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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 12 Recap

Li Ke and Xiaoyi increased their relationship while handling the case. They finally waited until the survivors of the South Bank Wharf woke up. They went in and asked. The other said that they were just stevedores and didn’t know anything. Li Ke was frightened and the other confessed every time They were all loaded at the eastern outskirts farms, like the Tan family from Mianchuan. Xiong Guoliang learned that Yang Xiaolei had released Gan Tianlei in a hurry, and he couldn’t hold it if he was held accountable. Yang Xiaolei said he would carry it.

Gan Tianlei called and said that he had found them at the Dongjiao Farm, and he asked Xiong Guoliang to help check the license plate number. Li Ke also called and said that the drug den was the Dongjiao Breeding Farm. The two cases were intertwined, and it was the Tan family’s hand against Gan Xiao Nuan 80%. Xiong Guoliang was worried about Gantianlei’s safety and decided to go there.

The horse team heard Gan Tianlei went to the Dongjiao Farm and hurried people over. Yang Xiaolei knew that her cell phone had been nailed and quickly told Xiong Guoliang that Xiong Guoliang felt normal. Tan Xiaosi, the backbone of the Tan drug trafficking group, called his father Tan Laosan when he got off the plane. Tan Laosan asked him to go back quickly. Tan Xiaosi refused to live or die. Tan Laosan and Chen Sidong had to pick him up at the airport. Gan Tianlei was followed to death by the horse team. Xiong Guoliang found the license plate number. The car was stolen two months ago, and they came prepared. In order to avoid the horse team, Gan Tianlei staged a chase on the road, and finally got off the bike and rode a motorcycle.

When they came to the Dongjiao Farm, Gan Tianlei found that they were pouring drugs into the meat, and the two sides fought again on the spot. After Gan Tianlei beat them to the ground and asked about the whereabouts of the medicine, the other party hurriedly took him to get the medicine. Gan Tianlei carelessly let the other party get the gun. Xiong Guoliang came as soon as he planned to do it and killed him with a shot. .

Gan Tianlei was anxious, he knew exactly what to do with the medicine! Gan Tianlei was about to go back with the horse team, and a business card fell out of his clothes, which belonged to the Feilong Farmers Market. Gan Tianlei immediately reacted. The one with the gold chain and the porcelain touch were in the same group, and not in the same group with these people. The antidote is in the farmers market! Gan Tianlei ran away, and the horse team chased him. Xiong Guoliang said that this was a poison den, and he had just stabbed him.

Gan Tianlei rushed to the Feilong Farmer’s Market and finally found the golden chain. The other party took out the antidote and said that they were helping him, and led him to the Eastern Suburbs just to help him solve the people who were right with them. After Gan Tianlei got the medicine, he called Tai Yongfeng on the road. Tai Yongfeng hurriedly called the horse team and said that he was on his way back to the hospital and asked her to ensure his safety. Li Ke and Xiaoyi plan to go to the Dongjiao breeding farm to do it, but there are still many doubts.

Gan Tianlei ran into the horse team and Xiong Guoliang as soon as he arrived at the hospital on a motorcycle, and the horse team agreed to let him send the medicine up and take him away. Gan Tianlei hurried upstairs with the medicine, but the doctor said Gan Xiao Nuan was in a deep coma, and the hospital had regulations that this medicine could not be used. Gan Tianlei picked up the intravenous syringe and gave Gan Xiao Nuan medicine without saying a word. He slapped himself a few times, hoping that Gan Xiao Nuan would wake up soon. Gan Xiao Nuan finally had his vital signs, and Tai Yongfeng also rushed to the hospital.

Although Gan Xiao Nuan was okay, the injection had serious side effects, and I am afraid that I will depend on it in the future. Gan Tianlei’s mood is very unstable, and Tai Yongfeng hates iron for not making steel and scolds him for not understanding the rules and regulations. Xiong Guoliang was also sure that both the Tan family and Caesar wanted to take the other side by the police, but Gan Tianlei was the protagonist of the whole thing, and Gan Tianlei was sure that the antidote to him was the old Caesar department.

Ma Lie hurried back to the hospital. Yang Xiaolei knew that he had helped Gan Tianlei sloppy and scolded him for mischief, but Gan Tianlei said he could save Gan Xiao Nuan, and he was willing to do anything for her. Gan Tianlei told Xiong Guoliang and Tai Yongfeng about the process. Caesar took advantage of Gan Tianlei to get the Tan family’s point and gave him a special medicine to make a favor. Caesar didn’t want Gan Tianlei to die, indicating that he still had what they wanted.

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