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The Secret เกมรัก เกมลับ Episode 3 Recap

The story gets more and more intense. Although the atmosphere of the relationship between Dome (New-Wongsakorn) and Nicha or Nik (Saipan-Apinya) is still tight, but Dome asks Nicha to meet her father to eat together. Nisha also gave in. But they encounter an unexpected event when Dome’s father asks Dome to sell his mother’s land, causing Dome to become angry and to fight with him. But because of this incident, Dome and Nisha returned to adjust their understanding, reunite relationships again at the condo.

As for Dao (Gibbsi-Wanida), who is always following Dome, feels very uncomfortable when he knows that his own father thinks of holding himself in a marriage arrangement. Will Dao accept?

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