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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 13 Recap

Guan Yihe told Zhao Jinjin and Liu Xia about his resignation, hoping that Zhao Jinjin would go back after playing enough. Zhao Jinjin was not happy that he was treated as a child by others and demanded independence. Guan Yihe thinks that Liu Xia’s situation is considered independent, and Zhao Jinzi is at best traveling at his own expense, and then mentioned that Zhao Jinzi is afraid of Zhao Jinzi’s absence, for fear that she will endure hardship, and hope Zhao Jinzi can understand Zhao Jinzi’s painstaking efforts and return soon.

Guan Yihe met Huiyou President Wang and proposed that he wanted to work in Huiyou. President Wang Treasures Talents readily agreed and promised to pay him 3 million in compensation.

Liu Shumin and Ye Huifen are arguing about the wedding. Ye Huifen is worried that Ye Xiaobai’s belly will show up. She hopes that the wedding will be held this month. Ye Xiaobai persuaded Ye Huifen not to move, so she had to wait for Guan Yihe to go home to solve the problem. Liu Shumin looked through the old yellow calendar to find a good day, remembering that Guan Yihe resigned and indemnified for Ye Xiaobai, hoping to choose the day by himself. Guan Yihe didn’t want Liu Shumin to be angry and had to give it up temporarily, but Ye Huifen suddenly appeared stiff. Liu Shumin immediately gave in and asked the two children to get the certificate tomorrow.

After Guan Yihe and Ye Xiaobai came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Liu Shumin, Ye Huifen and others set off a salute to celebrate, and Wang Yueyue took a family portrait for them.

Ye Huifen arranged for Ye Xiaobai to return to Xi’an after her marriage. Guan Yihe and Liu Shumin took her to the airport. On the way back, Liu Shumin removed Ye Xiaobai’s key from Guan Yihe’s key and decided to help Ye Xiaobai move. Guan Yihe decided to communicate with Ye Xiaobai in advance.

Gao Shan contacted Mr. Zhao by phone. Mr. Zhao immediately understood that the news of Guan Yihe’s departure from Fengsheng was true and determined to dig Guan Yihe into his company.

Guan Yihe took Ye Xiaobai home and talked about Liu Shumin having helped her move. When the two went home, they found their home in a mess. It turned out that Liu Shumin helped Ye Xiaobai move things to Guan Yihe’s house, but Ye Xiaobai’s favorite limited-edition puzzle doll was gone. Liu Shumin told them to send the figure away. Give it to the mover’s child. Ye Xiaobai understood Liu Shumin’s intentions. At this time, Liu Shumin brought out a bowl of pork belly soup. Ye Xiaobai drank it to resist the nausea. Guan Yihe saw Ye Xiaobai’s tolerance and dealt with Ye Xiaobai. The meaning of my heart is a bit bitter. In the evening, she worked for Ye Xiaobai, hoping she would not blame Liu Shumin.

Ye Xiaobai found that Liu Shumin had replaced his high heels with sneakers. On the way to work, he met President Qin who came to a meeting. President Qin laughed at her mix-and-match style. Ye Xiaobai had to borrow spare high heels from Wang Yueyue. After work, Guan Yihe went to the elevator entrance and cared about Ye Xiaobai. He even lay on his stomach to listen to the voice of the child. Suddenly the elevator door opened. Guan Yihe was so scared that he immediately jumped to the side. The mountain in the elevator invited Ye Xiaobai. Ye Xiaobai wanted to refuse to go to the hot springs together, but he didn’t dare to refute Gaoshan’s face when all the members of the group were there.

In the elevator, Wang Yueyue helped Ye Xiaobai make excuses, but Ye Xiaobai didn’t understand what she meant. Wang Yueyue had to pull her aside and said that pregnant women could not go to hot springs, and made her pretend to be a sprained foot. Upon seeing this, Gao Shan decided to go to the hospital with Wang Yueyue. Ye Xiaobai was worried that the matter would be exposed, but Wang Yueyue was considering Ye Xiaobai’s long-term interests. Gao Shan saw her foot hurt, so she can keep wearing it in the future and never need to wear it again. High heels until Guan Yihe left Fengsheng and announced the marriage and pregnancy.

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