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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 14 Recap

After receiving the news, Guan Yihe rushed to the hospital and hugged Ye Xiaobai home. The two of them were sweet and sweet. Unexpectedly, Liu Shumin was cooking soup at home, and the atmosphere was suddenly embarrassing. On the way home, Liu Shumin reminded Guan Yihe in a disguised form to be as restrained as possible during pregnancy, and then took out the bank card with the house payment, but Guan Yihe patronized the phone and did not respond to her.

Although Wang Yueyue did everything possible to help Ye Xiaobai cover, but Ye Xiaobai’s morning sickness became more and more away, she could only try to hide it, waiting for Guan Yihe to officially leave. Wang Yueyue considered that Ye Xiaobai had to attend the meeting later, so he added laxatives to the lunch box, causing Marvin and others to go to the bathroom one after another, thus concealing Ye Xiaobai’s morning sickness.

Gao Shan believed that it was true, and simply sent Ye Xiaobai and Wang Yueyue home. Downstairs at Ye Xiaobai’s house, Gao Gao said that he would borrow the toilet. Ye Xiaobai repeatedly declined, but Gao Shan insisted on insisting, so he had to take him back first, but he didn’t think that he lived in his home with a completely strange mother and son. The person who moved here was actually a relative of Liu Shumin.

The reason why Liu Shumin rented the house to the mother and son was entirely based on the fact that the other party was the husband in the old days, and his children came to the city to study, so he wanted to rent it to someone who knew the basics and collect rent money to fill the family. Ye Xiaobai couldn’t understand Liu Shumin’s proactive behavior, but he couldn’t refuse it either.

Afterwards, Ye Xiaobai told Wang Yueyue about what happened yesterday. She couldn’t help feeling that she seemed to have been deprived of her life after getting married. Not only did she lose a lot of sense of security, she also couldn’t even imagine why she suddenly chose to marry. Wang Yueyue believes that life is a fat man riding a motorcycle through the speed bump, and the waves are not smoothed. Instead of predicting the future, it is better to live well.

Gao Shan informed Guan Yihe to attend the evening celebration reception, and Ye Xiaobai insisted on staying at the reception to stare at Wang Yueyue. Wang Yueyue had a lot of playfulness, so he played dice with his colleagues and drank alcohol. Gao Shan pulled Ye Xiaobai together. As a result, Wang Yueyue accidentally threw the points for drinking.

Just as Ye Xiaobai was being punished by everyone, Guan Yihe suddenly appeared to block the wine for Ye Xiaobai. Gao Shan found that there was something wrong with Guan Yihe, and his expression also deteriorated. At the same time, Wang Yueyue secretly lost the room card into the pocket of Gaoshan’s pants. In fact, Gaoshan had discovered it a long time ago, so he gave the room card to Ye Xiaobai and told Ye Xiaobai to help him take good care of Wang Yueyue.

It happened that Guan Yihe saw this scene, and suddenly had a misunderstanding, and rushed directly to beat the mountain. Seeing this, everyone was shocked and hurriedly pulled the two away. The police sent the police to ask the reason. However, Yizuru refused to say that Gaoshan didn’t know why, so the two were taken back to the police station by the police.

Considering that Wang Yueyue was very drunk, Ye Xiaobai simply went to the hotel to find her first. Although the room was decorated with colorful and warm colors, she was not in bed. Since Ye Xiaobai could not find Wang Yueyue, he could only call the prince to explain the cause and effect. The prince was furious when he learned of the incident, and he was so angry that he yelled that Fengsheng company is not a good place. . The two were at a loss on the side of the road, so they decided to call the police to find someone. They didn’t know that Wang Yueyue was lying on the side of her bed, sleeping soundly, and did not expect the father and eldest sister to spin around in a hurry.

In the police station, Guan Yihe and Gaoshan were still froze over what happened last night, and no one was willing to compromise. Especially when Guan Yihe thought that Gaoshan had pursued Ye Xiaobai, his anger was even greater. Wang Yueyue received a call from the police and hurried to the police station to pick up the prince and Ye Xiaobai.

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