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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 11 Recap

Yang Xiaolei came to visit Gan Tianlei, saying that he would be able to go out soon, and had found evidence. Gan Tianlei asked Gan Xiaonuan about her condition, and Yang Xiaolei said she was accompanied by Ma Lie. Gan Xiao Nuan is still in the rescue, and the situation is very bad. Suddenly, Yang Xiaolei received a call from Ma Lie saying that the doctor asked her family to sign, Gan Xiaonuan had been infected with a poison called Seeing Blood Sealing Throat.

Yang Xiaolei didn’t say Gan Tianlei had realized that it was Gan Xiaonuan’s accident. Yang Xiaolei looked away and found an excuse to leave. Gan Tianlei had some memories of seeing the blood seal throat medicine. If he didn’t get the medicine within five hours after being poisoned, he would die. Shang Tianzi found out that Gan Xiaonuan had been poisoned and quickly told Che Lizi that Che Lizi asked someone to wait outside the police station. The protagonist might be on the stage early.

Gan Tianlei pretended to be poisoned and was taken to the hospital. Che Lizi asked Jin Lianzi to go to the hospital to wait for Gan Tianlei. After seeing him, he did what he said before. Xiong Guoliang and Wang Chu came to Yao Suo and said they were here to pick Gan Tianlei. Yao said that he had been sent to the hospital. Xiong Guoliang coaxed Wang Chu to sign and let Gan Tianlei get well in the hospital and don’t send him back. . The Tan’s order was taken, Xiaoyi and Li Kelai handled the case and found at least 50 kilograms of heroin. Gan Tianlei quietly ran out of the hospital, Shang Bale had been guarding at the door.

As soon as Wang Chuan signed, Xiong Guoliang unloaded his grievances and killed the donkey and said that there was a very important meeting to be held. As a result, Yao received a call again saying that Gan Tianlei had run away. The two quarreled again, and Tai Yongfeng was very angry. Xiong Guoliang called Yang Xiaolei and scolded Gan Tianlei. Yang Xiaolei realized that he knew that Gan Xiaolei had something wrong, and must have gone to the hospital. Tai Yongfeng angrily handed Gan Tianlei’s case to the horse team, and asked Xiong Guoliang to investigate the case at the South’s Wharf. 50 kilograms of heroin was found there and the Caesar logo was printed there. Chen Sidong printed the Caesar logo on the goods just to go around Police for a while.

The doctor told Yang Xiaolei that she had to rely on Gan Xiaonuan’s will for a while. Yang Xiaolei tremblingly signed the critical illness notice, and could not stand firmly for a while. Gan Tianlei noticed that the golden chain had followed all the way, so he got into the car and threatened. The other party hurriedly begged for mercy, but Gan Tianlei drove his car first. Che Lizi kept following behind the car, but Gan Tianlei didn’t notice it. The horse team took over Gan Tianlei’s case with full authority and came to the hospital to take him back. Xiong Guoliang came to the hospital to visit Gan Xiaonuan.

He had already signed all the characters, but as a result, there were no more people. This is really unclear. The horse team usually does not recognize the six relatives on a mission. If Gan Tianlei insists, she will shoot, Xiong Guoliang and Yang Xiaolei are very worried. Yang Xiaolei cried a lot because she was worried about Gan Xiaonuan. She grew up watching Gan Xiaonuan grow up. Now she is on the verge of critical illness. Yang Xiaolei really doesn’t know what to do. Xiong Guoliang kept receiving phone calls, so Yang Xiaolei could only let Yang Xiaolei stare at the hospital and go back to handle the case.

Gan Tianlei quietly found a phone booth to call Ma Lie, and Ma Lie ran out of the hospital with excuses. Gan Tianlei disguised as a doctor and entered the hospital, but was immediately discovered by the horse team. The horse team led people to surround Gan Tianlei on the rooftop, and it turned out that Ma Lie came out. The horse team was annoyed to press Ma Lie, and Gan Tianlei entered the ward, looking at Gan Xiao Nuan’s appearance very distressed. Yang Xiaolei is selfless, Gan Tianlei must leave now, all of this is designed, Gan Xiaonuan is his weakness. Now that he wants to save Gan Xiao Nuan, Gan Tianlei is the only hope. Yang Xiaolei gave Gan Tianlei a mobile phone and told him not to conflict with the police no matter what happened.

Jin Lianzi ordered people to kill the gangsters who went to the South Bank Goods Yard to make trouble and clean up the scene. The horse team came to the Gan Xiao Nuan ward based on intuition. Gan Tianlei had already left, and Yang Xiaolei looked the same, but the horse team paid attention to Yang Xiaolei’s mobile phone. Gan Tianlei thought of Jin Lianzi. He belonged to the Dongjiao Farm. Just when he wanted to drive past, someone came to touch the porcelain. The other party secretly put some things in Gan Tianlei’s pocket.

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