie’s house. Both sides realized that the third uncle did not follow any group of people to leave. Now there is no news. Now they can only pray that the third uncle will come out by himself. The ups and downs for most of your life, but you must not explain in it.

Wu Xie emailed all his expedition and the secrets he discovered to his second uncle. Just when he clicked the send button, Pan Zi covered his wound and asked where his third uncle was going. After learning the truth, he decided Going back to Changsha to take care of the business in the three provinces of Wu, the green hills will not change and the green water will flow long. I will definitely see you again in the future.

As soon as Pan Zi was sent away, the second uncle’s phone number came over, telling Wu Xie not to worry about the next thing. He would deal with it. After getting the negative answer, the second uncle paused and asked Wu Xie to go to Hangzhou. Will tell him everything he wants to know.

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