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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 9 Recap

Tai Yongfeng wanted to chat with Gan Tianlei alone, and Wang Chu and others left temporarily, although this did not meet the regulations. Gan Tianlei had nothing to say, and there was nowhere to talk about his grievances. Where was Tai Yongfeng when he was desperately hunting for drugs, and where was he when he was almost buried alive. Gan Tianlei is also a policeman, not a criminal, but those policemen never thought about how he felt when they pointed their guns at him. Even if everyone in the world had forgotten Tai Yongfeng, he could not forget who Gan Tianlei was.

He would rather be caught. Drug dealers are not willing to accept their distrust! Tai Yongfeng knew he was wronged, but he was not the only one who was wronged in his heart. No policeman in the anti-drug detachment was wronged. The responsibility of the police is to let the people live in peace and quiet. They have to give the people an explanation. After all, all the evidence points to Gan Tianlei. Tai Yongfeng left and told Gan Tianlei to cry if he felt aggrieved.

Gan Tianlei wiped away his tears and put his handcuffs on again. Tai Yongfeng’s words reminded him of Master Liu Sheng’s words, saying that he must change his impulsive temper. Gan Tianlei’s father died when he was seven years old. Since then, he has been studying boxing with his comrade Liu Sheng. Liu Sheng said that Gan Tianlei’s father was full of justice in his heart and he was a true hero. Gan Tianlei won the national competition in his father’s boxing suit, and his mother left him that day. Later, Liu Sheng took Gan Tianlei to meet the director of the Gandu Police Academy.

He also met Xiong Guoliang and Yang Xiaolei at the school, and the three were called the Iron Triangle. Yang Xiaolei was molested by a gangster in a work-study program in a bar. Gan Tianlei rescued the police and alerted the police, and therefore lost the opportunity to study at the police school. Liu Sheng was seriously ill and left a letter and left Gan Tianlei, asking Gan Tianlei to say that his father is a hero. Gan Tianlei is not bad in character and brave, but his grumpy and impulsive temper is something he must change. The execution of justice requires more than just courage.

There are three fingerprints on the weapon that killed Xiaoyu. Gan Tianlei’s is very clear, the deceased’s vagina still has hair, and the DNA is exactly the same as Gan Tianlei’s, and it went before the life of the deceased. Yang Xiaolei received news that Gan Tianlei had been detained as soon as he treated the wound and hurried back. Gan Tianlei tried hard to remember where the fingerprint came from. That day they held Gan Xiaonuan in the vegetable market and Gan Tianlei rescued people. Left fingerprints on the knife.

Ma Lie was still taking care of Gan Xiao Nuan in the hospital, and asked her if she remembered what she said when she came to the hospital that day, Gan Xiao Nuan only remembered him scolding Ah Ting. Xiong Guoliang asked Ma Lie to come back quickly, and Li Ke also came to report. Gan Tianlei was sent to the police station, and Tai Yongfeng specifically asked Yao Su to take care of him. Xiong Guoliang took Li Ke and everyone to get to know each other, and then regrouped, allowing Li Ke and Xiaoyi to follow Yang Xiaolei to handle other cases.

As soon as Yang Xiaolei ran back, she questioned Xiong Guoliang about Gan Tianlei. Xiong Guoliang hurriedly took her back to the office. Yang Xiaolei felt emotionally that this was a framing. Xiong Guoliang was unwilling to believe it, but they must believe the evidence. At the time of the incident, Gan Tianlei said that he had gone for a run. Xiong Guoliang suddenly reacted. Gan Tianlei only said it after Tai Yongfeng said it. Then how did Tai Yongfeng know that he had no alibi? Yao told Gan Tianlei that there was a surnamed Li, who had some mental problems and killed his wife with cruel methods, hoping that Gan Tianlei would not cause trouble. Gan Tianlei saw Uncle Li as soon as he entered. Uncle Li was reading with a book, but there was a man who found fault when he came up.

The police went to the park and asked about a picture of Gan Tianlei. The horse team came to Tai Yongfeng and said that they had found a detail that they had overlooked. There was another person in the family after Gan Tianlei returned home the night before the incident, but only Half of the leg is photographed. Xiong Guoliang asked Tai Yongfeng why he was certain that Gan Tianlei had no alibi, and seeing Tai Yongfeng’s reaction knew that something must be happening. Tai Yongfeng took Xiong Guoliang to a group, and they conducted the highest-level monitoring of Gan Tianlei, and monitoring was only part of it. Gan Tianlei still had no alibi, no matter who wanted to plant the spoils, Tai Yongfeng did this to protect him, and secondly to confuse him and help Xiong Guoliang buy time to investigate.

Ma Lie found an uncle who always fished in the park. Uncle remembers Gan Tianlei, he always runs here. Ma Lie found two more old men who played chess. They also said that Gan Tianlei was running here every day. The investigation team did not disclose it to the public, and Xiong Guoliang did not talk to Yang Xiaolei.

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