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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 15 Recap

The mural in the laboratory records the human experiment of the Queen Mother of the West on the Shibiewan. It seems that Chen Wenjin and the others have been used by others, and now Wu Sansheng discovered the inside story, and this reconciliation chain came to a surreptitious change. And one more thing, on the false palace and the murals here, there is the same person-King Zhou Mu.

If Queen Mother Xi really loves King Zhou Mu so much, then it is very likely that she will tell him the art of longevity. On the mural, there is a big stone-like thing beside Queen Mother West. It seems that this is the ultimate secret of immortality.

Just when they tried to open the next door, the jade figurines, who had been silent, suddenly attacked the two of them. Fortunately, the number was not large. Xie Yuchen managed to deal with it three times. The black glasses also went well. Opened the door.

The little brother thought for a long time, and finally found a mechanism. What was in front of him was a tunnel, and there was also a statue of a bird with a face in the tunnel, which shows that it is not far from the center of the underground palace. But brother’s marks are getting more and more obscure. He really can’t remember the meaning of the marks. Everyone decided to explore the road first. Sure enough, there was an artificial lake not far away. It seems that this is the underground palace water storage. Centered. But the bad thing is that there is a coffin in the middle of the pool.

There are a lot of insects that suck human blood and pheasant necks on the coffin. It can be said that a wave of unrest has risen again. Just as they were struggling to protect themselves, the ground shook for a while, and the bronze door in front of them opened. On top of the throne sat a woman who was not corrupted for thousands of years, but this It’s not Queen Mother Xi, she is looking for a substitute.

According to legend, Xuannv is the guard general of Queen Mother of West, strategizing and decisively winning thousands of miles. When she felt that she was running out of time, she made the coffin into a mechanism to continue to guard Queen Mother of West. In Xuan Nu’s message to Queen Mother Xi, Wu Xie found a clue and opened the mechanism. Sure enough, all the blood-sucking worms on the coffin were retired. This was because Xuan Nu was going out here for Queen Mother Xi to be safe.

After solving the bugs, everyone began to observe the woman on the throne. This woman was wearing a mask. The younger brother took a piece of jade from Queen Mother West and gave it to Wu Xie, claiming that she could save her life. Afterwards, Chen Wenjin found a large stone and was immediately excited. This is her end point. This is the greatest secret of Queen Mother West.

This is not an ordinary stone, but a meteorite. And there was a very small passage. Chen Wenjin went in, but didn’t grab the rope. It can be seen that she was determined to go or not, and the little brother immediately followed.

At this moment, Xie Yuchen and the others arrived. Based on their speculation on the mural, Queen Mother Xi also entered the meteorite jade for longevity. It is very likely that this thing can prevent the alienation of the body. This is the end Chen Wenjin seeks all the time.

Wu Xie fixedly looked at the entrance. The last time at Genting Tiangong, he didn’t wait for the little brother to come out. Because the third uncle was injured, Jie Yuchen decided to go back to take care of him, so he left the supplies to Wu Xie and the fat man who was guarding him.

Xie Yuchen is a person who lives very well. How can there be a way of longevity in this world? It’s just self-deception. The black glasses faintly said: Don’t draw conclusions to the unknown. Maybe people who have met Changsheng don’t know that he is Changsheng.

After returning to the original place, the third uncle was missing, and there were no traces of snakes around, so it was the third uncle who left by himself, so he immediately rushed to chase the third uncle.

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