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The Secret เกมรัก เกมลับ Episode 2 Recap

Nisha or Nick (Sai ​​Ban-Apinya) has spelled her mood very much from the event that she is responsible for. Because of jealousy and anger at Dome (New – Wongkran) and Dao (Gibzy-Wanida) secretly cooky. After the event ended well, Nicha opened a scandalous clip that she had compressed, letting the star know that he knew that the stars and the dome did not do well behind their backs, but people like Dao didn’t feel that they care about Nisha’s things.

He told me that Nisha would take the dome to be his own. Dome side, realizing that Nisha knew about herself and Dao, so she reconciled, but Nisha decided to break up with the Dome. Make your way closer to the dome by giving you the position of your personal consultant. In my own company

As for Rin (Janis-Janista), knowing that Dome and Nicha are in trouble, Rin plans to put herself in the dome more in sight, the plan to prevail and who? Will conquer the hearts of men who are flirtatious like the dome.

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