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The Secret เกมรัก เกมลับ Episode 1 Recap

The secret Love game, secret game “is a story. The game of fighting for the love of 5 girls, 5 evil, different strategies, briskness, spiciness, fun to compete for it, is it love or is it a game, the only way we can survive is We have to be a master !! When Dome (New – Wongsakorn), a handsome and energetic advertising director The girls want to own the most, but Dome already has a girlfriend, Nisha or Nik (Sai ​​Ban-Apinya), with a quiet flirtation but eating smoothly, everyone Dom has secretly had a secret relationship, spicy crab, fermented fish, ten chili peppers.

With the girls who come through and around themselves, such as Dao (Gibzy-Wanida), the owner of a cosmetic brand who hired Nicha to organize an event. To launch new advertisements and presenters Which got a famous model Sand (Sugar – Chalita)Also, Nisha’s old school juniors, but Dome did not care about sand another person, like a ballet teacher Mimi (Nara-Tepnupa) at Dome hired to bring the children to dance to create a dance. Colors in this work It is one of Dome’s secret women, together with Rin (Janis-Janista), who is closest to Nisha because she is a secretary, but she doesn’t know.

While the Dome and Nisha looked in order at the launch event for the advertisement, Rin brought the water to Nisha as ordered, but Nisha was dissatisfied because the water she poured was too hot, so she changed her mind to pour it on her hand instead. Dome then came to stop the couple before Nisha could do anything more, which once again Nisha caused Rin in heart hurt. Back behind Nisharin secretly pleaded guilty to Dome that was hit by Nisha. Damaging Dome consoled Rin by secretly having a delicious relationship !! Together in the storage room at the event Every action of the Dome will not escape Nisha’s eyes.

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